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~~~~~~Meeting His Master~~~~~~

Inuyasha sighed with relief as he stepped out of the bathroom. He was free of Kouga's essence, though not of its potent effects as his hard-on was still raging trapped in its unyielding confinement.

'Stupid wolves and their stupid aphrodisiac piss.'

Kouga was waiting for the hanyou as he stepped from the door, quickly snapping a leash to the front ring of his heavy collar much to Inuyasha's chagrin, the ookami ushering him down onto all fours with a gentle insistence.

"And what is all this about?"

"We're going for a walk puppy. Keep your mouth shut for now, you haven't learned to communicate as a pup, and don't even think about standing up. I see your feet touch the ground I'm tying your ankles to your balls, tight."

Inuyasha grumbled but crawled along as he was lead on the leash. They took a couple of quick laps of the kitchen and dining rooms before Kouga led him towards the front door. As the wolf threw the deadbolt, the dog suddenly felt nervousness wash over him.

"Ugh, we're not… I mean you're not gonna…"

"Silence pup, I told you to keep that mouth shut."

Inuyasha stuttered at that. He was still naked…dressed only in his chastity belt and the collar. Kouga couldn't seriously be taking him out in such a way. He could…it wasn't unacceptable in youkai standards for a submissive to be kept nude by their dominant. But for Inuyasha to be that submissive…

"Yugo." Kouga heard his puppy speak as he started to slowly slide the door open, smirking to himself as he shut and locked it once more.

"Not ready to be taken round the block yet huh?"

"Not really, sorry sir." Inuyasha worried his lip slightly as he rested back on his haunches. He hoped he hadn't just fucked things up with the ookami; despite his lingering resistance he really seriously liked the wolf, and was fascinated with the feelings Kouga was bringing out of him.

"Inuyasha don't ever apologize for using your safeword, ever again. I would only be angry with you if I pushed you past your limit and you didn't use your safeword, and let yourself be truly harmed. Now I wanted you to safeword, I've been pushing you because I need to know your limits and what you can take."

Kouga leaned down and kissed his hanyou, soothing Inuyasha's slightly worried mind. After a minute he pulled back and tugged at the leash, leading Inuyasha upstairs to one of his spare bedrooms where he'd prepared a little relaxation time for his new beta.

"Now, I'm gonna put you down for a nap alright. I figure you've earned a little rest after I spent all morning pressing you. When I come and get you, we'll start training for a while then we can relax, have dinner, maybe catch a movie."

"Sounds good, I guess. What's all this…my nap?"

"Precisely, this is a sleep sack puppy. You don't think I'd just leave you unattended and unbound, a little puppy like you could get hurt."

Inuyasha glared at the ookami directed him onto the queen size bed of the spare room, the black leather sack resting atop it. The hanyou was laid on his back with his legs spread open, Kouga producing a modest but sizeable phallus and slicking it. The ookami applied some lubricant to his submissive's entrance, and it was gently inserted into the dog demon's passage.

"Well, I'm just feeling sleepy already."

"Yeah, yeah pup you know you'd think that with such a big mouth you'd be better at sucking cock."

Kouga teased as he produced a pair of special nipple clamps, the two little biters secured to small metal cylinders. The padded clips were gently attached to each nipple with some complaint from the hanyou, and then Kouga was busying himself with lengths of soft black rope.

Before Inuyasha could come to dislike the nipple clamps enough to pull them off Kouga had both wrists elegantly bound to his thighs and was parting said thighs once again. Inuyasha got a secure knot around his scrotum, the ends quickly pulled under him. Pulled tight over the phallus lodged within him, the rope was tied to the back ring of the chastity belt, tight enough to keep the toy in place and keep a low but constant pressure on the hanyou's balls.

"That was definitely necessary, thank you."

"Oh it certainly is, and you're quite welcome puppy."

Kouga then rested his hanyou on the sack and brought it over Inuyasha. Starting from the feet he laced the leather sack tightly, immobilizing Inuyasha within its confines. Once he had Inuyasha confined up to the neck Kouga pulled several supporting straps tight across and buckled and locked them, then produced the last pieces of the puzzle.

"Alright pup, we're almost done. Now, you're gonna be gagged and I'm putting you in a hood. While I'll be here, I have things to do. You're gonna sit bound here till I come back to let you out, whenever I feel like doing so. You just need to relax and try to sleep okay?"

"Yeah, I'm good."

"Alright, I'm gagging you now. This is a penis gag, I want you to practice on it when you're awake."

