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In the dim of a still hot, humid August night, a light silver Subaru pulled up the driveway of a rather impressive three story home, the smooth pavers producing just the lightest disturbance under the tires of the Impreza WRX STI.

Behind the wheel, a somewhat nervous, somewhat apprehensive, extremely excited half demon pushed the clutch in, shifting into neutral as the car rolled to a stop behind a bright red BMW M3 coupe. Shifting back into first, the hanyou pulled the handbrake, killed the lights and the radio, and shut the car off.

Getting out, the dog demon locked the car and walked up the stone pathway towards the front door of the small mansion, lead filling his stomach. This was really it, he was about to come face to face with a stranger he'd met online, in an ad no less.

He was about to walk in to what would hopefully be the start of a whole new chapter of his life. Or, potentially the end of his life, if he were to believe the doubting little voices in his head. But, he dismissed them; he knew the man the house belonged to, they'd conversed via e-mail for weeks before arranging their little meeting. The hanyou knew what lay inside the house, knew who he was about to meet.

He was going to meet his master.


Kouga Kamuto stepped from his shower, steam clouding the room, gently hugging the contours of his still heated, tan flesh. Grabbing a towel, he began to wipe himself down, drying his body before wringing out his hair.

Stepping to the fogged over mirror, he wiped it away, turning on the fan and cracking the door to let the steam clear out. As the glass cleared, he gazed at his own reflection for a minute. All six feet, three inches of wolf demon in all his naked glory.

Brushing his hair out, the ookami considered leaving it down but decided against it. An air of professionalism would be best, at least for their first meeting. Finding some underwear and a pair of jeans, Kouga covered his lower half, slipping the briefs on before stepping into one of his more fitted pairs of jeans, showing the muscular thighs and firm rear that capped his well-developed and densely muscled core.

Going through his closet, the youkai settled on a simple, elegant, professional shirt. A black silk button down, with a nice collar and a broad cut to the shoulders, defining his own expansive back and shoulders.

Tucked into his jeans with a belt, the shirt was soon matched by a pair of black boat shoes and his watch, a gleaming silver Rolex. Going back to the mirror, Kouga pulled his hair up into a tight ponytail, letting it lay against his neck and back as he looked himself over.

Deciding he liked the way he looked came just in time, as the doorbell let loose with its soft chime; his guest had arrived. Inuyasha Takahashi, or at least that had been the name he'd been given in their correspondence.

Walking down to the front door, Kouga checked himself over once more and opened it, ready to meet the hanyou that had been haunting his dreams. While they'd never exchanged any pictures, figuring it was better to meet in real life to see each other, the dog's stats had said enough.

Though, as he came face to face with the hanyou, standing on his doorstep in jeans and a red T-shirt, he realized the stats had told him nothing. There was no way to describe the half-dog, half-human standing before him, except maybe…perfect.


"Y-yeah, Kouga I presume?"

"Nice to finally meet you in the genuine. Come on in."


Inuyasha stepped inside with hesitant steps and Kouga gently swung the door closed behind him. Shutting it, he threw the deadbolt and the regular lock, and then stepped close to the gorgeous hanyou. Smelling the wolf's cologne sent a blush to Inuyasha's face, and a tremor straight down to his cock.

"Well, we finally meet. And, you're finally in my home."

"Yes, sir."

"And what have I told you about being in my home, Inuyasha."

"That I have to be naked, sir." Inuyasha blushed furiously, not about being naked, but about calling the wolf sir, and about stripping on command for a more dominant male.

"Correct. Good as you look in those clothes, I want them on the floor. Every last stitch, and fold them up neat when you're done."

"Yes, sir." Inuyasha did as told, controlling his hands from shaking as he took off his shoes and socks, then pulled his shirt over his head. Undoing his belt, he stopped to make sure his phone was off, before unzipping the jeans.

