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Bryn settled in her chair and looked out the car window. Just two days ago, she had been invited to climb Everest. The last few days had been a whirlwind of getting packed, making arrangements with her school and saying goodbye to her friends and family. Now, she had flown into Denver and was on her way to the SummitQuest compound. She was very excited, of course, but was a little nervous. She had been told that she was practically already on the team, but you couldn't climb the tallest in the mountain in the world with out some sort of conditioning. And of course she was wondering about the other teens there. Mainly, she was wondering if there would be other girls there. She didn't really know a lot of other climbers very well and there weren't a lot anyway. She was the top female alpinist under 16, so she knew names and stats but not a lot else. The SummitQuest van rounded a corner and suddenly the compound came in sight, all too soon for the nervous girl.

Chris couldn't help but be irritated. Six hours to get from New Hampshire to Denver, switching planes in Missouri, was a little stressful. It didn't help that he had his little brother to tote along everywhere. Dominic was more excited than humanely possible at the moment, and it was kind of annoying. It was hard to admit to himself that he wasn't too happy sharing the spotlight. They'd been ferried to the compound by some dumpy van and now were awkwardly waiting around outside. A dozen other kids were wandering around, collecting luggage and talking. Not that Chris knew anyone, though. A few kids glanced appraisingly at Dominic, but he was too excited to care. Chris knew Ethan Zaph pretty well, but the guy was no where to be seen. The slam of a car door brought his attention to an arriving girl, the second he'd seen. She collecting her stuff and turned around, he recognized her as Bryn Fieldler, the top female alpinist under sixteen. He'd met her briefly the year before, and she seemed to recognize him. She walked right up to him.

"Hey Chris! Good to see you again." She said, smiling. "So…do you know what we're supposed to do now?" She joked.

"Everyone seems just to be waiting around for something. I just got here, so I'm clueless." She laughed, but it was forced.

"Well, I'll just wait with you if that's okay."

"Sure, that works." He turned to Dominic. "Bryn, meet my brother Dominic." She looked him up and down, eyebrows raised. She extended her hand, "Nice to meet you." Dominic grinned.

"Bryn Fieldler, right?" she nodded and smiled.

"You never told me you had a brother, Chris. He came all the way here with you?" She talked over Dominic's head, to his obvious annoyance.

"Actually, I'm here to stay." He butted in. Her look of surprise was priceless, Chris thought. She quickly recovered, "Well, good luck…I'm going to find out what we are supposed to be doing." She waltzed off, and Chris couldn't help but stare after her.

Yes, I made bryn a little snobby and chris kind of a jerk on purpose. Don't worry, things will improve, and I'll have more characters POVs next chapter.