My Betty's Got A Secret

Stephen strolled into the front door and entered the lounge to discover Betty sitting on the settee sobbing fretfully. He moved quickly to her side.

"Darling what's wrong? What's happened?" he soothed; he didn't bother removing his coat or hat.

Betty just shook her head and continued crying, her make-up smeared and running.

He knelt down next to her, taking her hands in his, "Sweetheart, what is it?"

She looked up at, her face full of tears, chin wrinkled and lower lip trembling, "You promise you won't be angry?" she cried.

"I promise. What is it, Dear?" he was concerned and his eyes locked on hers.

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, "I'm pregnant!" she blurted.

Stephen was taken aback, then trying to add some levity to the situation, smiled, "Is it mine?"

She shot him a look, "Stephen Peacock! Don't be daft! What kind of a question is that? Who else's would it be? REALLY!" she huffed.

His eyes danced, "Are you sure? I mean, how do you know?"

"I bought a test kit at the chemist's counter. It's like a chemistry set. There's a test tube, a dropper and I had to tinkle in a cup and add a few drops to the

test tube chemicals and put it in a holder, and the test tube is on top of a mirror. When I came home from work I checked it and there's an 'O' in the bottom

of the test tube," she said between sobs.

"What does that mean? The 'O' in the bottom of the tube?"

"It's a positive reading!" she began crying again.

"What made you decide to buy a test? Were you late?"

She nodded slowly, tears streaming down her red cheeks.

Stephen couldn't contain himself and threw his arms around her; he couldn't stop kissing her tear-soaked face. His moustache got wet from her tears but

he just kept on kissing her.

"You're not angry?" she sobbed.

"No. Quite the contrary!" he hugged her tightly. He could feel her trembling, "Don't be frightened my dear! I'm ecstatic! Have you been crying this whole


"Yes," she sniffed, nodding.

"It's alright. Shh," he said gently, "We're married! We will get through this together."

She breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed in his arms.

"But we're too old to be havin' babies!" she exclaimed.

"Obviously we're not!" He started laughing, eyebrows raised.

"It's not funny! What are we gonna do?" she whined.

"We're going to be parents," he reasoned. Then he smiled devilishly, "You know what happens when you're pregnant?"

"I get all fat and swollen!" she grumbled, pouting.

"Besides that. Your knockers get really big." He made a gesture of large breasts with his hands. He closed his eyes and smiled.

She play-slapped his face, "You would think of that!" she glared, "Those are for the baby!"

"Until it gets here, I can enjoy them! And I plan to!" he looked at her from under his brows seductively.

"You're awwwful!" she drawled, "You do realize I'm not going to be able to work after he's born."

"I will work enough for the both of us! It's a boy? You found that out from the test?" Stephen kept touching her hands and nuzzling her neck and ear.

"No. I just didn't want to call the baby 'it'. That sounds so impersonal. We can fix up the empty bedroom for him. We won't paint the room any specific color,

maybe yellow. We can get some nice things from the Baby Departments at Grace Brothers and Woodies."

"You're getting excited, aren't you?" he crooned, grinning widely.

"A little, now that I know you're not angry. I always thought you didn't like children."

"I was never in a position to have any, so I just hardened my heart about them. Now that I'm going to be a father, I want this one. What if it's a girl after

we've been calling her 'him' for nine months?"

"She won't know."

"Hello in there!" he called to Betty's stomach, "It's daddy!"

"There you go getting all barmy! He can't hear you, you dozey bugger!"

"Well, just the same, he's going to know my voice long before he comes into this world! You want to go out for dinner? You don't look like you're in any condition to cook."

"Mmm-Hmmm. That sounds good."

"Afterwards we can come home and celebrate," he pursed his lips at her.

"I think we've done enough of that!"

"I want to make sure it took!" he chuckled.

Betty made an appointment with the Sister at Grace Brothers for a pregnancy blood test. She was scared of the needle, so she scheduled it during her

lunch break.

Stephen came down to Grace Brothers to hold her hand and offer some moral support for Betty.

Betty sat on the exam table with Stephen standing in front of her. She rested her head on his shoulder and offered Sister an arm. Sister tied the tourniquet

on and thumped the inside of Betty's elbow. When the vein plumped up enough, she inserted the needle, with Stephen looking on.

"You're going to feel a little pinch. You're doing fine, Mrs. Peacock. Breathe slowly," coached Sister, "There you go. Good."

He felt everything go fuzzy and his knees gave out from under him. He lay sprawled on the floor, out cold, as Sister loosened the tourniquet and removed

the needle from Betty's arm.