Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters

ZellyBaby: When I write Digimon fics I'm not going to use the Japanese names cause I'll just confuse myself.

A Betrayal of the Worst Kind

" I love you so much Kari, I wish you could be with me right now" said tk depressed

Tk was gone on a vacation with matt, and was really sad because he had to leave kari. The love of his life, he and kari had been together for 3 years, and that creep davis had finally left her alone.

" I know tk, I love you too and I wish I could be there with you, but I had to much stuff to do" replied kari. Kari was such a good liar. If only tk knew why kari had really stayed behind.

" I'm sorry tk, but I have to go, goodbye I love you, see you in a about a week." Lied kari.

" oh I love you too kari ,goodbye!" cried tk, if only he knew if only he knew the love of his life was betraying him. Being the genius that I'm or made out to be at least, I was the first and only one to figure out that sweet little kari, was betraying tk.

It all started out when I was going over to tai's house who lives down the street a couple of blocks from me, he needed some help with his computer. I was getting really close when I remembered that tai had a soccer game in another town and wouldn't be back till tomorrow. So I decided to go to the coffee house down the street from tai's. I was almost to tai's house and I seen some one at the door, who I didn't recognize, so I jumped in to the bush that just happen to be there. Kari came to the door and turned on the porch light. It was davis. At first I thought maybe he just came to talk to kari or something, so I started out of the bush to yell hello, to them, but something stopped me dead in my tracks. Kari passionately kissed davis, and pulled him into the house. I was so startled by it I fell backwards back into the bush. I decided that I should take a look, I crawled up to a window and looked in to find kari and davis making out on the couch.

I hurried away as quickly as I could, when kari was on the phone with tk I just happened to be visiting tai so I could fix his computer.

Poor tk, only if he knew, he would be back in a week.

***********************end of chapter 1*******************************

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