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There are a lot of things I hate. I hate my interfering brother. I hate my idiotic school. I hate my so called classmates. But what I hate most of all, is John Watson.

I glare at the hand extended towards me, Then at the boy extending it towards me. Does he really expect to take it? He shifts his weight from his left foot to his right and smile a little wider. His before natural smile is now forced and his eyes are darting from me to his hand. He's clearly uncomfortable but I honestly can't be bothered.

I glare at him for a few seconds more before grabbing my coat and walking out the door, not even sparing a second glance at the boy. I pull on my coat and gloves while I walk. I head towards my usual smoking place under a tree across the grounds. A place remote enough to keep me hidden without obstructing my view.

As I walk I pass the entrance and the sign saying Welcome to St Leonard's School, Southminster. St Leonard's is supposed to be one of the best boarding schools in the UK but if there is something my years here has taught me is that a fat paycheck and posh pupils are enough to make any school 'one of the best in the UK'.

When I reach my tree I pull up a cigarette and my lighter. With the first exhale I can feel the tension leaving my body and fly away with the smoke, dissolve into nothing. I lean back and rest my back against the trunk, observing the grounds. Nothing has changed since I left for summer, not that I had expected it to. A few drops of rain hit the leaves above me and soon it's pouring down.

I flick away the cigarette and it sizzles in the rain for a secund before getting completely soaked. There is still something gnawing the back of my head though. Usually a cigarette is enough to stop my racing mind enough to make me relax, but not this time. There is something disturbing about my encounter with the boy. I run our meeting over in my mind. Me, on bed. He, enters. Presentations, on his behalf. Me, leaving. No, there was nothing about the meeting itself, It was what he had said that bothered me.

Hi, I'm John Watson, your new roommate.

Ah, roommate. I haven't had a roommate for several years. The few who had tried changed rooms within a week and after a while the school board stopped trying to find a roommate for me. Since then my room have been a sanctuary for me, the one place where I didn't have to deal with the imbeciles filling this school. And now this John Watson, a scholarship, rugby playing little blond from Leeds, had ruined everything.

With a huff I light another cigarette. Just my luck. The last year I spend here and I have to spend it with a rugby player. I couldn't exactly hope for him to change rooms either, the only reason he's paired with me is because I'm the only one in my year without roommate.

I wait a few minutes while the rain subsides before dropping my cigarette and grinding my foot on top of it. The rain continues to drizzle while I make my way back to the B-building.

"Look it's the freak. Hey! Freak!"

I mentally roll my eyes before turning towards the voices. David Palmer, Jim Moriarty and Eric Webb are making their way towards me, David in the middle and the other two following shortly behind. Both David and Eric walk like gorillas but I guess that's what you get when you play rugby. Not that anyone with their level of intelligence would be capable of doing anything else with their life. Jim on the other side is clever, almost as clever as myself, but he use his intelligence for personal gain instead of in the name of science. What a shame.

"Had a good summer freak? Found any dead bodies?" David asks when they've caught up with me. Eric snickers behind David's back and Jim kicks him in the shin and tells him to shut up.

"Ah, David. Always a pleasure to see you. How's your mother, still drinking I see?" The grin on David's face drop and the rest of the group grows silent. I raise a questioning eyebrow and flash him a mocking smile.

"Fucking faggot" Eric exclaims and moves forwards, but before he can reach me he's stopped by David.

"You think you're so clever don't you? With your little trick." I roll my eyes at his comment and sigh.

"It's not a trick. It's called a deduction and everyone could do it if they just opened their eyes."

"Just shut up, okay. No one asked for your opinion." David points a threatening finger at me and Eric nods behind him. I look down at his finger, carefully keeping my face clear of emotions, and slowly raise my eyes to David's face. I hold my gaze there until he shifts a little.

"Am I free to leave or are you planning on occupying my time further?" I don't wait for a response before turning around and resuming my walk back to the dorms. Really this again, can't they just leave me alone. This routine became excruciatingly boring years ago and god forbid they ever tried to change things.

Suddenly Jim is standing in front of me, smiling like it's christmas morning. I stop and return his smile, crooking my head in the process as if to say 'is this really necessary'. Both he and I know that he is the real leader of this group but, in his own words, manipulating people into doing what you want is so much more fun than ordering them around.

"Oh I do think it is" He says and shoves me backwards. I move my right leg backwards to restore my balance but something stops my movement halfway through and I lose my footing, landing hard on my back in the mud.

A boot connects to my stomach and another with my shin. I curl into a ball and cover my face while kicks and punches rains down on me. Despite my best efforts I can't keep a small whimper from escaping my lips. It hurts and I want it to stop. Tears prickle in my eyes and I can't breathe properly.

Suddenly they stop and pull me onto my knees so I'm kneeling in front of David. It's humiliating but I refuse to let them get to me. With a smirk I look up and ask. "Is that all?" As an answer David shoves his knee in my face and I can feel blood pouring out my nose. Jim and Eric let go and the three of them walk away, laughing over their work.

I squeeze my nose and tilt my head backwards to stop the bleeding and stay on the ground for a minute or two before I slowly stand. My head spins uncomfortably but I force myself to keep going. With my free hand I search my jacket for a handkerchief which I then press against my bleeding nose.

By the time I reach the dorms my nose has stopped bleeding and the rain has washed away most of the mud from my hair and coat. I walk up to room 22, pull out my key and open the door.

John looks up at me from his place by the drawer. When he takes in my appearance his eyes widen in confusion and concern. I feel like laughing at him. Oh I wonder how long it will take before he joins the abuse. Maybe I should take my chance and befriend him now while he's still oblivious. I decide against however, I would just grow tired of him in the end.

"Are you allright?" I hear him ask but I ignore it. Instead I'm looking at the room. My side is the same as always. A few books on the shelf, all of my clothes in my drawer, my bed made and my writing desk clean. What surprises me is John's side of the room. His bed also impeccably made, a few books on the shelf, writing desk clean and his clothes, which John was putting away before I entered, neatly folded. The only thing that separates my side form his is the fact that his books are mostly fictional while mine are mostly scientific and the family photo on his bedside table. From my experience rugby players are generally far from this tidy.

I look at John again who looks back at me worryingly. I turn around before I can reflect over this and enter the bathroom where I shrug off my coat. The back is covered in mud. With a sigh I toss it aside, I will have to ask Mycroft to get it cleaned. I turn to the mirror and twitch a little when I see my own reflection. My nose and chin is covered in blood and my hair is full of mud. Well, at least I understand why John looked so worried now, I look like shit. With a sigh I undress and step into the shower, washing away all evidence of ever encountering my bullies.

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