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It was summer, which meant it was hotter than ever, and somewhere deep in the forest was a tree, and in this tree were three girl chipmunks, and their names were Brittany, Jeanette and Eleanor. It was a very early morning in Australia, and Jeanette was the first one up, she was a very tall and skinny chipmunk, and she had violet coloured eyes and light brown fur. Jeanette's eyes fluttered open, and she took a deep long yawn and stretched her arms above her head, she quickly scratched her ear, before sighing. Jeanette then slowly stood up and stretched some more before she looked at her two sleeping sisters and smiled, their names were Brittany and Eleanor. Brittany was a bit shorter than Jeanette, and was slim, and very pretty, she had ice blue eyes and lovely auburn fur that glowed in the sun set, Brittany was also the oldest out of the three triplets'. Eleanor was the shortest and youngest, she was pretty, had light green eyes and bright blonde fur, she was chubby and probably the cutest. Jeanette flopped down to her sister and leant over towards Brittany.

"Brittany... time to wake up" Jeanette whispered, suddenly Brittany's eyes shot open, startling Jeanette, making her jump back a bit. Brittany rolled her eyes and groaned.

"Jeanette, you know better than to wake me like that" she said sternly, Jeanette looked down and started twiddling her fingers.

"s-sorry" she replied softly, Brittany smiled and stood up hugging her sister.

"It's fine Jean... I'm just saying... it will be a better morning for everyone if I'm woken up nicely" she said smiling, Jeanette immediately cheered up and smiled ear to ear. Before any more could be said they both heard a small mumble coming from Eleanor, who was stirring out of her sleep.

"What's with all the noise?" Eleanor asked, while taking a big yawn. Jeanette then walked up to Eleanor, helping her to her feet.

"Sorry Elli" Jeanette apologised; Eleanor smiled, and hugged her sister, before Brittany then walked over.

"So what's for breakfast?" Eleanor added cheerfully, hearing that Brittany's ears lowered in disappointment and sat alone in the little corner of the tree, but the other's didn't notice.

"well erm... nuts" Jeanette said, her smile started to disappear a bit, Eleanor's smile still stayed big even though she didn't like that news either.

"Erm... anything else?" she replied; now it was that Jeanette's smile completely went.

"Well... berries" she said softly, now Eleanor's smile did go and she took a deep depressing sigh. Eleanor then saw Brittany, in the corner of her eye and got concerned.

"B-Brittany?" Eleanor asked, after hearing that, Jeanette turned around and saw her sister, they both walked up to her and sat beside her, it was silent.

"Jean..." Brittany started, Jeanette's attention was then on her sister, and she looked at her with wide, pleading eyes.

"Since mum and dad died..." Brittany said, Jeanette then frowned, she knew exactly where Brittany was going with this, still she decided to play along.

"Have you ever felt... lonely... do you still like it here?" Brittany asked, Jeanette didn't want to answer, speaking of her parents made tears fall down her fury cheeks. Brittany then turned to Eleanor.

"What about you Elli?" Brittany asked, still Brittany got no reply, it went dead silent and then Brittany stood up with confidence.

"Because I do... and I hate it here, we don't have hardly any fun anymore... we always have to work so hard and all we get is nuts and berries, day in and day out... I think we all need a new start" Brittany announced, suddenly this got Jeanette's and Eleanor's attention.

"w-what do you mean Britt?" Jeanette asked, Brittany sighed and paced just in front of her sisters.

"I mean... we go out into the city" Brittany replied with big adventurous, wide eyes. Jeanette and Eleanor looked at each other unsure.

"But Brittany, that could be dangerous... I don't think it's a good idea" Jeanette said in protest, Brittany faced her sister and gave her some puppy dog eyes.

"Sorry Britt, but that isn't going to work anymore, who knows what could happen" Jeanette replied Brittany's puppy dog face then turned into a glare.

"Well, I can choose what's best for us, I'm the oldest" Brittany stated, Jeanette shook her head and stood up, walking towards Brittany.

"I'm taller" she replied, Brittany then screwed her face up in frustration, when Jeanette giggled a bit, when Brittany's face went back to normal. Brittany walked up to Eleanor and puller her away, to a branch on top of the one they were on; Brittany looked down at Jeanette with a devilish smile.

"Oh come you guys, that's not funny, you know I can't see far away" Jeanette moaned.

"Will you let us go?" Brittany asked, Jeanette stopped walking around with her hands out in front of her and sighed.

"No Britt" she replied.

"Jean... I actually think it's a good idea" Eleanor added, Jeanette's jaw then dropped.

