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Harry grit his teeth and tried to get up but Voldemort's Cruciatus curse proved to be too strong and with a painful scream Harry collapsed back onto the ground. Through the intense bouts of pain Harry remembered how the night went to hell in a basket and the disastrous start to the end of the evening.

As soon as the four Triwizard champions reappeared wherever they were supposed to go via the Triwizard Cup a.k.a a fast acting Portkey, they were under attack. A streak of green light missed Cedric's head by mere inches and the four of them dropped to the ground at Harry's command.

Hiding behind a tombstone Harry had realised they were in a graveyard and he called out to the other three champions. Everyone was all right but the curses smashing into the tombstones spoke of death at any moment and foolishly Krum started firing back. Harry saw the Durmstrang champion take down a mangled lump but as Krum went to fire another spell, a mouse looking man Harry recognised to be Peter Pettigrew killed him with the Killing Curse.

"Krum no!"

Harry charged out but was knocked back by a chilling laugh and wandless bout of magic. He stood up and the small, mangled lump crawled over to the corpse of Krum and for lack of a better word, 'ate' Krum's corpse. Right before Harry's eyes Krum's skin paled and Harry's eyes widened when Krum opened his eyes and they were a frightening shade of red Harry had only seen on one other person.

"Harry Potter..."

That chilled rasp of a voice that haunted Harry at night coming from Krum's mouth made a cold sweat break out over Harry's skin and he slashed upwards with is wand in instinctive fear. Voldemort-Krum screamed in pain and shoved Harry back with a wave of his hand while clutching his face. Harry rolled over and scrambled to his knees. When he looked up a gash split Voldemort-Krum's face from the lower right side of his mouth up to his left eyebrow and already Harry could tell that Voldemort's new body lost the use of its left eye.

"Very good Harry, you may actually have some fight in you anyways but it still doesn't matter. Wormtail, give me my wand!"

When his wish was not immediately followed Voldemort called out again and again his request was never completed. At the same time Harry and Voldemort turned to look over to where Pettigrew was and they saw him lying down on the ground.

"Oh what a pity. No matter, I will take my wand from his corpse as it would appear that this Viktor Krum killed my useless faithful servant."

Despite his mind telling him to stop Voldemort from getting his wand, Harry's body would not move out of fear and it wasn't until the first bout of Voldemort's Cruciatus curse did Harry finally move as he fell to the ground in agony.

"Yes, that's it Harry Potter. Suffer a sliver of the pain I have for all of these years and know that I am going to kill you. But first we need an audience."

When Voldemort let up with his torture, Harry lifted his head and saw Voldemort press a finger to Pettigrew's left forearm. A deep sense of foreboding let Harry know just exactly what Voldemort was doing and when distinctive pops were heard all over the graveyard he knew it was over.

Now under the effects of the Cruciatus curse once again in front of Voldemort's surviving Death Eaters, Harry desperately tried to come up with a plan. Voldemort wasn't giving him a break however it would seem and it wasn't until he heard four distinctive thumps of bodies hitting the ground did Harry's agony stop.

"Oh so you brought friends Harry Potter? So be it, the bigger the audience the more humiliated you will feel."

Voldemort cast a wide variety of spells along with his Death Eater's and Cedric and Fleur were forced to show themselves as they had to shield. It wasn't long after until they were brought before Voldemort and forced to kneel off to the side of the self-styled Dark Lord.

"Ah yes, the other two champions as it were. Coming to save Harry Potter are we? I can't have that and after you watch me kill him I will kill you both. But not you my dear, not yet as this new host body has needs, base needs as it were and you will do just fine in satisfying them."

Harry saw Fleur curse in French and spit at Voldemort but he could see the fear in her eyes as well. Voldemort laughed, prompting his followers to do the same but Harry felt himself being levitated to his feet and his own wand was thrown back to him.

"I imagine Harry Potter, that the Old Fool, Albus Dumbledore would have taught you how to duel? Yes?"