As they slid to the floor, revealing only a snug pair of grey boxer briefs, Kouga had to give the hanyou credit. From what he'd told him, the hanyou had only ever been a dominant, and to women. While most demon and hanyou were bisexual, and many could assume different relationship roles, to take the plunge from unchallenged alpha male to a submissive little pup was a big one.

Speaking of big ones, as the briefs hit the floor and the dog stepped out of them, Kouga got a good look at the hanyou's third leg. He certainly had the equipment to keep a bitch satisfied, the ookami surmised as the dog folded his clothing.

"Good boy. Step over into the sitting area, stand in the middle and put your hands behind your head."

"Yes, sir."

Inuyasha moved over a few feet, going into the sitting area near the door. Putting his hands behind his head, he remained still as Kouga took his time, circling his naked and exposed prey. Looking the boy over, he drank in the expanses of smooth creamy skin, stretched over lean, though well-defined muscle.

His face was stunning, long waves of silver-white hair, almost downy, falling down his back while two fluffy little koinu ears sat perched atop his head. The silver of his hair was matched to the fiery gold of his eyes, which were currently directed at the floor, a fang chewing his plump lower lip nervously.

'Afraid of the big bad wolf little puppy? Good.'

Circling around to the back, Kouga enjoyed the sight of the toned, muscular shoulders and back trailing down the hanyou's frame. Blue eyes roamed over a plump, rounded butt, toned and firm yet possessing just a little layer of softness. Perfect as far as the ookami was concerned.

Further down were a set of toned, shapely legs, and powerful thighs. Not nearly as thickly muscled as Kouga's own, yet the hanyou had more the body of a biker or swimmer, an extremely strong swimmer, while Kouga's was more the body of a boxer or MMA fighter.

Circling back around, Kouga enjoyed the site of some clearly defined abs and pecs, and the perky pink nipples standing out from them. A bit lower, a lengthy, thick, uncircumcised penis sat; complete with a long foreskin and two plump, fairly low hanging balls. All nestled in a downy bush of silver pubic hair, nearly fur in quality, the only body hair Inuyasha had.

"Up on your tip toes boy."

"Yes, sir." Inuyasha obeyed, standing on the tips of his toes, feet and legs outstretched as Kouga stood to face him, still looking down upon the outstretched hanyou. Smiling at their several inch height difference, Kouga grasped a nipple gently.

"You're a short little puppy, huh?"

"I'm not short, sir." The hanyou responded gruffly, though caught himself a bit too late.

"You will be when you're on your knees for me." Kouga spoke gently into one of the dog ears, letting his breath ghost over the sensitive appendage. Inuyasha shuddered as his cock twitched, swelling and stiffening slightly at the ookami's words.

"Y-ye-yes, sir."

"Good pup. Come, we can talk more in my study." Kouga motioned for the hanyou to follow him, and the dog obeyed, walking after the still fully dressed wolf.

They rounded a few corners, passing down a hallway that bordered the kitchen, past a bathroom and a guest bedroom, and around the stairs to a small room near the back of the house. Well, small wasn't really the word for it; even loaded with several floor to ceiling bookcases, a massive desk, a printer table, and fireplace and mantle it was still a large room, though it had the cozy, comfortable feel of a small cabin like room.

"You can sit on that pup, keep your hands behind you."

"Yes, sir." Kouga had mentioned to a black four legged stool sitting in front of the desk, which Inuyasha obligingly sat down on, resting his hands on the edge of the stool behind his back.

Kouga meanwhile sat down in the overstuffed, padded leather chair behind his desk and workspace, looking over at the hanyou while he sat there. Looking down at the hanyou's semi-erected penis, he looked up at the boy and decided to strip the boy totally.

"Do you have any problems with phimosis boy?"

"I'm sorry sir?"

"Do you have any trouble pulling your foreskin back?"

"Oh, no sir."

"Good. Here, pull it back, and tie this over the skin to keep it that way."

