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Glass shattered everywhere as a priceless vase came crashing onto the gold and white carpet. Water spread through the material, darkening it like liquid shadow. The deep red roses it contained lay limply on the floor, their heads bowed as if lamenting the actions that caused their demise.

A boy slammed into the now empty side table, tumbling to the ground amidst the shards of shattered glass. The imprint of his father's hand still burned on his left cheek.

"You're hopeless," his father growled, glaring down coldly at his youngest son. "You're pathetic. I don't know why I even let you live."

Then kill me, Kyouya thought, clutching at his bruised shoulder. Kill me now, and save us all a lot of trouble. If you don't want me, then kill me. Kill me. Blame it on whoever you want, but please...just kill me now.

(If only he had the courage to say those words out loud.)

(The words hurt so much more than any of the blows...)

It seemed like an eternity before his father let him stand, leaving him broken and defeated among glass and ruined flowers. Kyouya pulled himself together and ran from the room, ignoring the concerned glances of the household staff, running as if he never wanted to stop running. (No matter how far he ran, or where he hid, eventually he would run out of space to run.)

Kyouya felt trapped. (Trapped in his house. Trapped in this body. Trapped in this world.)

He locked himself in his bedroom, curled up under the covers, and fell asleep.

Pretending he wasn't crying.


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