"He has."

"Good. Then we shall duel and end this ridiculous farce of the boy-who-lived once and for all because you shall not escape me again Harry Potter. Bow."

Harry stood straight, refusing to give this madman the satisfaction but at a wave of his wand and spoken word, Harry felt himself bow under Voldemort's magic.

Half an hour later Harry sprinted as fast as he could through the graveyard clutching Pettigrew's corpse to him and throwing spells over his shoulder. Cedric and Fleur ran beside him, they too throwing spells over their shoulders and Harry summoned the Triwizard cup. The three of them were whisked away and the last thing Harry saw was Voldemort's red eyes bearing down on him.

"Harry! Harry! Snap out of it mate!"

Cedric shaking his shoulders snapped Harry out his living nightmare, or at least enough to allow him to move and with a shaky nod the three remaining Triwizard champions walked out of the maze to a roar of noise. Soon however that noise died down as the crowd got a good look at their expressions and battered bodies. Dumbledore along with Madame Maxine hurried on down along with Luna, Katie Bell, Hermione and Susan Bones.

"What is it Harry? What happened my boy?"

"He's back sir. Voldemort he's back and he-"

And for the first time that night Harry fell unconscious as a curse hit him square in the back.

Even though he wouldn't hear about it until later, the events after Harry was cursed were pieced together in his mind as he recuperated and this was the best he could come up with.

His Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, Alastor Moody, or an apparent fake of the man, cursed him and this was because the fake Alastor was in fact the late Barty Crouch's son, Barty Crouch Jr. and this man was an Death Eater agent of Voldemort's. The only reason that Harry lived was because Dumbledore was there and cast the counter-curse. That stabilized Harry enough for him not to die right away but it was apparently touch and go under Poppy's care.

Even better, when Harry was hit, his magic went haywire and apparently he broadcasted the events of the evening from the start of the third task to right before he was cursed. This was a result of Dumbledore trying to get inside his mind and the spell he used for an intended private viewing was thrown out the proverbial window because of Harry's haywire magic. Harry was told that the entire stadium fell as silent as a tomb as everyone watched this and inadvertently, by broadcasting this Harry made serious headway in preparations for what would later become the start of Voldemort's Second War.

As soon as Harry's magic was under control he, along with Cedric and Fleur were rushed to the hospital. Harry was placed in his usual bed and the only person allowed past his privacy curtains was Poppy herself as she began her latest effort to save Harry's life. It was touch and go for several hours but Poppy was the best med-witch in England and Harry proved to be resilient enough to respond to her efforts. Finally, at three in the morning, two days and nights after he was cursed, Harry Potter was declared stable and on the road towards recovery.

Given the recent events, Harry's head hurt as he ran over the events of his fourth year over and over again in his mind and he came to the conclusion that if it hadn't been for Luna Lovegood than he would have gone completely around the bend. Even now, she sat by his bedside, staring at him while holding his hand and let him think. She had been the first person besides Poppy that Harry had seen and she had been a constant presence by his bedside when she could be there. Harry had been thankful and she had been the one to share the aforementioned events with him as soon as he woke up. She had also shown him and the two young magicals spent a lot of time visiting memories with Luna's pensive gift while holding hands.

"You have visitors Harry. Are you up to seeing them?"

Luna's quiet question broke Harry's thoughts and he frowned as he thought about it. He had refused to see anyone until he felt like he was under control and besides Luna, Poppy and Dumbledore (who got the information he felt he needed from Harry and then left while promising to keep the media at bay) no one else had seen him in the past couple days.

"I guess but not for long. I want to think."

"Okay Harry. Okay."

Luna left and a few moments later she returned to her seat with Hermione, Katie Bell and Susan Bones in tow. The three witches fussed over him initially but soon the five of them fell into a somewhat easy conversation. Their brief moments of light amusement and peace were shattered though with Harry's next visitor.