"Yes sir." Inuyasha took the small ribbon Kouga gave him, and pulled his foreskin back, letting his sensitive head out into the air. Wrapping the ribbon around the retracted skin, he pulled it snug and knotted it, thus preventing the skin from recovering the crown of his penis.

"Good. Now, I guess this is what we've been waiting for huh?"

"Yes, sir."

"I have to say, you are absolutely stunning in real life." Kouga said as he got up from his desk, going over to a cabinet against the side wall and pouring himself a glass of whiskey on ice from within.

"Thank you sir, you are really beautiful yourself." Inuyasha blushed a bit, but he meant it. As much as it made him feel like a young teenager again, he really did find the ookami handsome, very handsome. Though really, considering that he was looking to be totally dominated and submitted by the wolf, acting like a scared little virgin wasn't all that far off.

"Well thank you puppy. Here, since we're getting comfortable with each other, throw these on, behind your back, nice and snug."

Kouga produced a set of handcuffs from one of the desk's drawers and tossed them to Inuyasha, who obediently cuffed one wrist, put both behind them, and snapped the other one closed tight, leaving his hands behind him. He could feel the slight crackle of demonic energy from them and knew they were demon energized, meant to restrain a demon or hanyou's strength.

"Good boy. I suppose you must be fairly comfortable with me already, seeing as I've got you helpless and naked already."

"I guess so, sir." Inuyasha blushed a bit, that nervousness still in his stomach, though slowly dissipating with Kouga's light attitude.

"So, you really think you're ready?"

"For what exactly, sir?"

"To be a slave, to be my submissive, my pet. It's a big leap to take, especially for someone with no experience."

"Yes sir, admittedly I'm still a bit nervous."

"About me, or just the situation?" Kouga spoke as he stood, walking around his desk, drink in hand, to circle the hanyou once again.

"Just the situation. I mean, sitting handcuffed naked in someone's study isn't something I ever thought I'd be doing, sir."

"Indeed; are you glad that you are, doing something you'd never thought you'd do?"

"I…I think so, sir. It's been good so far." Inuyasha spoke as Kouga came to stand behind him, keeping the dog's head facing forward, away from him.

"I'm glad. Here, stand up, bend over and spread your cheeks for me."

"Yes, sir."

Inuyasha did as told, easing himself off the stool and bending his torso over. His cuffed hands took hold of his butt and spread the firm globes, exposing the dog's tight pink anus to the aroused wolf demon. The alpha ookami enjoyed the sight, pulling the boy's stool away from him and sitting on it himself, admiring the naked inu youkai's perfect body.

"Perfect. Now, how does this make you feel Inuyasha, does it excite you to have your hole on display for me, does it embarrass you, make you feel ashamed, or does it turn you on?"

"I…I guess it turns me on sir, it is exciting to have you staring at me."

"Good. Now, we've talked a lot over the internet, but now that you're naked and cuffed in my study, are you still interested, or are you reconsidering a bit?"

"Not at all, I'm definitely interested, more so than I was earlier."

"Excellent. So, you've really never had another dominate you huh? This tight, pink little hole certainly looks untouched."

"No sir, I've never been taken by anyone."

"What about toys?"

"I haven't tried any of them either sir, nothing more than a finger or two of my own."

"Very good. Well, come, I want to introduce you to a toy of sorts that I like to use quite a bit, and one that you will definitely hate if you choose to become my boy."

At that, Kouga reached gave the hanyou's spread cheeks a little smack, prompting the boy to stand and follow him.

"What toy is that sir?" Inuyasha asked as he followed the wolf demon's rather intimate guidance.

"I'm referring to an enema, my little hanyou. While I know you're half demon and don't have the human need to evacuate waste through your bowels, you can certainly still feel the stretch and bloating and cramping from a body of water being introduced to them. Now, here's some lubricant, get your channel slicked, just a bit, the nozzle is small and you want to be able to hold it."

