Not Everyone Makes It To The Top… An Everest fanfic

LOVE LOVE LOVE this series! And this little guy has been playing around in my head for a while…so its time to get it down…here goes nothing! Spoilers for those who have not finished the series. I own nothing! Italics are thoughts

"I gotta take this." Bryn Fielder said to her friend Andréa while holding up her ringing cell phone. "Be back in a sec." she left her friends and answered the call, continuing to walk casually in the mall.

"Hello? ...yes, this is she…what can I do for you Mr. Cicero? …yes…SummitQuest? That thing that's trying to get some kids to climb Mt. Everest?...Me?...but I thought you had to get the letters to spell Everest from the bottle caps…your inviting me? Yes! Yes, I absolutely accept…but I'll have to talk to my parents first…can I call you back tonight? Okay…no, thank you Mr. Cicero! Goodbye."

And she hung up. "I'm going to the top of the world." She whispered to herself. I, Bryn Fielder, am going to climb the tallest mountain in the world. And I got invited to do it! Her first instinct was to scream and jump up and down.

"Bryn, look at this gorgeous shirt! And its only 20 bucks!" her other friend Jenna squealed, displaying the top.

I'm going to boot camp in Colorado so I can climb Everest. And I'm most likely going to be picked. I'm going to miss my junior year of high school. Her thoughts swirled around like a tornado. It was bittersweet, but she couldn't be more excited.

"Guys, guess what?" Jenna and Andréa looked at her. "I've been offered a place on the SummitQuest team. I'm going to the top of the world!"

Chris Alexis felt his cell phone vibrating in his pocket. He glanced up from his physics test and quickly checked the caller I.D. Eyes wideninghe leaped to his feet and walked to his teacher's desk, asking to go to the bathroom. Once outside, he took a deep breath and returned the much-expected call. Finally, after waiting nearly a week, SummitQuest had called him.

"Hello, this is Chris Alexis." He stated.

"Hello Mr. Alexis, this is Cap Cicero." I can't believe I'm talking to the best mountain climber in the world.

"Yeah, probably the best climber on the planet, right?"
"Yes, and since your one of the best teen climbers on the planet, I'd like to offer you a spot on the SummitQuest team.

"Your kidding, right?"

"No Chris, I'm not kidding. I'm inviting you to Everest Boot Camp in Colorado. You're pretty much guaranteed a spot on the team, along with Ethan Zaph and Bryn Fieldler."

"Oh wow. That's just awesome. And, yeah I'll go. You wouldn't need to ask me twice."

"Well, of course you'll have to talk it over with your parents, so I'll give you a call tonight with the details."

"That'll be great, but I gotta go." He could hear his teacher coming towards the door. "Thanks Mr. Cicero." He hung up quickly and jumped to his feet at Mr. Pryce opened the door. "Mr. Pryce, I can explain. That was Cap Cicero on the phone. I'm going to climb Everest." He pushed past his astounded teacher and gathered up his stuff. "I'll write you a paper from 29,028 feet above sea level. I'm going to the top of the world, baby!"

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And this is more of a sub main character story, POV wise.