Hello everyone and long time no chat. Well, you can't really chat with me except through electronic communication mediums but that's besides the point.

I have good news for those that have placed TMCB on their story alert lists and that good news is that I am officially three chapters complete with the 'sequel'/'continuation'. This sudden new recent development is due to a PM I received from a reader and my return to obsessively reading HP fan fiction again.

The reason I am breaking this oh so fine website's (said with half-sarcasm) rules and posting an A/N is that I need help from all of you that have read TMCB. Yes, I need your help.

I am approaching the point where Harry and company are set to return to Hogwarts and if you all remember, TMCB is taking a slight veer into the semi-canon territory. More specifically, my issue is with Fudge taking a anti-Riddle stance at the end of TMCB and attempting to set up a massive coalition to stop Riddle from taking over England a second time.

In cannon, Fudge, Harry and Dumbledore are at odds and Fudge attempts to control the other two with the oh so charming Delores Umbridge. However, given the recent turn of TMCB, it would seem entirely implausible for Fudge to send Umbridge in as a control measure against Dumbledore and Harry.

What do you think should happen in the semi-cannon 5th year in regards to Umbridge? She is a major plot point in OotP and I would hate to veer completely into OC/AU territory so early in the game.

I have two ideas as to what could happen but I would prefer input from the readers because my thinking is often linear and one-dimensional. Drop a review or PM me if you have an idea.

Idea #1: Fudge breaks down under the overwhelming pressure and turns his back on Dumbledore and Harry. Although it will be a tad bit different, Fudge reacts the same way he does in cannon OotP.

Idea #2: Fudge is assassinated and a power vacuum erupts as to who will succeed Fudge as Minister of Magic. Another layer to the Riddle vs. Dumbledore vs. Harry over arching plot.