"Yes, sir." As they had reached a bathroom, an IV pole with a red rubber bag standing in the corner, Kouga gave the hanyou a small tub of lube and allowed the boy to slick himself as he filled the bag with warm water, skipping the soap as it was the boy's first time.

"Good, now bend over." Kouga instructed and was rewarded with the hanyou's now lubed anus being presented to him once again. Slicking the nozzle, he eased the long, slender bulbous tube into the half-demon's channel, and without any warning unclamped the tube, sending the water down into the boy.

"Oh, wow. That feels weird. How…how much are you putting in sir?" Inuyasha asked as he felt the warm liquid running into his guts.

"Not much puppy. You're going to start feeling full pretty soon, when it gets just a tiny bit uncomfortable tell me and I'll stop the flow." One hand on the clamp for the bag, Kouga reached his other down and lightly rubbed Inuyasha's stomach, gently working to help ease the flow of water into the hanyou.

"I'm starting to feel pretty full now sir."

"Cramping yet?"

"Ugh, yeah now it feels like it's starting, sir."

"Good boy, we'll stop it there." Kouga shut the clamp and let the last bit of water run in. Once it had, he rested a hand on Inuyasha's bottom, fingers around the nozzle sitting in the boy's pink anus.

"Thank you sir."

"Alright pup, I'm gonna pull the nozzle out now. When I do, I want you to clench that little hole shut, and I want you to keep it that way. You're going to have to hold your water for a little while, understood?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good boy." Kouga eased the nozzle out, and to Inuyasha's credit the hanyou closed his ring of muscle before a drop could spill out of him. Clipping the nozzle back up against the bag, Kouga produced the handcuff keys and removed the cuffs from Inuyasha's wrists.

"Any chance I can release this now, sir?"

"Absolutely not. Sorry pup, but that's just a little squirt of water up your butt. If you're gonna be my slave, you're gonna be holding way more than that, and for long periods of time. So just keep those cheeks clenched and hold that in. Besides, we've got more important things to take care of here."

Kouga spoke, as he produced a razor and a small can of shaving cream from one of the bathroom vanity's drawers.

"Nice as it looks on you, that little nest of fur you've got between your legs needs to go. Dominants get to keep their pubic hair, cute little slave boys keep it shaved clean. So before we go any further, I want every last single, silver pube swiped from between your legs."

"Yes, yes sir." Inuyasha had to blush at that, and while still holding the water, stepped in front of the mirror and liberally applied the shaving cream between his legs. Taking the razor, he began to make stripes up and down the length of his groin, stopping between everyone to rinse the razor clean.

It took a few minutes, and a re-application of shaving cream and retracing with the razor, but eventually Inuyasha had his groin totally devoid of any hair whatsoever. Grinning, Kouga took in the sight of the dog's big organ hanging nude between his legs, before grabbing a white can with back lettering on it from the bathroom closet.

"Excellent job. Now, this is a depilatory cream, it'll make sure your pubes don't grow back for at least a month or two. I want you to rub it over the whole area you just shaved. Of course, it is gonna sting a bit, especially on your balls."

"Yes, sir." Inuyasha coated his groin as instructed, thoroughly coating himself in the white foamy mixture, which was then left to soak in. It quickly turned to an oily looking sheen on the hanyou's bald skin, and just as quickly began to sting and itch quite a bit.

"Good boy. Now, no more touching down there, understood?" Kouga commanded, knowing the hanyou would want desperately to try and scratch or rub at the coated area.

"Yes, sir."

"Keep that hole clenched good and tight, and follow me."

Inuyasha did as told, the feel of the water in his gut, the sting of the hair remover on his clean shaven groin, and his continuing embarrassment at the situation of being naked and shaved in front of the ookami leaving him walking with his penis standing at attention, bobbing in the air in front of him as he walked.