Without further ado Kouga put the gag on Inuyasha; the fake rubber phallus was about four inches long and reasonably thick. It went in and was strapped behind the hanyou's head, then after a kiss from Kouga the hood was put over him. It was worked over his face and laced tightly in the back. The sack was then laced up the rest of the way, encompassing Inuyasha's hood and collar.

As Inuyasha squirmed a bit Kouga got off the bed and after giving the hanyou a second to adjust, picked up the two remotes he had stashed under the bed…


Miroku winced slightly in the big Jacuzzi tub as he dipped the small brush into the metallic orange once again. Dabbing it off a bit, he brought the brush to Ayame's foot once more and set to work on the next toe, delivering another clean layer of the polish.

"Oh that is good Miroku, very good. You're experienced at this."

"Ugh, yeah, I had a girlfriend in college that got me to do it for her."

"She got you to paint her nails for her, how so?" Ayame inquired, curious to know what else besides a chastity belt and a belly full of water could get her man to do such a thing voluntarily.

"Well, she ugh…she was rather gifted…orally."

"Ah, so she traded head for what I'm getting for free. Would you like it if I sucked your dick Miroku, if I took that cute little dick into my warm and wet mouth and brought you to orgasm?"

"Oh hell yes I would…mistress."

"I'll bet, guess that makes me a hell of a negotiator. You could be doing this for head, instead you're doing it hoping I'll let that water out of you…hoping."

"I guess you are mistress." Miroku continued on, getting her feet finished quickly and leaving them to dry propped up on the edge of the tub.

"They look great Miroku, now why don't you come here and give mistress a kiss."

Ayame's arms around Miroku and pulled him close as the warm water churned around them. Leaning in they kissed before the human pulled back slightly, needing a question answered.

"Hey Ayame, I need to ask you something…something kind of serious."

"Sure baby, what's on your mind?"

"All this, you're not talking short term."

"I'm not letting you out of that belt early Miroku."

"No, I'm not even trying to fight that battle. I just, just wanted to know; do you see us as serious I mean as a real long term couple?"

"I certainly hope so Miroku, my sweet little ningen. I'm not just playing with you, I am training you and to my tastes. I do want this to work, want us to work."

"In that case, I have to ask why?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, why me? Why would you pick me for a serious, long-term relationship over other guys? Not to sell myself short but you're absolutely gorgeous, totally flawless, and for that matter you make more than I do. And I'm a mildly handsome human; if you really wanted something long term, couldn't you find a gorgeous, well-hung, submissive ookami male?"

"You're damn right I can, one phone call and I can have a twink with a twelve inch cock over here in a heartbeat. But I don't want that, I want a guy like you Miroku. For one, I like having a human that I can easily push around and overpower and corrupt. And for my man, I don't want a huge dick I want a nice cute one like you've got.

Don't get me wrong every so often it is nice to have a proper demon male with a serious dick over. But really, it's too much to deal with on a daily basis. I want a nice, submissive, obedient, cute guy with a cute dick around to serve me on the regular, a nice guy I can just slide in whenever I feel like it."

"Really, than I guess that makes us pretty lucky. Though I do have to say, my dick is feeling pretty cute today, I wouldn't want you to miss a good opportunity mistress."

"Miroku, if you keep trying to get that little guy out of his cage I'm just gonna keep you in longer." Ayame said as she gently squeezed his balls, getting a light whine from the ningen.

"I wasn't mistress, just trying to please you best as possible."

"Oh you were huh? And this bathtub is full of pudding, now, I think my nails are done get out and get me a towel."

Miroku complied, still dripping as he got a towel for the demoness, moving quickly to dry her off as she stood from the tub. He worked his way down, drying every inch of Ayame's voluptuous form, wincing slightly as the huge quantity of water sloshed inside him.

"Oh are you okay baby?"

"This water is about ready to come out mistress."

"Oh no it isn't, you're keeping every drop of that in till I say so. And you've got a long ways to go yet sweety; all those herbs need time to do their magic."

"Yes mistress."


Kouga entered the room quietly, stalking over to the prone, leather wrapped form on the bed. He could see the occupant was squirming a bit, fidgeting as much as his bonds would allow. Picking up the remote he'd discarded earlier on the bed, right next to Inuyasha, Kouga turned the vibrator in his channel up a few further notches.

Almost immediately a low groan was audible through the penis gag and hood keeping his hanyou in the dark, the half-demon squirming all the more as the intruder in his passage vibrating more intensely. Kouga did so love vibrators; they were such a good way to wear a boy's resistance down.

Pups like Inuyasha could try to resist their beta attributes, could try and deny that they loved being filled. But the vibrator broke them all with enough time; with enough hours spent unable to remove a strongly humming phallus from within them, all submissives eventually caved. Inuyasha would be no different, enough experience being unable to resist taking in the pleasure of the vibrator in his tight, pink ring of muscle would eventually teach him his hole was best kept filled at all times.