"Minister I am telling you that Mr. Potter is not well enough for such an intense conversation and discussion! I must insist that you wait a few more days!"

"Nonsense Poppy, these rumours and half-truths must be dispelled before they can really catch fire. We're just lucky that Skeeter hasn't caught wind of all this yet but she has been mysteriously absent from the Prophet for some time now. No matter."

Harry's privacy curtains were ripped aside and in strode Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge along with Aurors Kingsley Shacklebolt and Tonks. The Minister ripped his bowler hat off his head and dropped a heavy money pouch on the table at the foot of Harry's bed.

"Potter, I understand that you have been through a lot in the past ninety-six hours but I must get to the bottom of all these rumours and half-truths you and Dumbledore are spouting. Well not just you two because I saw whatever it was that your magic showed us out on the pitch but I must insist we go for a walk so we can hash things out."

"I agree Minister but unfortunately I'm chained to my bedside as you see and I wouldn't put it past Healer Poppy to literally chain me to my bed if I get up without her express approval."

"Quite right you are Mr. Potter. I must insist Minister that if you are dead set on having this talk that you do so with a third party to help Mr. Potter move."

Fudge nodded and waved his hand to Shacklebolt and Tonks. Harry agreed with a nod and everyone left as Poppy helped Harry change over into his school uniform. She gave him a cane and even though Harry laughed she insisted he use it. Everyone else laughed as well when they saw Harry hobble out but Fudge didn't let Harry stay for long. With one last kiss on his cheek from Luna, Harry walked out with Fudge and they headed towards the ground floor to walk out onto the grounds with Tonks holding Harry's other arm to support him.

"So we're agreed then Potter? What we just talked about will go in the Prophet and despite my better judgment we'll round up the Ministry's Defense Force in preparation for when this lunatic strikes again."

"I agree Minister and we both know deep down that we're doing the right things. England cannot be caught flat footed again like it was the last time Voldemort tried to sweep up into the Ministry."

Harry and Fudge had walked out on the grounds for over an hour and finished finalizing plans for the defense of magical England as they walked beside the lake. It took some convincing but even Fudge could not deny the powerful impact and naked truth in the memories Harry's magic had shared two nights ago out on the Quidditch pitch. That was the key, along with Dumbledore's and the general populace of Hogwart's opinions and pressure into getting Fudge to start thinking about the impossible. Defending magical England from Voldemort when the madman decided to strike again.

The two of them dubbed this gigantic, monumental effort the 'Ministry's Defence Force' and it came in three parts. The first was to round up the big whigs and decide on a core group of people to spearhead leading this new force. Fudge would be at the top as Minister of Magic, Dumbledore and Amelia Bones (Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement) would be right up there with him and Percy Weasley would fill the new position of Undersecretary. These powerful and influential leaders would design plans to shore up and bolster the Ministry's defenses first and then work outwards in ever increasing circles. Dumbledore's Order of the Phoenix was officially organised and authorized as a separate group under the DMLE and Dumbledore had left to get that ready.

"Do not fear Harry. There are those that will fight for the Light with everything they have and there's more to our side than you think."

The second part of the of the Ministry's Defence Force plans was to reorganize and bolster the Aurors and Unspeakable Departments. Harry had no idea how this would all work but Fudge assured Harry that Amelia Bones would do this and she was bloody good at her job. Harry had to agree as he pictured an older looking Susan and he had to grin at that image.

The third and final part to the Ministry's Defence Forces plan was the most tricky and controversial as it involved gathering public support from all across magical England through the use of the Daily Prophet. Fudge said that the newspaper was run through charities and powerful people with lots of money. This is where Dumbledore had said before he left, for Fudge to gather up all the old, noble and ancient Houses and haggle for their support. Owls were dispatched but already Harry knew that his parent's house of House Potter would support them and Sirius said House Black would support the cause (As soon as his trial and eventual pardoning would go through. Amelia Bones was working on this one too.) and Cedric's father, Amos Diggory, said House Diggory would help as well. The other Houses of Longbottom and Bones were in the process of being contacted but Dumbledore was confident they would support the motion as well and that left House Malfoy, Greengrass and a few others.