They walked through a few rooms, and Kouga opened a door, which revealed a set of wood stairs leading down a floor. Going downstairs, Inuyasha found the stairs took them through quite a drop, and they wound up in what he discovered was a wine cellar, bottles and barrels stored in the walls and in the corners of the rectangular, stone floored space.

"Alright boy, start doing jumping jacks. Go till I tell you to stop, count them out as you do them. You better keep that water in, every drop, and I want to see good form…and that cock bouncing around."

"Yes, sir."

Inuyasha did as told, beginning to do a series of jumping jacks, counting each one he completed as he struggled to keep his anus tight and the water inside him. His cock did indeed bounce wildly as he moved up and down, amusing and arousing Kouga greatly.

The wolf didn't give him any breaks, having him continue without pause until he had completed two hundred reps. Letting him stop then, the wolf gave him a few scarce seconds to regain his composure before directing him to take a pushup position.

"Alright boy, good form once again. Go till I say you can stop."

"Yes, sir."

The wolf gave him only quick breaks in between periods of fifty push-ups, making him complete a total of five-hundred before he was allowed to stop. Making the hanyou stay up in pushup position, the wolf demon circled the gorgeous dog before giving his next command.

"Alright pup, this is gonna be the hardest bit for you. I want you to get into sit-up position for me. Stay on your back for right now, but get those legs up. Now, that is gonna contract your abs a bit, which is gonna press on that water some. That's just gonna get even worse when you do the sit-ups, obviously crunching your stomach is gonna reduce the space for that water to take up. I want you to keep that hole clenched tight, keep all that water in till you're done the sit-ups and I'll let you go relieve it."

"Yes, sir."

Inuyasha let his back rest against the cool stone floor, hands behind his head with his legs up and folded. As he began the sit-ups , immediately the hanyou had to clench down even harder, the crunches just serving to put pressure on the water, trying to force the body of liquid from his body. Like the push-ups, Kouga made him to repetitions of fifty, a number that while not difficult for a hanyou normally was quite a deal tougher when each sit-up threatened to send a stream of water from his anus.

Ten sets of fifty was on call for the half-demon, Kouga standing over him to insure he did each sit-up correctly and quickly enough for the ookami's liking. He completely all five hundred, and did so without losing a drop of the warm liquid in his guts, and so the wolf demon stayed true to his word and led Inuyasha back into the bathroom.

"Alright, puppy, sit down and let that water out."

"Oh thank you sir." Inuyasha sighed as the water rushed out of him, still clear water draining into the toilet. It took a minute to get it all out, but once it was done, Inuyasha dried himself and stood back up, his totally bald cock still standing at attention.

"Well, that thing certainly seems to be a fan of the enema doesn't it?" Kouga prodded, pointed towards the dog's still erected penis, which despite his raging desire he'd yet to touch.

"It seems that way sir." Kouga reached under the sink, producing a small flat rate shipping box from the vanity cabinet. Setting it on the sink, he rested his arms on the hanyou's sides, looking into the dog's eyes.

"Think that's something you can tolerate on a daily basis?"

"I…I think so, sir. I want to try anyway." Inuyasha asked, his defiant nature seeping in even in such unsettling circumstances.

"Excellent. Before we go any further, let me just be absolutely clear with you pup. I have a touch of sadistic streak, and I can be a damn cruel master when I want to be. Someone like you, a dominant, strong, powerful, and very big dicked hanyou; is someone that is going to bring that out of me.

I'm going to enjoy shooting water up your butt, I'm going to enjoy putting a tight little cage on that big cock so you can't cum, I'm gonna enjoy putting a big plug in your ass, or fucking you, or making you such my cock. I'm gonna tie you up, I'm gonna spank, and cane, and paddle, and flog you, I'll humiliate you at times, make you dress up like my little bitch.

I'm not trying to scare you off because I don't want you as my slave, because I really, really fucking do. But if you're gonna be mine, you need to be aware of what I'm going to be like, and what I'll put you through as your master. Do you understand, Inuyasha?"