"Mmm, that's my little puppy. All tied up tight, nipples clamped, hole filled, mouth occupied with a dick. You're really being a good boy for me today." Kouga straddled the bound half demon as he leaned in close, speaking into a leather covered ear.

Kouga undid the top few knots on the sack, enough to access the hood, and unlocked and unzipped the black leather to slide it off his pup's head. Blinking in the suddenly bright room, Inuyasha mumbled from behind the dick strapped in place in his mouth as Kouga snugged up the top of the sleep sack once more.

"Did you sleep well beautiful?" Kouga asked as kissed under Inuyasha's chin and up the side of his face. Inuyasha looked down his body to see that the ookami had a T-shirt on but nothing else and his thick, fat cock was bobbing very hard between his legs.

The half-demon grumbled, wondering if the ookami's dick ever softened, whilst still struggling to free himself from the vibrator lodged in his channel. Seeing this, Kouga nuzzled his pup for a moment before drawing back to stare down at the gorgeous amber eyes of his submissive.

"Seems like my pup is a bit cranky. Don't see a reason why, you've got your holes filled, your dick safely confined and locked up. Maybe you just need a bit more of a rest than I thought."

Kouga picked the hood back up, making to put Inuyasha back in the dark once more. Shaking his head, Inuyasha mumbled out around the annoying phallus strapped in place in his mouth, getting a laugh from the wolf demon straddling his bound form.

"No, he's all rested up then. Well, if my puppy is all rested than we should probably start training huh?"

Inuyasha nodded in agreement, anything preferable to more confinement with the vibrator. Grinning, Kouga reached behind his pup's head and undid the strap for the gag, though held the faux cock in place with his hand.

"Alright pup, I want to see how you're coming along with your oral capabilities. You're going to suck this dick for me, and give me a good show. Bob your head on it, suckle on it, use your tongue; make me want to put this dick in there." Kouga spoke as he used his free hand to give his own hardened flesh a stroke.

Kouga eased the phallus out until just the head was past Inuyasha's perfect lips. When the hanyou tried to say something around the withdrawn intruder though, Kouga simply pushed it back in and held it. Getting the message, Inuyasha nodded and the ookami pulled it back out again.

Inuyasha began to massage the fake prick, using his lips to suck on it and his tongue to swipe over the head and under where the frenulum would be. He pursed his lips and bobbed as Kouga thrust the dick in and out with initially shallow thrusts that he gradually deepened. Inuyasha sucked on the dick as it was pulled out and hummed and licked the shaft as it was thrust in.

He had to admit, it was much easier with a more manageable, and fake, penis to practice on. With Kouga his jaw was stretched far as it would go and the head and first few inches of shaft had his mouth utterly full. Not to mention he had his owner's most sensitive, prized bits between his dog hanyou teeth.

With the fake cock though, it was much easier to replicate the things his previous girlfriends had done for him. Which was working, going by how much interest Kouga was showing his actions. The wolf had him suck the cock for a good twenty minutes; leaving Inuyasha's jaw a bit tired once he finally pulled it free and set it aside.

"That was a good boy Inuyasha, very good boy."

"Thank you…sir, now please take this vibrator out! Or turn it the fuck off!"

"No way, the vibrator stays."

"But it's fucking agonizing."

"It is not agonizing, vibrators are wonderful. You think it's agonizing because you can't make heads or tails of what it's doing to you. You're used to getting pleasure from your dick, when I first took you I jerked you off while I was fucking you. While I was fucking you locked, you enjoyed but there was still some discomfort and it was more about my pleasure than yours.

The vibrator though, is about your pleasure. I put it in there to make you feel good, but you aren't used to receiving pleasure anally. Thus you feel like it's too much, or it's agonizing, because your experience as alpha tells you that you don't get pleasure from back there. But you are getting it, and soon enough you'll come to love having your anus filled."

"Well, can you at least turn it down."

"I can turn it up." Kouga spoke as he notched it a level higher. "No more talk about your anus right now pup, we're focusing on your mouth. You're coming along nicely on the oral, very nicely. You need more time on the trainer, with bigger toys to adjust to my size, but you're progressing well and your technique looks great. For now, you're going to set to work on another oral talent."

Kouga spoke as he leaned down and kissed Inuyasha, covering the pup's lips with his own. The hanyou's mouth opened and allowed Kouga's tongue in, the wolf caressing the dog's appendage with his own. The two stayed entwined, kissing as the wolf's arms encircled the bound dog, for several minutes before the ookami pulled back once more.