"You too Elli?" Jeanette said, Jeanette then sighed and sat down where she was. Brittany looked at each other and sighed.

"Ugh... this is harder than I thought" Brittany said to Eleanor, Eleanor frowned and then her eyes lit up with excitement.

"I got it... follow my lead" Eleanor whispered, Brittany raised an eye brow, when Eleanor made the noise of an eagle; it was then that Brittany caught on. Jeanette then looked really scared and quickly got up, Brittany then screamed.

"Aaahhhhh, AN EAGLE!" She bellowed, Eleanor continued to make more noises, which scared Jeanette more.

"GUYS HELP, I CAN'T SEE!" Jeanette screamed. Brittany and Eleanor giggled silently and looked back at their panicking sister.

"Will you let us leave then?" Brittany asked.

"FOR THE LAST TIME NO!" Jeanette screamed, by now Brittany was getting more and more annoyed.

"You'll be away from that eagle" Brittany taunted, by now Jeanette didn't know what to think.

"Ha, nice try" she replied, suddenly Eleanor made the noise louder.

"AAAAHHHHH, IT'S COMING RIGHT FOR US!" Brittany screamed, Jeanette panicked and was running around helplessly.

"OKAY OKAY FINE... JUST HELP!" Jeanette gave in, Brittany and Eleanor high fived each other and hopped back down to Jeanette, once Jeanette saw her sisters she sighed in relief, and then started pulling them.

"COME ON WE NEED SHELTER!" Jeanette screamed, both Brittany and Eleanor just laughed and pulled her back.

"Relax, Jeanette it was just Eleanor" Brittany said, Jeanette then looked at Eleanor and she made the noise of the eagle again. Jeanette's scared face then turned into a glare and she pushed both of her sisters back a bit.

"That was probably the most fun we've had in ages" Eleanor said

"Okay, so are we ready to go?" Brittany asked cheerfully.

"Brittany, we're not leaving" Jeanette protested, Brittany sighed and rolled her eyes, while stepping closer to her sister holding her hands tightly.

"Jean... think about it, a whole new life... a chance to start over, no more nuts and berries, no eagles and no pressure" Brittany encouraged, suddenly small tears started falling down Jeanette's cheeks.

"I know... it's just... we've been here so long and..." she replied before bursting into tears on Brittany's shoulder, Brittany tried to calm her down and was rubbing her back.

"I know... it's fine that you feel this way but... we need to do something with our lives and this may change them forever" Brittany replied, just then Jeanette pulled away and sat cross legged.

"I'm not going, you and Elli can go" Jeanette said, Brittany's jaw dropped in shock and Eleanor came scurrying over.

"Jean... we can't go without you" Eleanor said all teary, just then Brittany realised... Jeanette would never do that, so Brittany just started to pull Eleanor away.

"Well then Jean... I guess this is good bye" Brittany said, Jeanette was quite shocked by this and was starting to get teary again.

"Britt... we're not actually leaving are we?" Eleanor whispered, Brittany just shook her head and before they knew it, they were climbing down to the bottom of the tree. Once they got to the bottom they made a huge sigh.

"Well, I guess we should start going" Eleanor said sadly, starting to walk away, Brittany rolled her eyes and pulled Eleanor back, Eleanor looked confused.

"Look... just do what I say and hold your arms out" Brittany ordered, without hesitation, Eleanor did as she was told and was still confused.

"And in3...2...1..." Brittany said, suddenly they heard a scream; Eleanor looked around confused, when she then found Jeanette in her arms.

"I see you're joining us" Brittany said smiling; Jeanette glared at Brittany and rolled her eyes.

"Come on, let's start going" Jeanette said, Eleanor then hugged Jeanette.

"I'm so glad you're coming with us" she said, with small tears coming from her eyes, it was then that Jeanette calmed down and smiled at her sister, ruffling her fur. Jeanette then looked at Brittany by the side of her, who was in the exact same state as Eleanor, Jeanette smiled and Brittany then joined the hug. After about a minute they all broke apart and started walking out into the forest. Their adventure was about to start.


"My legs hurt" Jeanette moaned.

"I'm hungry" Eleanor added.

"Me too Elli, but we trusted Miss don't worry I know where we're going, over there" Jeanette replied pointing to Brittany. Brittany rolled her eyes and turned to face her sisters.

"Okay fine, we're lost... I admit it... my fault, now would you please stop pestering me?" Brittany asked, Jeanette looked down guiltily while Eleanor just stared with teary eyes. Brittany ignored it and carried on walking, when they heard an eagle call.

"Ha-ha funny guys... Eleanor that's getting old" Brittany moaned, suddenly Eleanor and Jeanette froze in their tracks.