"That's easier said than done my boy as I'm sure you'll grow to understand in the very near future. Blimey, what a time to be the bloody Minister."

"You appear to be doing a good job sir and I'll support you with the backing of my House as you've been a good friend to me. And I imagine that after Sirius is clear of all charges and accusations that he'll support you as well. People flock to those in power doing the right thing and you're about to do major good sir."

"Thank you Potter but I'm afraid that my time is short and you're about to collapse. Let's get you back to your hospital bed and then we'll see what goes on from there. On a lighter note, your fellow champions, Mr. Diggory and Ms. Declaour have stated that you are the winner of the tournament and that bag on your table is your winnings."

Harry sighed as he knew this would happen and although he disagreed he would keep his mouth shut. He made a note to talk to Cedric and Fleur as soon as he was released from the hospital and he hurried as fast as he could when the students started staring and whispering.

The whispering didn't stop when Harry was released from the hospital and he did his best to ignore all of it as he realised it could be worse. He could have not inadvertently shown everyone what happened which would have meant the whispers would have been more dark speculation and more focused on how much of a liar he was. Yes, Harry preferred the rumours and speculation of how could he have survived so long and students' wondering if that's what Voldemort really looked like.

"Harry, the Durmstrang students' would like to talk with you at their ship out on the grounds. I am here to escort you to them."

Harry looked up at Dumbledore and stared for a while into the man's electric blue eyes. Such wisdom and power shone behind them but right now Harry didn't feel like having the difficult conversations with the Durmstrang students'. Still, he knew he owed it to them and with a weary nod he acquiesced.

"For the most part they don't blame you Harry. You need to understand that before you speak with them."

"Yes sir."

Harry nodded as he numbly walked out of the castle and down the path that led to the lake where the Durmstrang ship was. He could walk a lot faster this time around and the warm weather felt good on his clammy skin.

"They're irrationally angry because their champion died and has no part in the glory of winning the Triwizard tournament but that grievance is softened by the fact that Krum killed Pettigrew before Riddle had his way with his corpse. Viktor Krum, by Durmstrang standards, died an honorable death and will be the first martyr and victim in this coming war."

"That's a weird way of looking at his situation but I wouldn't know as I don't go to Durmstrang."

Harry and Dumbledore didn't speak anymore as they approached the Durmstrang ship and the ramp was lowered for them to walk aboard. The remaining students' assembled on the deck and Harry apoligised for his part in Krum's death. They accepted and wished him well as they would return home later tonight while everyone slept. The oldest of students' promised to share what happened and made short speeches of support. Harry nodded and left their ship with a final wave.

"That was very well said Harry. I am impressed."

"It wasn't meant to sir. Excuse me."

Harry broke away from Dumbledore as he saw Luna sitting underneath a tree beside the lake and he walked over to her. She smiled up at him and Harry laid down so his head was in her lap. She ran her fingers through his hair and hummed a quiet tune. Harry was grateful as his girlfriend didn't pressure him to speak and they could sit in silence without it being awkward or tense.

Harry's goodbye to Fleur was a lot warmer and happier than his goodbye with the Durmstrang students'. She pulled him aside privately and they talked about the night they made love.

"Now you have the tools to make your Luna's special night perfect. I don't want to get an owl saying how you managed to mess it up."

"Geesh no pressure Fleur."

The French beauty laughed and Harry awkwardly scuffed his trainer into the dirt. Fleur took pity on him and kissed his cheek as she got into the giant carriage.

"I will talk with my father Harry and we will do our best to let the everyone in France know that the Dark Lord is back."

"What about Cedric?"