"Well, I think I've got a pretty good handle on that one."

"Oh that wasn't the lesson koi; I just wanted to kiss you. No, your lesson is in pleasuring my anus with your mouth."

"I…I have to suck your ass?"

"More or less, it's more kissing and licking, teasing my ring with your tongue and spearing in with it. But yes, you're going to worship my asshole." Kouga spoke as he moved over the hanyou, squatting down over his face looking down the half-demon's body.

"Do you have something…on your?"

"Yes I do, I prepared a nice little treat for you puppy. Fresh, homemade whipped cream. My hole is filled with it, and you're gonna lick it all out."

Inuyasha blushed feverishly at that, squirming in his restraints as his painfully hard cock made a renewed attempt at escape from its unyielding confines. He knew he didn't have anything to worry about; Kouga like himself had no solid waste concerns being a demon. But still the thought of licking Kouga's entrance scared and excited him.

Before the half-demon could find any time to protest Kouga had lowered himself onto his puppy's face. Smothering the hanyou with his firm globes, Kouga rested and waited as the half-dog's tongue came out to tentatively lick at his entrance. Rubbing himself against Inuyasha's tongue and nose, Kouga pressed down a bit, signaling the boy to get to work.

"There we go boy, now lick that hole. Does it turn you on puppy, knowing you're tied down tight and I can keep my ass on you as long as I want?"

Inuyasha moaned from between Kouga's cheeks at that, and at the rather delightful dessert filling Kouga. The whipped cream was fluffy and light and delicious. It made for a rather nice pairing with the slightly salty skin of Kouga's rear which Inuyasha lapped at, circling his tongue round the tight dark ring to thrust in occasionally.

There was plenty of it for him to enjoy; as Inuyasha licked the cream away Kouga's entrance gave up more. It gave something else up too; as Inuyasha lapped he felt Kouga entrance dilate and something was pushed into his mouth. Tasting a fruity tanginess, he bit down to find it was a strawberry.

"Really?" Inuyasha questioned as he chewed and swallowed the delightful, cream covered fruit, grateful that Kouga had lifted his ass up for a few seconds.

"I said I had made you a treat. I was gonna make some of those shortcake dessert shells to go along with them but I didn't think they'd survive being stuffed up my ass too well."

Kouga dropped himself back over Inuyasha's face as he squeezed a bit more of the cream onto the hanyou's awaiting tongue. Plenty of the cream and what added up to a half dozen or so strawberries were consumed by the hanyou before finally Kouga was empty and every last little detail of his anus clean and utterly bathed by Inuyasha's tongue.

Lingering, Kouga said nothing but merely enjoyed as Inuyasha kept licking, thrusting his tongue in deeper in search of more cream. Or really, just in want to tongue every inch of Kouga he could, though it was not exactly something Inuyasha realized as his tired appendage continued its search. After a few extra minutes though Kouga lifted off, swearing that the talented dog tongue tried to follow.

"That's my good puppy; you just love licking Master's hole."

"So long as you keep it full of cream and fresh fruit I guess."

"Hmm, you were burying your tongue in there long after you'd gotten the last drop of cream. I think you just like the taste of your alpha."

"Flatter yourself some more wolf." Inuyasha spoke sarcastically though his squirming had intensified in the sleep sack.

"No need, I have a cute hanyou doing that for me. Though joking aside, unless I give you permission I don't want you eating strawberries or anything involving them anymore, not unless I feed them to you."

"Feed them as in stuff them up your ass and make me lick them out?"


Kouga retrieved the vibrator's remote and turned it up the final notch as he moved to grip his achingly hard cock, rubbing it against Inuyasha's face and smearing his precum on the hanyou. Inuyasha bucked as much as his restraints would allow at that, his dick in utter agony in its confines.

"Kouga, please let my dick out."

"Oh Inuyasha, I love you pup but the answer is no. I know you want out, bad, but you've got a ways to go. You'll come to live with it, and I'll help you every step of the way. But one thing I will not do is unlock that belt prematurely."

"Fuck me." Inuyasha knocked his head back against the comfortable bed, but relented in his struggle somewhat. Kouga leaned in and kissed the hanyou, consoling the pup and knowing first-hand what Inuyasha was currently feeling.

"Now, I'll let you choose pet. If you want to stay in that sack, with the vibrator, I'll go down to the kitchen and see what other things we can get you to lick out of my ass. Or, if you want to face the dungeon again I'll untie you and take you down there for some more basic training and rules."

"The basement, please. Just take this fucking vibrator out!"

"Alright, training it is. Though the vibrator isn't coming out till we're down there."

And the glare Inuyasha sent his way could have melted lesser men.