"t-t-that w-w-wasn't m-m-me" Eleanor stuttered in fear, after hearing that Brittany also froze and looked up at the sky, only to see an eagle flying straight for them.

"RUN!" Brittany bellowed, as soon as they all heard that they all started sprinting. They ran over rocks, burrows and more before Brittany finally found a good hiding spot inside a mouldy log, she felt the side of the log and cringed.

"eew, this is disgusting" she said, wiping her hand over her auburn fur, suddenly she heard and rustling noise outside, and Brittany quickly covered her mouth, but the noise kept getting louder and louder, and by now she could feel her own heart beat, just then she saw a face come from around the log. Brittany sighed in relief when she saw it was Eleanor.

"Elli, you scared the life out of me" Brittany hissed loudly. Eleanor then scurried inside the log and Eleanor and Brittany sat down panting, when they realised something.

"E-Elli... where's Jeanette?" Brittany asked, just then Eleanor got concerned, and looked at Brittany with scared eyes.

"i-i d-don't know" she replied. Then they both heard an awful, high pitched, ear piercing scream, they covered their ears and Brittany then looked through a hole in the log and saw Jeanette lying hopelessly on the floor with the eagle standing above her, Brittany gasped and faced Eleanor again.

"Stay here Elli" Brittany ordered, Eleanor obeyed and nodded as always when Brittany then left the log. The eagle raised its claw and pierced the skin on Jeanette's arm making her scream in pain again.

"HEY!" Brittany screamed, the eagle turned around and saw Brittany holding a rock in her hand. Brittany through the rock and it hit the eagle's wing making it screech. The eagle then started running after Brittany who legged it into the forest. Eleanor then scurried out of the log and ran to Jeanette's side.

"Jeanette... are you okay?" Eleanor asked, all Jeanette could do was cry, Eleanor looked at Jeanette's arm and gagged, it really did look awful.

"Where's Brittany?" Jeanette managed to say. Eleanor the bent down and helped Jeanette get up with her good arm.

"She led the eagle into the forest... I hope she's okay" Eleanor replied looking into the forest. Just then they heard a scream and Brittany landed right in the middle of Jeanette and Eleanor.

"YOU SEE... YOU MESS WITH ME OR MY SISTERS AND THAT'S WHAT YOU GET!" Brittany called up to the eagle. Jeanette and Eleanor looked in the sky and saw the eagle flying with a broken wing. Jeanette and Eleanor started to giggle when Brittany then collapsed onto the floor, now that they looked, Brittany was even worse than Jeanette; she had cuts all over her.

"Britt, are you okay?" Eleanor asked, Brittany hurt so badly she could just burst out into tears if she wanted, but she had to prove that she could be brave, they never ever saw her cry. Brittany then stood up shakily and looked at her sisters.

"Thanks Britt, you saved my life" Jeanette said hugging her sister, though it hurt Brittany accepted the hug.

"Are you okay, to keep going?" Eleanor asked, Brittany forced a smile and nodded. They all started walking when Brittany then fell again and started holding her leg.

"I think my legs broken" Brittany said.

"We really need to find some help" Eleanor said. Just then Jeanette helped Brittany up and let her balance on her when Eleanor stood up and took Brittany's other arm. They limped behind a tree when they heard noises; they all listened carefully and pulled back a few leaves only to find the city.

"Wow" Eleanor said in awe. Jeanette's jaw dropped.

"I can't believe we actually made it" Jeanette said.

"So... what are we waiting for, let's go" Brittany announced. So off they went. And this is where it all starts...


They were walking around the city of Australia in hope to find some help, when it seemed that help had found them. They were walking past this alley way when they saw two girls, and a lot of men in black balaclavas and uniforms. The men had one of the girls cornered, and when Brittany saw this she quickly stopped the others who too became interested.

"GIVE ME YOUR MONEY!" A man shouted, the other girl kept trying to swing at them but they just kept pushing her away, until they got tired of her and grabbed her.

"LEAVE US ALONE!" The girl screamed, the men just kept on laughing. Brittany's jaw dropped when she saw this.

"Guys, we have to help them" Brittany said.

"I know, but, we're too small, and weak" Jeanette replied, Eleanor then nodded in agreement, and Brittany thought hard on what to do.

"Well why don't we do what we do best" Brittany said with a devilish smile, Eleanor smiled, while a worried look came across on Jeanette's face.

"I don't know Britt, it's too dangerous" she said, Brittany rolled her eyes.

"Lighten up Jeanette, have some fun in life" Brittany replied.

