The ocs that have made it so far are:


Lexi Lombardi (Copy Cat), created by XxxCloudyxxX (Major-ish)

Enzo DeLuca (Echo), created by myself (Major. Loner, then xmen)


Natalie White (Cheshire), created by XxxCloudyxxX (Major)

Andre Ramirez (human, so no mutant name), created by XxxCloudyxxX (minor)

Axel (Voltaic), created by myself (Major)

Michael Harrison, created by LookImUpsideDown (major-ish)

Tarquinn (Tempus), created by myself (Major. Loner, then Unseen... he will group hope before he finds a solid place to stay)

Ichigo Vanguard (Demon), created by Twilightfairy (minor)

Sewer Rats:

Alexander Harrison (Stoneheart), created by LookImUpsideDown (Major)

Xander (mimic), once again, created by myself (Major-ish. he's not really part of the group, he gathers supplies for them, trades with them and they give him shelter or protection when needed)

Elizabeth Lily Owens (thief), created by purple Zippyness (Major-ish)


Veronica Masters (Medusa), created by TheGirlWithTheGreenLightSaber (Holy shit thats a long name :O lol) (Major)

Esmira Jane Espagia (blackout), created by Onamakiza (Minor, may move to major)

Maris Dacy (Wire), created by A Half-Empty Glass (Major-ish. Loner then, bandits)

Clyde Cobalt Johnson, created by MovieGal007 (Major)

Lilac Ginata (Mend), created by MovieGal007 (minor)


Danny Comeau (Glacies), created by LookImupsideDown (Major)

Mila Janice Espagia (siren), created by Onamakiza (Minor)

Lindsay Miller (delirium), created by myself (Major. Loner, then Alphas)

Paul Zerike (z), created by ReaperHunter113 (Major. Loner, then Alphas)

Enzo's mentor:

Noctis Caelum (Weapon) created by, San Child of the Wolves (Major)

The Bounty Hunter:

Blade, created by San Child of the wolves (Major-ish)

Ocs in the future:

Michael, created by LookImupsideDown



Pandora, created by TheWritingGirl23 (undercover in the political area, leader and founder of a small resistance group in the making. This group is made up of Pandora as the leader, and her cohorts who are completely loyal to her and devoted to the resistance)

Alright, so here are the ocs I've chosen so far.

I will not accept any Alphas, or loners.

I still need a few ocs for the future. The future will be basically told through flashbacks and a few bits that are happening at the moment. I want at least two more of them. They can either be ocs I've already chosen that end up surviving the "incident". If you want to use an oc you've already made, let me know and I'll give ya a mini forum with the info I'd need for them. If not I'll give ya a full sized bio with a bit different info on it then what's in the one I've already given ya. Let me know if ya wanna submit an oc for the future! :)

I also need a few ocs that are already captured and in "mutant camps" where mutants are held, tortured, and enslaved.

I'm still looking for a few bandits, only male main characters, and a few younger and older backround and minor characters.

I still need some ocs for the sewer rats, one or two younger kids and a few main characters, preferably female, I can take one more male though.

For the unseen I only need a little girl preferably around the age of 5, she can be a minor character or major, it's up to the creator.

I also need a few antagonists, one human either within politics, ie: a mayor, adviser to the president, or to run the Mutant camp.

And tha't about it, hah I know it's a lot still, but this story is going to be HUGE xD

Please hurry up and submit so I can really get this story going, without some of the key characters I wont be able to move the story on and you'll be stuck reading a few introductory chapters :p

Oh btw, I could always use a few more back round characters :)