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Kurosawa Amata, 3rd seat of Division 1 looked over the file in front of him. The file belonged to one Hanataro Yamada that had been recently promoted to sixth seat in the 4th division due to the previous 6th seat retiring.

There were the standard facts about the young Shinigami: age, rank, skills in various fields, reiatsu readings and such. It seemed the boy was a proficient healer but had little knowledge in the art of Zanjutsu or sealing and offensive kido, and his reiatsu was a little below average.

His personality profile indicated he was very well mannered and respected his superiors in addition he was very eager to help and was overall a nice person. He was however a pushover and seemed to be easily duped. This lead to many 11th division members targeting him for beating and pranks, yet despite this he was mentally stable and his body was noted to be very durable and he seemed to have a very high pain tolerance. Finally he was a klutz and seemed unable to learn anything besides healing kido, this was noted when he tried to teach himself the Shunpo technique and would end up smashing into all sorts of things and render him unconscious. He was also very timid but would get the job done when it mattered.

There was no information on the boy's Zanpakutō other than the name and release command, but Amata smiled he had witnessed firsthand what the boy's Zanpakuto could do on a few occasions. His mind flashed back to the incident that brought the boy to his attention.


He came upon Hanataro's relief group that had been assigned to be field medics for a small Gillian outbreak a couple of months after the Winter War had concluded. The group had come upon wounded members of the 1st squad who had been dispatched under his orders to deal with two particularly elusive Gillians.

The Gillians had been defeated and the relief squad was healing the three squad members he had dispatched when a third Gillian had ambushed the group and killed one of the injured first squad members and killed two of the relief squad members. Then the Gillian proceeded to attack the group and throw them all into disarray. Within a matter of seconds, the entirety of the group had been severely wounded and only Hanataro and an injured 1st squad member were left standing. The first squad member distracted the Gillian and told Hanataro to run.

Amata had not expected this to happen and had his sword drawn ready to fight the beast when he saw Hanataro wipe the fear from his face and draw his Zanpakuto. The blade was odd because it had what looked like an empty gauge on it. He honestly believed that the boy had a death wish. Amata had heard about Hanataro, there weren't many Shinigami that hadn't heard about the boy's reputation.

He watched Hanataro run to one of his injured squad members and stab him in the shoulder. "The boy has lost his mind." Amata had thought when he noticed the wounds on the fallen Shinigami begin to heal and the gauge had begun to fill up. It took mere seconds for the fallen Shinigami's wounds to heal completely and Amata had heard a soft groan emanate from the fallen man. Hanataro moved among the wounded and proceeded to stab each one of them, and each one from Amata's perspective healed completely, even the ones who were suffering from fatal wounds. He also noticed that the gauge had filled completely after Yamada had healed the second victim. After that the red light just grew brighter and brighter. Yamada looked like he was struggling to even hold his Zanpakuto, after the boy had finished healing the victims, he turned and faced the Gillian who had beaten the 1st squad member senseless and had thrown him aside. The Gillian now advanced on the boy who was no longer afraid or trembling as he had been earlier and the beast smiled "I smell delicious Reiatsu coming from you boy. Now hold still so I can eat you." It had said in a murderous glee.

Hanataro scowled "You hurt them for no reason and now you will pay." Hanataro had responded in a threatening tone. This shocked Amata, according to what he had heard about the boy he was timid, cowardly, and easy to scare or intimidate. "Well push someone far enough and they'll push back." He remembered thinking.

Hanataro didn't budge as the Hollow approached him "You feel weak child yet your reiatsu smells delicious. You can't beat me with your puny power." The hollow taunted.

Hanataro merely smiled "I don't care you harmed my squad mates and that is something I cannot condone or forgive as a healer. Now die."

With difficulty placed his Zanpakuto in front of his body, placed his right hand on the back of the blade right above the hilt, and closed his eyes "Mitase, Hisagomaru." Hantaro intoned.

Amata covered his eyes as the area was bathed in a crimson light, when the light died down Amata saw that Hanataro held a scalpel in his right hand. "What could such a small thing do?" Amata had wondered silently.