"Well so far "having fun" has gotten us like this" Jeanette replied sternly, gesturing to the state Brittany was in.

"Okay fine but... look at them... if that was you, wouldn't you appreciate it if someone helped you?" Brittany asked, Jeanette thought for a while and sighed.

"Fine..." she gave in, Brittany smiled and they all quietly limped up the alley way, no one even realised they were there. Brittany chose one man while Jeanette and Eleanor chose another, Brittany nodded and they all crawled up a trouser leg and started scratching and clawing as hard as they could. Both the men were screaming and all the girls could do was laugh. Brittany, Jeanette and Eleanor came out of the trouser legs when they all ran away screaming.

"High five girls I knew we could do it" Brittany said, they all high fived and they all started laughing.

"That was actually pretty fun" Jeanette said, Brittany smiled.

"What did I tell you?" Brittany said giving a sarcastic look, Jeanette smiled and Eleanor and Jeanette helped Brittany to stand again, when they saw the two girls staring at them.

"Wow, I thought there was only three" a girl said.

"Me too, do you think they know each other?" the other asked. Brittany, Jeanette and Eleanor were giving each other confused looks.

"Maybe" the girl replied, they both knelt down to the girl's level then.

"t-thanks, w-who are you?" a girl asked.

"Well, my name's Brittany and these are my sisters Jeanette and Eleanor" Brittany replied gesturing to her sisters, Jeanette gave a shy wave.

"Hi!" Eleanor greeted cheerfully, the two girls then waved back.

"And what are your names?" Brittany asked.

"well... I'm Lily and this is my best friend Louise... we were just coming home and those guys surrounded us... if you hadn't come along and scared them, I don't know what we would've done" lily replied, the three chipettes smiled at the girls.

"Are you hurt?" Louise asked, realising the state they were in, scratches, broken leg and really dirty.

"Well... yes, we had a bit of a bumpy ride getting here" Brittany replied.

"Do you have a place to sleep?" lily asked, all the chipettes shook their heads sadly and seeing this, lily felt broken hearted.

"Well, you can stay with me" she offered, the three girls smiled and shook their heads with excitement.

"Louise, do you wanna sleep round, my parent's won't mind?" lily asked.

"Yeah, sure okay..." Louise replied, lily smiled and carefully picked up the chipettes putting them into her bag.


Lily had finally got back to her house and opened the door to be greeted by her parents.

"Hello sweetie... hi Louise, I'm guessing you'll be staying with us tonight?" lily's mum asked, Louise nodded excited and they both ran upstairs and into the bathroom. Lily got the first aid kit out, while Louise got the chipettes out and carefully placed them on the sink, lily smiled.

"Wasn't too much of a bumpy ride was it?" lily asked, they all shook their heads and lily smiled.

"You three are so cute" Louise said.

"Thanks" Brittany said flicking her hair. Lily and Louise both stared at the chipettes carefully.

"What are you doing?" Eleanor asked.

"Thinking, of your new makeovers" Louise replied, they all gasped.

"I've always wanted one of them" Brittany said with wide eyes. Just then Louise opened a cabinet with some small rubber bands in.

"Okay Louise, you do their hair and I'll do all the first aid" lily said, Louise nodded, understanding, and lily cupped Brittany into her her and placed her next to the kit. Lily grabbed a bandage and some small safety scissors, and cut a small end of the bandage off, then wrapping it around Brittany's leg, securing it with a safety pin.

"Wow, thanks, it's feels a lot better now" Brittany said with a smile, just then they got interrupted.

"Hey, what do you think... doesn't Eleanor look cute?" Louise asked, lily made the most girlish face ever once she saw Eleanor's bunches.

"Aww, that's so cute" lily cooed, Louise smiled and looked at her master piece, very proudly. Jeanette then walked over to lily and she was having a bandage put around her arm for support, while Louise put Brittany's hair into a pony tail, and once Jeanette was done, Louise put her hair into a messy bun, and they all looked so adorable. The two girls washed the chipettes until they were squeaky clean again, and then carried them into lily's bedroom. Immediately, the chipettes saw the poster of the chipmunks, the girls noticed and smiled.

"Do you know them?" lily asked, they didn't say a word and just stared at the poster in awe.

"w-who are they?" Eleanor asked, lily and Louise gasped.

"Did you really just ask that?" lily asked, the chipettes looked surprised at this.

"Sorry... I didn't mean it like that it's just... how can you not know them?" lily added, all of the chipettes shrugged.

"You didn't answer the question" Jeanette replied.

"Yeah, who are they?" Brittany added, both Louise and lily smiled.

"They're Alvin and the Chipmunks" Louise replied.

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