A/N: Just a short little ficcie I wrote a while back. This is a fic with unrequited Tibbs. Don't think there will be more since I kinda like it this way. But I hope you enjoy it too and tell me what you think about it ;)

Sending covert glances at the object of his fantasies and trying to wrench a seldom heard compliment from him used to be almost a game for him. He was in love and had been for years, but he knew not to act on his feelings as it was obvious to him that his feelings would never be desired nor returned.

That thought always caused him great pain, but sometimes when he succeeded in making the older man smile at his antics, then he could forget about the bad things and just concentrate on the smile and imagine that maybe there was a small chance after all.

That was until Gibbs noticed the longing looks sent his way and the way Tony's eyes seemed to linger on him more and in a way that was in complete violation of rule twelve.

Game over.

Or so he had thought.

But for whatever reason Gibbs never said anything about it, never brought it up apart from the initial "I know Tony." and the look that followed that clearly said that there would be nothing happening between them and Tony better stop his mooning over him.

And then it was business as usual.

Tony wasn't sure if he'd preferred Gibbs to kick his ass, rant and rave about how he was a freak and should never have been hired in the first place. Maybe it would have been better than this none reaction and the following weird normalcy that had him on edge as he waited fro the axe to fall.

But that never happened.

Months went by and on the surface nothing changed as Gibbs issued orders as normal, his behavior towards Tony same as always.

There was no hesitancy in pairing up with him, nothing to suggest that the older man was uncomfortable with him.

And bit by bit Tony relaxed.

He still sent Gibbs covert glances from time to time, still had the same fantasies about him. Still yearned for his boss' approval more than he probably should, and still did everything to get the approval he craved.

And maybe Gibbs knew of the reason behind it all, but it never became a issue.

Gibbs never said anything, never let on that he'd revealed that he knows of Tony's crush on him, never brought it up.

Tony hated it.

He wanted a reaction.

He longed to hear the words 'I like you too' from the older man, but in the end he would be fine with a rejection too.

As long as it would get him out of this miserable limbo.

He just wanted Gibbs to tell him what he feels so that he could move on one way or the other. But knowing how stubborn bastard the team leader was, that might never happen.

Gibbs seemed to be just fine living in denial.

Damn him.