"Yeah, yes sir, I do."

"Do you still think you want to go further with this relationship? You know how possessive we demons can be, if I train you, you're my boy."

At that, Inuyasha paused, as Kouga wanted him to. The wolf was being very open with him; demons were certainly possessive of their submissive partners, and once he was a trained and broken beta the ookami would have a lot of power over him. But looking down at his hard cock, and feeling the butterflies in his stomach, he realized that this wolf having power over him was exactly what he wanted.

"I do, sir. I want to be your boy."


At that Kouga leaned in and kissed the hanyou softly on the lips, simply embracing the hanyou instead of dominating him. After a minute, he motioned for the silver haired pup to lean over the sink, his tight ass sticking out in the air. From the box he produced a small bottle of lube and slicked a finger, which he introduced to Inuyasha's tight pucker.

"This is gonna be all mine little puppy. And I should warn you as well, I have a number of friends, so you should be certain that you don't mind the smell of wolf, cause you're gonna have plenty of it in your ass, your mouth, your hands, your hair."

"Lovely, sir." Inuyasha couldn't help a touch of sarcasm, both his alpha instinct and a method of easing his somewhat frayed nerves as the wolf's finger prodded inside him, which felt waaayyyy too good to the alpha hanyou.

"Alright pup, relax yourself, this a good deal bigger than that little nozzle." Kouga had produced a strangely shaped butt plug from the box, lubing it up nicely and putting it to the hanyou's anus. It wasn't that big, the rounded dome only an inch and half or so in diameter, the toy about six inches long, but it was bigger than the little stick of a nozzle that had been in him.

Relaxing himself, Inuyasha felt as both the first toy, and the first toy guided by another man was eased into his anus. Spreading his ring of muscle, the domed head of the plug was eased in, and then was nearly sucked in when the hanyou's anus closed back down around the thinning rear section.

With the base settled against the hanyou's anus, Kouga turned his attention to the boy's neck. Producing a short, somewhat thick chain from the box, the wolf looped the metal links twice round the hanyou's neck, leaving some slack for comfort but tight enough that he couldn't slip it over his head. A large padlock went through the ends and was shut, locking the makeshift collar to Inuyasha's neck.

"Now stand up straight, and this is going to feel very weird just as a heads-up."

"Yes, sir?" Inuyasha replied with a questioning glance as a small padlock was produced from the box, and wolf's hand went back to the butt-plug inside him. Suddenly, Inuyasha felt the plug get…bigger, and after a second of fiddling the little padlock was clicked somewhere in it and Kouga stepped back.

"There we go, you feel that?" Kouga asked with a grin.

"What did you just do, sir?"

"That's a locking butt-plug Inuyasha. The core of it is solid and has a set of springs attached to the outer body. When this little knob on the base here is pushed in, those springs push the body apart like opening a set of wings. The padlock goes through this slot here so that the knob can't be pulled back down. And with those wings opened like they are, this toy is never coming back out of your anus, so until I unlock it, you're going to have to stay plugged."

"Wow, that's…invasive, sir."

"Indeed, now did you thank your master for that plug?"

"No sir, I mean, thank you for the plug, sir." Inuyasha blushed, feeling the awkward toy in his ass, shifting as he fidgeted.

"Good boy, thank your master properly, I want you to get down on all fours and kiss my feet."

Inuyasha blushed like a mad man, but after a second of reluctance, did as told, getting down on hands and knees and placing a kiss on each of the wolf demon's dress shoes. Looking back up, he saw the ookami's look of approval, and a not so subtle bulge in the wolf's jeans. Leaning up, something in him drove him to reach for the ookami's zipper, but two big, tan hands gripped his before he could.

"Not tonight pup. Back on your hands and knees, follow me."

"Yes, sir."