"Ha, such a small thing can't hurt me boy. It couldn't hurt a fly. Such a worthless blade reflects the owner. No one will miss you when you're dead. Take comfort in the fact that I'll probably be doing this place a favor by eating you." The Gillian laughed as it made its move and lunged at the young Shinigami with its claws outstretched ready to gore him.

Hanataro simply stood there and Amata felt the world slow down as he watched the Gillian about to kill the boy. That was when Hanataro brought his hand up to his left shoulder and whispered something, and Amata watched as Hanataro's spirit energy covered him in a light red aura. Then the force of Hanataro's reiatsu manifested.

Amata felt like he was going to suffocate from the pressure that the boy was giving off. He felt agonizing pain in his arm, as if the bone was going to break. "What the hell, this power is equal to that of a captain's he shouldn't have this much power, no one should. Where is it coming from?" he questioned as he looked at the boy in astonishment.

In other parts of Soul Society, all of the captains and lieutenants felt the Reiatsu as it washed over Seireitei and immediately became suspicious of the unknown power and whether or not it was a threat.

In the 4th squad barracks Captain Unohana and Lieutenant Isane stopped what they were doing as the power washed over them. They looked at each other and Isane voiced what they were both thinking, "This is Hanataro's Reiatsu Captain, but the power he's emanating is Captain level Hanataro is nowhere near that powerful. What's going on?"

"I don't know Isane we'll address the issue when the time is right, but for now focus on healing the wounded and do not speak of this to anyone." Unohana commanded.

"Yes Captain" Isane replied as she returned to tending the injured but she was still worried about Hanataro "What could be Doing this?" she thought to herself. She then shook off the thought because there was nothing she could do right now.

A few seconds earlier with Hanataro

He brought Hisagomaru up to his left shoulder and whispered the command "Akiero Hisagomaru."

Hanataro instantly felt the pressure of his Reiatsu bearing down on him, but it didn't bother him that his power was crushing his body. He blocked out the pain, and slashed downward in a diagonal sweep. He felt the stored up energy leave his body as it took the form of a crimson light that became what looked like a wide area energy beam.

Amata watched in pure astonishment as the blast consumed the Gillian completely and proceeded to disintegrate the beast instantly, before continuing into the forest and destroying everything in its path.

When the blast faded Amata saw that the beam had carved a half circle trench into the ground about 10 feet deep. The blast line itself extended at least 400 meters. Amata turned to look at Hanataro who had wasted no time and had stumbled over to the downed 1st squad member and started to heal him. Amata watched as Hanataro struggled to heal his patient with a determined look on his face.

This went on for about ten minutes until Hanataro wiped his brow to clear it of the sweat that had formed on it and looked over his patient "He'll live." Hanataro said to himself. He proceeded to get up and check on the other people he had treated before he walked to the center of the clearing and sighed in relief "Everyone will be alright." Then his eyes rolled back into his head and he welcomed the sweet darkness that overcame him.

Amata Shunpoed behind the boy and caught him before he hit the ground. Amata set him down gently and probed the boy's Reiatsu, and found that it was nearly gone. The boy would survive but would pay for his carelessness later.

Flashback end

Amata smiled to himself it had taken Hanataro a month to recover, and he had not caught the attention of anyone during the investigation into the Reiatsu spike. The investigation had been closed and Amata knew that those in the 4th squad who had felt the Reiatsu were keeping quiet about it.

"So much potential Hanataro Yamada, it's time to see what you can do with proper training.

With that, Amata closed the file and prepared for bed. As he drifted off to sleep he smiled, tomorrow he would head to the 4th squad and share his knowledge with the Captain Unohana. Amata wondered how far the healing properties of the boy's Zanpakuto extended and if the power released from the blade could be controlled. If so, the boy had a prominent future ahead of him. If not he would work with the young Shinigami to help him realize his full potential.

"Tommorrow will be interesting that's for sure he whispered to himself as sleep took over his mind.


Author's note: Hoped you liked the story. I've always loved Hanataro and the potential his Zanpakuto has is amazing. He will become powerful over time, but he has to overcome his shy personality first and then he has to deal with his Zanpakuto, so he won't become powerful overnight.