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Chapter 3 – Hanataro's training begins

Hanataro sat in his room with a questioning look on his face. He had been ordered by Captain Unohana to meet her in the 4th squad's training area the next morning. Now Hanataro knew he was weak, he couldn't even master a shunpo or a high level kido spell. He didn't have much reiatsu and was no good at fighting Hisagomaru was for healing and really was useless after he released its energy and then it turned into a scalpel so why did Unohana want to meet with him of all people.

Hanataro however brushed it off and sat down to prepare for his weekly Jinzen, upon entering his inner world he looked around; it hadn't changed much as he stood upon the small island. The island was not large and was devoid of life save for the dead tree that sat in the center of it, it's branches were barren and held no leaves and it's trunk was black as midnight there was no life to it. He looked out across the expanse; the island was surrounded by water the color of blood and spanned miles out in each direction.

"Still looking out there eh Hanataro?" a voice call out

Hanataro looked up and saw his spirit sitting on a branch of the withered tree "Hello Hisagomaru how are you?" he asked

"Annoyed by your presence as usual whelp, I'm not going to help you. My answer is still the same." He said offhandedly

Hisagomaru was an average sized man with no shoes on wearing a Doctor's coat; under it, he wore a ripped and torn white dress shirt with a blue tie and shredded Khakis. He looked like a 25-year-old version of Hanataro, he was taller than Hanataro and had a perfectly toned body his hair had grown down to his shoulders, and the back half was tied in a ponytail while the front half framed his face. In his left hand, he held Hisagomaru in its scalpel form, and in his right hand, he held a bleeding heart that was still beating. On his back was a giant black gourd with the Kanjis for blood, pain, and medicine. A long cord connected the two items. Hisagomaru was also covered from head to toe in blood; it was on his clothes, his face, and even the gourd. The scariest part however was the fact that it was, his own blood and not someone else's.

"Still scared are you?" Hisagomaru scoffed "Can't accept the fact that this ocean isn't bloodstained water and that its actual blood instead you're weak, sure I heal. I can heal anything you know that, but you refuse to use the power I take from it. You could be so much more if you simply stopped being a pushover and acknowledged that I have another purpose other than healing."

"I can't do that Hisagomaru I won't hurt people." Hanataro weakly responded

"No you're a fucking coward is what you are, I remember what this place used to look like and then you sullied it and destroyed it with your fear and self-doubt. Leave Hana before I decide to hurt you like last time. Don't come back until you've grown a spine you fucking coward." Hisagomaru retorted and then forced HAnataro out of his inner world

Hanataro opened his eyes and sighed, "I won't hurt anyone; I'm a healer." He said to himself as he fell asleep.

Hanataro awoke next morning at 4 AM then showered, dressed and got some breakfast from the Café. There were several other squad members there as well. They were the ones that had to start early on tasks that other squads were supposed to be taking care of but shoved on to the 4th Squad instead. He ate in silence and then proceeded to the training ground.

It was empty, he shrugged "I have an hour so I might as well stretch." He said to himself and started his yoga exercises. Half an hour passed and he was now sitting there waiting for his Captain "I see you're early 6th Seat Yamada. I like that punctuality is a good trait to have." A voice said

Hanataro jumped and looked toward the source of the voice to see a man standing about 10ft behind him "Who are you?" Hanataro asked in a shaky voice

"I'm Kurosawa Amata, 3rd Seat of the 1st Squad and I'm your new instructor as of today." He replied

"I-Instructor for wh-what?" Hanataro asked nervously

"He's here to help you improve your skills Hanataro." Unohana said as she approached the pair.

"But why me I'm not any good." Hanataro replied in a slightly cowardly voice

Amata cleared his voice, narrowed his eyes at Hanataro, and watched as the boy shied away from him "As the 3rd Seat of the 1st Squad I am in charge of finding ways to improve Soul Society for the better. I saw your stunt a couple of months ago. A sixth seat shouldn't have that much power, you sent the 13 Squads into a panic, but it's blown over. Be happy that no one else saw you or you would be in the Maggot's Nest right now." He finished

"B-B-But I would never h-h-hurt anyone besides I d-d-don't like using that power." He mumbled in response.

"Don't worry Hanataro I'm here for you." Unohana answered as she placed a comforting hand on the young healer.

"Here's the deal Hanataro I don't like what you did but you showed me the potential you have. Shinigami especially the lower ranked ones seem not to care to develop their Zanpakuto at all, which means they are a hindrance and a liability to Soul Society and the Captains don't seem to care. I'm going to change all of that starting with you. If I can turn you into a lieutenant level shinigami Yamamoto will approve my program to train others like you." He explained

Hanataro only nodded in response "I'm going to be frank with you Hanataro you are useless in almost every way save for healing and maintenance, but you follow orders and show proper respect to your superiors. You are a loyal friend and a hard worker. I am going to run you into the ground and make you hurt in places you didn't even know you had, but I won't hurt you." He said softly

"I'll be right here if you need me Hanataro. I will make sure he doesn't push you too hard but I will not interfere unless I deem it necessary. Do you understand?" Unohana asked

"Do I have to do this?" Hanataro asked in a pleading voice

"No you don't have to. You can walk away right now and continue to exist as you are right now, but are you happy with your life now. You are weak, clumsy and have no backbone. You are bullied because of that. You have an opportunity to change that. So I ask will you train with me or will you go back to living the life of a nobody." Amata asked

Hanataro looked at Amata nervously and then over to Unohana, his eyes begging her to save him "I believe you can do this Hanataro. I have faith in you." Unohana said in a comforting voice

Hanataro nodded slightly and faced Amata "I-I'll try i-i-it." He stuttered.

Amata sighed, "This isn't going to be easy." He thought to himself

"Good now first things first draw your blade I want to test your skills." Amata said as he unsheathed his sword

"Ah but I'm no good with a sword." Hanataro replied as he backed away from Amata

"You'll never become strong if you can't hold your own." Amata said in a cold voice

"There is no need for such attitude Amata." Unohana smiled Amata did not tense but he felt a slight shiver run down his spine

"Hanataro Amata is right despite his unsavory attitude. You are a healer and a pacifist, but sometimes healers must defend their patients. By refusing to fight, you can't defend your patients and you know that a healer is responsible for their patients. Now draw your sword Hanataro all he wants to do is test you." Unohana stated.

Amata watched as Hanataro let his captain's words sink in. He saw a slight change in Hanataro's eyes and the boy slowly drew his blade "I'm ready." He stated nervously

Amata nodded and signaled for Unohana to raise a barrier "You're training begins now Hanataro." Amata said as he rushed forward.

The clanging noise created by the two blades cut through the early morning like a bell for all to hear. This marked the beginning: The first meeting of student and teacher, The beginning of a friendship, The first step of an insane plan thought up by a slightly insane man.

Most importantly though this was the beginning of Hanataro's Evolution and how his simple actions changed Soul Society forever.

Chapter End

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