Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, remember this is just for funJ

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, remember this is just for funJ

A Betrayal of the Worst Kind chapter 3

Izzy's POV

Tk burst into kari's house, and there sat davis and kari making out. He just kind of backed up and turned around with his eyes covered and started running, he knocked me down and ran into the path of a speeding car. It was hit and run, the car locked up its brakes and then sped off again.

" oh god no, tk!!!!!!" cried kari, just realizing what had happened.

I ran over to tk, he was coughing, blood trickled down his chin.

" Izzy…….tell…….everybody………that I love them………I don't want to die……..*cough, cough*" he said as his eyes closed

" God no!" I checked his pulse, realizing that he was just unconscious.

I looked around see kari crying and watching davis run off down the street.

" Kari, forget davis, we have to get tk to a hospital, now!" I cried tears streaming down my face. I had started crying when I realized that tk might die if I didn't get him to a hopital and quick.

" I'll call an ambulance" sobbed kari.

" there's no time for that, he wont make it, the ambulance will take too long, we have to find a doctor now!" I said.

" I'll call joe, please don't let him die" she said as she ran off.

Joe's POV

*ring, ring*

"hello" I said as I answered the phone.

"Joe, please we need you now, come as quickly as you can, and bring your medical bag" it was kari, she was really upset and crying.

"kari what's wrong?" I said worried. There was no reply she had already hung up.

I grabbed my medical bag and got in my car. I sped the whole way there. I came upon I scene I would never forget. Izzy was holding somebody with a large puddle of blood around him, kari was standing beside him watching in horror as more blood spurted out of who I figured out was tk. Izzy and kari both were crying.

I got out of my car and rushed over, jerking things out of my medical bag as I went.

Tk's POV

I woke up in a room of all white, to see matt, kari and izzy all setting in very uncomfortable looking chairs. But something was wrong, why were izzy and matt setting on a different side of the room than kari. I felt a pain in my stomach and winced as I remembered what had happened, the previous day.

" Finally your up tk, I thought you were going to be unconscious forever" said matt as he and izzy started toward me. I saw kari start to get up and come toward me too, but matt gave her a menacing glare and she sat back down.

" How do you feel " asked izzy. I started to sit up and felt a tremendous pain in my stomach that brought me back down.

" don't try to sit up" said joe as he walked in holding a medical chart. " you don't need to be moving very much, you have severe internal bleeding, you almost didn't make it already, no need to make it worse."

"umm guys, could I have a moment with tk alone" I heard kari say from here seat across the room.

I saw matt give her another menacing glares and say " come on izzy, joe."

They left and I was left alone with kari, who I once loved and now felt absolutely nothing for, she had betrayed me, I would never forgive her.

" tk please forgive me, I'm so sorry, please forgive me" she pleaded, it was useless I would never forgive her, not after what she did to me.

" kari give it up and just leave me alone, I'll never forgive you." I said coldly.

" please tk, I really am sorry." She still pleaded, I was beginning to get angry I couldn't take it anymore.

" get this strait, I hate you, I will never forgive you, your pleading is useless, leave me alone, because of you I almost died, you betrayed me, kari I loved u but now I feel nothing, not even friendship" I yelled as tears welled up in my eyes, I held the tears back, I wouldn't cry, not now, I continued yelling the same thing over and over. Kari was stunned she had never seen this side of me, ever.

" Get out now kari! Leave I don't want you to ever go anywhere near tk ever again!" I heard matt yell. Kari went out of the room crying. " Tk are you ok?" izzy said running over to me. " Yeah, I'm okay." I replied, I was lying, my stomach was hurting more than ever, I began to cough, I felt and tasted something warm and bitter flowing out of my mouth, it was blood, I was going to die I could feel the shadows depth. The last thing I heard was a loud beeping noise and someone yelling "joe flatline!" I had stopped breathing, I was dying. Bbbbbbbbbbeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Izzy's POV

Tk began to cough up blood and he was flat lining. He had gone into cardiac arrest, his spleen had burst. I watched in horror as tk died right there in front of my own eyes, joe had cracked his chest and was shocking his heart hoping he could get it to beat again, and there was nothing he could do about the internal bleeding. He turned off the heart monitor bringing silence.

" time of death, 6:34 P.M." he said peeling his latex gloves off. He sat down at began to cry into his hands. I went over and attempted to comfort him. Matt was huddled close to tk's still body, crying, soaked in his little brother's blood.

The funeral was the next day, everybody came, tai, and his parents, matt and his family, me and my parents, cody and yolie's familys, sora and her mom, mimi flew in from America with her family also, I think that I even seen davis. But somebody was missing, kari. She must have not been able to take it. It was beautiful, there was flowers everywhere, tk was remembered fondly as a friend, a son and a brother.

I went to tai's after the funeral, I wanted to talk to kari, but when I went to her room I found her lying dead on her bed of an overdose, she still had the needle in her arm. At her side was a note:

Dear friends and family,

I don't deserve to live, I betrayed my best friend, I betrayed you all, I lied and cheated. Its my fault tk is dead, its all my fault if I never would have did what I did, he would still be here, his beautiful radiant smile filling everybody's world with his love and joy, but because of me his heart turned to ice, he died with no love in his heart whatsoever. That is why I kari, do not deserve to be on this living earth, I loved you all, please forgive me


******************************the end*********************************

please don't flame me for killing tk and kari. Please I love them too. I just wanted to bring out some emotion. And I love kari/tk fics I just thought it was time for something a little different.