"What about him? Before we even started seeing each other we knew it was only for the term. We have parted ways amicably and will continue to write one another."

Harry grinned and shook his head with a whispered comment of 'witches'. Fleur grinned and shut the door to the carriage. Harry turned around and walked over to Luna who was waiting for him.

"It's good to see you smile again Harry. You do that so infrequently now a days."

"I constantly smile when you're around oh girlfriend of mine. You give me reason to be happy."

Luna gently slapped him with a comment of not to be such a sap and they walked away hand in hand. The castle seemed brighter to Harry for the first time since he woke up from his cursed sleep and he grinned as he shook his head. What a strange end of term this was turning out to be.

That night after supper was cleared Dumbledore stood up and motioned for the Great Hall to quiet down. The air around the students' turned somber and like all good speaker's Dumbledore held the hall in suspense for a few more moments before speaking.

"Another successful term come and gone and what a term it was. However, even with Hogwart's recent victory in the Triwizard tournament, the sense of victory is bogged down by the knowledge that the Dark Lord Voldemort has half successfully returned.

The student body tittered at Voldemort's name and the half successful remark. Harry knew what Dumbledore meant as they had already discussed it and he looked over to Luna. She smiled at him and then looked back up at Dumbledore.

"There is a reason to be afraid but know that this institution and the Ministry are working hard to make you feel as safe as you can be. If we stand united we cannot fail and no darkness will be able to snuff out the light."

Harry tuned Dumbledore out at this point and instead daydreamed of what he would do this summer with Sirius. Only when Hermione nudged him did Harry stand up and raise his goblet with the rest of the Great Hall in Viktor Krum's memory. After that the students' were dismissed and Harry walked out of the Great Hall with his hands in his pockets.

"Think you're a big man do you Potter?"

"Malfoy. Why do you always appear like a stain on a mattress whenever I've traded blows with your father's master?"

"Watch your tone when you speak about your betters Potter!"

Harry didn't turn around as he spoke to Malfoy and he kept his hands in his pockets with his right gripping his wand. Even though the imposter Moody had jinxed him, Harry knew that the memory and humiliation of bouncing around like a ferret was still fresh in Malfoy's mind.

"The only thing better about Voldemort than me is the fact that he has experience and the Dark Arts over me. That's all."

"He will squash you Potter. Just you wait."

Harry walked away and nodded his head away from Draco when he saw Luna, Katie Bell, Hermione, Susan Bones, Neville and the Weasley Twins waiting for him a few feet away with their wands at their sides.

"No need for that everyone as Malfoy is harmless. Come, we have better things to do."

The train ride home from Hogwarts was light, humorous and filled with good company. Everyone from Harry's close group of friends plus Daphne Greengrass and Tracey Davis sat in one compartment and played a lively game of Exploding Snaps. Angela Johnson and Alicia Spinnet were there as well but they were busy flirting with George to notice. Ginny and Ron skulked in separate corners of the compartment but no one paid them any mind.

"Luna how come with every exploding hand that you get, you move closer to Harry? You're practically in his lap!"

Luna smiled coyly at Katie Bell's comment and with her next exploding hand did sit down in Harry's lap. Catcalls, cheering and whistles were heard all around and despite the blush on his face Harry kept playing by reaching his hands around Luna's waist.

"And this is why I chaperone the two of you all the damn time!"

Everyone laughed at Katie's comment and Harry subtly kept Luna locked into her position of sitting on his lap by gently squeezing her sides with his elbows. She responded in kind by sinking lower into his lap and the happy couple soon passed over on the card game in favour of just watching.

"Greengrass, Davis, what are you two doing sitting with such company below yourselves? Come back to your House compartment with your equals."

And just like in his usual slimy style Malfoy managed to disrupt the good mood and Harry looked over to the compartments door to see him standing there flanked as usual by Crabbe and Goyle.

"No thank you Malfoy. We're having a pleasant time in here and we see no reason to leave."