Inuyasha obediently followed the wolf, crawling like a dog all the way, back into the foyer where he'd first met the ookami he was soon to be owned by. There, still holding the box he'd pulled the toy and chain from; Kouga opened the drawer of a small desk he had against the wall, producing a sealed envelope and checking to see that it was indeed still sealed.

"Now, the hardest part of the night pup."

"What's that sir?"

"I need to send you home."

"Now? I mean, I can stay if you want sir, it's perfectly fine."

"Oh pup, I have every wish to keep you here, but you need to go for tonight. Now, in this envelope are the keys to the chain round your neck, and to the padlock holding that butt-plug in you. I'm sending you home with it and with this pre-paid box, it already had my address on the label.

I want you to go home and jerk off tonight, have a nice big orgasm and get a good night's sleep. Tomorrow I want you to stay butt naked, I want you to clean your apartment top to bottom (In their conveyance online, the perpetual disarray of the hanyou's living space had come up more than once) and I want you to watch some porn.

I want you to jerk off again, and I want you to think about getting some nice, wet pussy. And I want you to think about, especially after you cum, about not getting any ever again, and about not getting to jerk off, and about having to serve me day in and day out."

"Do you, do you not want me for a slave, sir?" Inuyasha couldn't help questioning, it seemed the wolf had been more than eager to have him but he was currently telling him to basically run screaming.

"Not at all, I'm desperate to have you. But I only want you if you're willing. And I want you to really think long and hard about whether you really want this, and not just when you're aroused. Really consider not coming back tomorrow night hanyou. If you find yourself second guessing this arrangement, break the seal on the envelope, take the butt-plug out, the chain off, and just throw them in the box and mail it back to me.

If you don't show, I won't be mad or take it personally, I figure this way I can make it as easy for you as possible. I'll just cease contacting you and you can mail the toys back. If you decide you do want to come back though, you will leave that envelope sealed and bring it back to me at eight o clock tomorrow night, and you will be ready for the longest night of your life. Understood?"

"Yes, sir. I'll be back tomorrow, I promise you that."

"We'll see. Now get dressed and get outta here. Oh, these stay here, and from now on, if you do decide to come back, you aren't to wear either." Kouga picked Inuyasha's socks and underwear from the pile and promptly threw them aside. Inuyasha obediently donned just his jeans, T-shirt, and sneakers, which of course left a rather prominent bulge in the jeans, with no underwear to help conceal it.

"Oh, and one more thing, just to help the seriousness of this hit home for you. If you do come back tomorrow, I want a set of your house keys, and the second set of keys and keyless entry to your car. If you're gonna be my puppy, I have unlimited access to you, understood?"

"Yes, sir. I understand sir."

"In that case, I hope to see you soon, pup." With that, Kouga leaned in for one final kiss, against his best judgment. He didn't want to subvert the hanyou into belonging to him in any way, though the temptation of the boy's soft lips was too much to resist one final quick kiss.

As the hanyou got into his car, put it in reverse, and backed from the driveway, Kouga gently shut the door, and almost immediately unbuckled his jeans. Letting them and his boxers hit the floor, the ookami couldn't help palming his erection, which had been almost painfully trapped, so achingly hard, in the confines of his pants practically since the boy had arrived.

Stroking himself idly, the wolf was tempted to rub one out on the spot but decided against it. Slipping from his pants and underwear entirely, he kicked his shoes off and headed for one of his toy closets. He wasn't going to complete himself; that was his puppy's job, should the boy actually come back.

No, he would, the wolf could feel it. He had wanted to be damn sure, had really wanted to feel the hanyou out and stop him making a mistake if he wasn't ready to commit. But the hanyou would come back, Kouga could feel it. So he wouldn't jerk himself off.

No, he'd find a cock cage and get it on and locked. He'd stay nice and horned up, and when the little hanyou came back tomorrow, he was going to have one stallion of a wolf pounding him into the bed. Kouga could hardly wait.