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Katniss POV

19 years later

My name is Katniss Everdeen. I am 35 years old. My home is in District 12 and I live with my amazing husband and two beautiful children.

Right now, I'm out in the woods hunting for dinner tonight. I come out here as often as I can but sometimes it gets hard. The memory of Gale still haunts my soul every time I'm out here.

Peeta and I bring the kids out here every once in awhile. He says creating happy memories will help set aside some of the guilt and regret I feel towards Gale. It kind of works, but this will forever and always be the place where my best friend and I use to hunt until the all too unfortunate times started to take their toll upon us.

Now that I think about it, a lot has changed. For one, Peeta and I got married. He proposed on my 20th birthday; we got married 6 months afterwards.

Finnick and Annie got married as well. Finnick moved back to District 4 as soon as he turned 18. He really missed Annie. I couldn't blame him, love does that to you. Anyways, they got married a year later and are still living in District 4. It's okay because Finnick, Annie, and their 3 kids visit often. Little Freddy, who is 8 years old, looks just like Finnick. Allison-who is 5- is a mix of Annie and Finnick, but has the biggest heart in the world. Then there's Jackson. He just turned 2 and he clings to his mother like she's the biggest thing on Earth. I guess she might be, to him.

My little duck tied the knot as well, marrying Rory. I'm happy for them. I know Gale would have been too. You can really see how large their love is when they look at each other with so much passion and joy that it's overwhelming.

After an hour of wandering the woods and reflecting upon life, I hide my bow and start the journey back to my small, little home.

It's around 5pm here, which means Peeta is just about starting dinner. He needs this meat I caught today.

Peeta cooks every night and bakes all day. His family wasn't too happy about his marriage to me. Well, his dad and brothers were, but his mother still hates my guts. She no longer takes that hatred out on Peeta, though. Instead, she puts it into her work, considering how the house is empty expect for Mr. Mellark.

My kids love their large family. Little Lily, who is four years old, loves spending time with her Aunt Prim. They have similar personalities, but, in looks, Lily resembles both Peeta and I with my dark hair and his crystal clear blue eyes. She goes with Peeta to the bakery often, and helps him frost the cakes. He says he can't wait to teach her how to draw. Peeta thinks she will excel at it and I can't disagree.

Asher, on the other hand, is two, and is the complete opposite of his sister. He has blonde curly hair and gray sea eyes. When Peeta stares into them he says he can see a real strong boy growing up to be just like me. I hope not. I don't think I could handle someone who is just like me, with my hot head temper, but I shall allow him to grow up and be who he wants to be.

When my house comes into range, I notice the light is on in the living room. Through the window, I see a little girl sitting at the table with her head buried in some sort of work and my husband cradling our little boy in his arms as he looks over at our girl's work.

Just as I open the front door and plop my game bag down on the ground, Lily springs from her seat and envelops me in a big hug. I pick her up and spin her around with a giant grin on both of our faces.

As I put her down, Peeta comes over and kisses me with ounces of love while still holding Asher. When we let go, I grab Asher from Peeta's arms and kiss him in every spot I can as he just giggles away.

Yes, a lot has changed in the past 19 years, but they have changed for the better. I am no longer afraid to be loved, I have only gotten emotionally stronger through all of it, and I've learned that, no matter how many hardships I face, there always is a way around them.

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