Harry's wand was raised in an instant when he saw Malfoy reach inside his robes and everyone's eyes were on him. Harry knew he had drawn faster than most thought he could but dueling all term with Cedric had made him more accomplished than most of his fellow fourth…soon to be fifth years and he wasn't taking any chances.

"I would like you to leave Malfoy as you are disturbing a fun train ride. Leave and I won't hex you into oblivion."

"Will you now Potter? Think you're the big man on campus just because you bluffed your way through a silly tournament?"

Cries of outrage and disbelief were heard throughout the cabin but Harry quieted them all down with a wave of his free hand. He whispered for Luna to get up and stood up not two paces from Malfoy.

"You have your three and with Neville and Hermione backing me up I have my three. You want to throw down I say let's do it right here, right now."

Silence fell over the compartment as everyone's gaze shifted from Harry to Malfoy and his usual sneer twisted his face. He took his hand out of his robes and smoothed back his hair.

"I'm not that stupid Potter. You have me outnumbered by volume and even though I could beat you I can't believe that your fellow losers will honour the agreement not to jump to your defence as for some foolish reason they always do."

With that Malfoy turned on his heel and walked out of the compartment but not before Fred and George jinxed him. Fred jinxed Malfoy's hair to a brilliant shade of periwinkle blue and his twin jinxed the words 'I'm A Smelly Git' on the back of his robes. As soon as the door closed the compartment burst into laughter and Harry stowed his wand back inside of his robes.

"Merlin's beard Harry I've never seen anyone draw that fast before. You gotta teach me the secret."

"Get your arse handed to you day after day by Cedric Diggory and you'll learn quick enough George."

Harry grinned and went to sit back down when Luna stood up and took his hand. She smiled and with a tilt of her head indicated they should walk outside.

"Come on Harry, let's go find out when the food trolley's going to come through as I'm hungry."

Harry nodded and opened the compartment's door. Katie Bell stood up and said that she would go with them because she didn't believe Malfoy wouldn't try something.

"No need Katie, I've got my wand inside my sleeve and Luan's great with the full body hex so he'll never know what hit him if he tries anything."

"And just how do you know that Luna's good with that particular hex Harry?"

Harry mumbled something and quickly dragged his girlfriend out of the compartment to whistles and jeers. Luna giggled and waved before following after Harry. The two of them walked a few compartments down and Luna stopped Harry in the space between compartments.

"What's wrong Luna?"

"Nothing that I don't plan on solving."

Faster than Harry's brain could compute Luna stood up on tiptoe and pressed her lips to his in a gentle, chaste kiss. The contact surprised Harry and he recoiled, eyes wide but Luna didn't seem perturbed in the slightest. Instead, she looked thoughtful and Harry looked down at her in surprise.

"What was that?"

"It's called a kiss Harry."

"I know that but why did you kiss me?"

"It's a common way a girlfriend shows their boyfriend that they care."

Harry was the one to lean down this time and he pressed his lips to Luna's for a light but longer kiss. On their own accord Harry's arms sought out Luna's hips and pulled her closer. A moment later they broke apart and Harry grinned.

"I think I could get used to this."

"I knew it! I knew the two of you were going out!"

With a groan Harry turned to his left and saw Katie Bell standing in the compartment door behind them with a wide grin that stretched across her face.

"You two have been gone for quite some time and now I see why. Oh I can't wait to go tell everyone!"

Harry followed after Katie, trying to talk her out of it but she wouldn't hear of it and shoved Harry through the door back into their compartment ahead of her. Harry heard Luna giggle but he couldn't say anything as all eyes were on him again.

"Who put down the train ride at the end of term for Harry and Luna to be going out?"


"No way!"

"That would be me!"

Hermione stood up and walked over to George with her hand held out. George looked to Fred who reached into his robes for a little brown leather book. He opened it up and looked at a specific page. He must have been satisfied as he nodded to George and they reached into their trunk for the winnings. Hermione grinned as a rather heavy looking money pouch was dropped into her hands.

