Ok this is kinda an odd one for me lol. Was reading some from Moment-4-Life and this idea kinda popped into my head. I decided to split it into 2 chapters making it my first multi YAY! lol.. Also really happy with the favs of my first one.. made my dad pplz ^_^

The empty bottle landed on the table followed by the sigh as the brunette blurringly gazed at the small pile before her. She'd been at this since 6 this morning and still the memories assaulted her;the wedding, the crash, the hospital and the funeral. Kurt hadn't even bothered to stay after she had cursed him out for the fourth time that morning. She hadn't even considered going to class today being the last thing from her mind.

"Why didn't I listen to you?" she states to herself sadly. "If I had just listened to you none of this would have happened. You'd still be here and..." she chokes back another sob reaching for another bottle. Halfway through the latest bottle a knock is heard at the door but she's too busy wallowing to notice or care.

"Dios mío!"

Rachel shifts quickly looking up at the last person she ever expected to see as her vision swims before her. She suddenly feels her stomach clench and struggles to her feet before crashing into a nearby wall trying to make the bathroom. Steadying hands grip her around the shoulders giving her enough balance to make it to the bathroom.

"Berry what have you done to yourself?... No don't try to answer like this. " She lets out a sigh and fills up a glass of water then pulls out her phone.

San: WTF?
Kurt: Can I say told you so?

Slipping her phone into her pocket rather than giving him a response she wondered what the heck she was going to do. "You feel well enough to rinse and brush? Then I suggest getting you into bed". With a nod of acceptance she helped the smaller girl stand to the sink.

"Why are you here? How did you get in?" Rachel stated with a glare at San through the mirror not trusting her.

"I'm here because one Kurt asked me too and two because you need to know. But first you need to get your brain functioning again"

She couldn't argue with that. She couldn't even make sense of the person beside her. It must just be dream and she'll wake up and everything will be back to painful normality. With help she made her way towards the bed and passed out not bothering to change clothing.

She woke up sometime later confused with vague memories of earlier. "Santana?"

Her door cracks open and the Latinos head peaks in. "Feeling bit better there Stubbles?"

She nods in agreement then pats the bed beside her. "This is all odd to me still but can you come sit? Looking up at you is hurting my eyes.".

With a snort and eye roll she came over and sat on the side of the bed. "You know she loved you" She let out a chuckle at the wide eyed expression on Rachel's face.

"Wha... What do you mean?"

"Quinn did, she was just too afraid to admit it to herself and to you. That's the reason for all her actions. She couldn't admit it to herself so she pushed you away. If you think about it a bit you could see it as well. It's why I did as well and I'm... I'm sorry... It's taken me a while to admit everything I did and I know nothing will make up for it. I think loosing her broke all of us in different ways" Before she knew what was happening Rachel had collapsed into her lap tears streaming down her face.

"I...I loved her too.." she takes a deep choking past a sob. " But you knew that somehow. All this time I've regretted not saying anything. If I had listened to her instead of hiding. She would be here alive now and it's all my fault!" She balls up her fist hitting them against the larger girls shoulders from her position in her lap. The Latino gently grabs the hands assaulting her and traps them in hers before resting her forehead against Rachel's.

" Shhh, shhh" She pulls the smaller girl against her wrapping her arms around her gently rubbing her back. " We all blame each other for what happened. B helped me understand and well Kurt wouldn't but he knew I would because I cared for her as well. Just not as much as you." She grabs her chin gently and raises it. "We need to remember what she would want for us and not beat ourselves up for the past. But use it to push for the future." Her words were met with a silent nod and a slightly forced smile. "But on to better things.. No more moping and on to the other reason I'm here. Get yourself dressed, we're going out!"

No amount of arguing would change the Latinos mind and Rachel soon found herself cleaned up and dressed heading out the door.

What kind of mischief does she have planned? Or does she?