"So what, you caught the two of them snogging or something?"

"Yup, three compartments down. It was so sweet!"

The train arriving at Platform 9 ¾ saved Harry from too much ribbings and he opened the door of the compartment to make an hasty exit when he saw Malfoy striding towards him with his wand drawn. Instinctively Harry blocked further access into the compartment with his body and drew his own wand in time to shield from Malfoy's first spell.

"I'll get you for what you did Potter! My father will hear of this and I will make your summer difficult!"

"I have no idea what you are talking about Malfoy. I didn't do anything."

With a flick, twist and jab of his wand Harry disarmed Malfoy and hurled him backwards with a Banishing Hex. Malfoy landed with a thud and Harry tossed the other boy's wand into a side compartment before stepping off the train and onto the platform.

"You all right Harry?"

"I'm fine Fred. Besides, I should have known Malfoy was going to try something."

All thoughts of the blonde ponce left Harry's mind though as he walked hand-in-hand with Luna further out onto the platform and began saying goodbye to all of his friends. Daphne Greengrass and Tracey Davis were the first to leave, followed by the Gryffindor Chasers and Neville. Hermione walked over with Harry, Luna and the Weasley's to where Mr. Weasley was having an animated discussion with Mr. Granger and Mr. Lovegood stood off to the side a little.

"Mr. Potter a word if you would please."

Harry turned away from where Luna was leading him over to her dad and saw a man he had only seen on the back of a Chocolate Frogs card. In the real flesh Nicholas Flamel looked like a real life incarnation of the fabled Merlin with is grizzled face and unlike Dumbledore's twinkling, bright blue eyes, Nicholas had clear eyes. People on the platform moved around him, like they weren't aware that a man stood in front of them but they had to move around something.

"Yes Harry, I am speaking to you and yes not many people can see me. Your lass can see me as well as her father but not anyone else. As you know, my name is Nicholas Flamel and I have a proposition for you."

"That's good sir but I'm confused. I have to meet my relatives and they get impatient if I'm more than ten minutes late."

"What if I told you Harry that you don't have to go live with your relatives anymore and that your parents home of Godric's Hollow can be where you stay when you finish your school terms?"

At this remark Harry paused and took half a step towards Nicholas. The man smiled and waved his hand. A large black dog bounded up and almost tackled Harry to the ground when it leaped up and placed its front paws up on Harry's chest.

"Snuffles! How are you? Man I have so much to tell you and…Professor Lupin?"

"Hello Harry. It's good to see you again."

Harry grinned and moved forward to greet the last living good friends that knew his parents. Lupin shook his head and held up his hand to stop Harry.

"No Harry. Now is not the time for us to catch up as I'm here for a specific task. You need to go with Nicholas Flamel and hear what he has to say. Really listen to him okay?"

Harry nodded, saddened that he wouldn't get to talk with his favourite professor but the black dog nuzzled his nose into Harry's hand and whined. Harry sighed and turned to Luna. She smiled sadly as well and a fair bit of silver had crept into her normally clear eyes.

"Not the goodbye I was hoping for from my first boyfriend there Harry."

"I know but this is how my life has worked for as long as I can remember. I'll owl you okay Luna?"

"You better."

Harry kissed Luna's cheek and then her forehead before the black dog dragged him by the back of his robes towards Nicholas Flamel. The aged wizard waved his hand and Harry's trunk along with Hedwig's cage (with Hedwig now perched on Harry's shoulder) shrunk small enough to fit into Harry's pockets.

"Come Harry. There will be a time very soon to meet up with your friends later. For now we need to get out of here before anyone realises that the game is afoot."

Harry turned and looked over his shoulder one last time at Luna who had a tear rolling down her cheek but she waved. Harry waved before he heard Nicholas say something and they vanished in a soft glow of white light.

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