xXxX Slow I suffocate, I'm cold and broken, alone XxXx

Four abrupt explosions penetrated the mingled sounds of the ocean and the wind along with the groan of the vessel. A dark silhouette lunged out of the door and grasped the railing with his right hand, and his side with his other. A few seconds later and a second silhouette appeared from the door, cautiously pursuing the first, his intent a deadly one.

The man in the door way raised his left arm, gun gripped firmly in his hand. He fired, once, twice, three times. The loud crack of the gun piercing the other man's ears. His body jerked back with the impact of the bullets. The vessel's bow suddenly dipped into the on coming waves, lifting the bullet riddled body and violently tossing it into the dark waters bellow.

The cold of the water caused a shock to run through his body as he plunged downward. The water swallowed him in a single gulp. He was propelled to the surface, but only for a second and he was once again plummeting downward. Panic started in the pit of his stomach, then it began to swell and spread throughout his body with a rapid pace.

Climb! Climb upwards!

He clawed furiously at the heavy, seemingly unmovable walls of water, kicking his feet as he did. He broke surface once again, thrashing about to stay above the water, only to be sucked back under. A new type of panic took over him and he found himself feet, no yards away from the surface. Again he plunged upward, struggling to break surface once more but he was loosing air fast. His world began to turn dark.

Let it take you. It will bring you to peace, to your nirvana.

His body fell limp and he reached for that light, yearned for that peace and he had almost found it.

His chest heaved upward as if rising from the ocean once more for air, and his eyes shot open all in one liquid motion.

He groaned and, attempted to lift himself into a sitting position, but his body refused and he was forced back to the bed with a barely audible thump. Taking in a sharp breath of air he tried again, this time putting all the effort he had into sitting up. At last he had accomplished the simple but so seemingly difficult task.

When he was in a seated position he noticed he was sweating heavily, breaths coming in short gasps, mind spinning wildly, still trying to get over the nightmare. It felt so real though, everything from the water to the gun shots.

He looked to his right and found an ivy attached to his arm, he inspected it for a short moment before tearing it from his arm then, turning his body sideways he planted his feet on the ground. After taking a quick survey of the room, glancing at the beeping monitors sitting both to the right and, the left of the bed, then the walls white washed walls, he forced himself to stand up. On uneasy legs he took a few steps forward then stopped when a sharp pain ripped through his side causing him to crumble forward. He kept himself from falling by gripping onto one of the monitors for support.

As soon as his hand reached the monitor his body went rigid then, arched backward as the electricity from the monitor shot into his body, traveling in his veins and sending a familiar, odd sensation throughout his body.

Soon his body stopped convulsing and, the monitor went dead.

"What the hell? It's like I just absorbed the electricity...I..I should be dead" The boy whispered to himself, before noticing that he was now standing up right with little to no effort. He checked over himself, and his mobility seemed fine, nearly perfect. He studied his hands, turning them this way and that, nothing about him seemed odd. well besides his bandaged torso and the lack of clothes, away from the thin sweat pants.

A wave of panic washed over him as he fully absorbed the situation. The image of the monitor going dead was still very fresh in his mind. He kept going over the last few minutes, but no matter what theory he put to it, it simply did not make sense, yet somehow, something which was all too impossible happened with the monitor; it seemed to have healed him after he absorbed it's energy.

After a moment of stillness a new realization came to him.

"Where am I?" He spoke aloud as he pushed himself off the monitor and headed for the door.

I'm in some kind of infirmary I know that much... but certainly this can't be a hospital, it's entirely too quite...too small...

He took slow steps toward the door and hesitantly reached for the knob but not before glancing at the small glass window sitting a few inches above the knob. Upon seeing his reflection he stopped moving, and only stared blankly back at the face before him.

Surely this cannot be my reflection, I recognize the face staring back at me right down to the scar and discolored eye, but I do not know it.

That's when the question came to him; "Who are you?" He asked the reflection, bringing his hand to the glass and lightly brushing it up against the reflection, slowly tracing the scar that fell over the reflections eye in a jagged line. His finger stopped at the middle f his cheek, where the scar had stopped and it sipped from the glass, landing limply by his side.

"Who am I?" He asked himself, but no answer came to him. He backed away from the door and squeezed his eyes shut. Who am I? The question seemed to repeat itself inside his head, leaving its never ending echo ringing in his ears.

Inching the door open he peered out into the hallway, and when he was sure no one was there he slipped out the door. As he walked down the hallway he kept as close to the wall as possible, should someone open one of the many doors and find him sneaking about.

He didn't know why but all of this seemed so natural to him, like he had done it before, although he had no recollection of ever doing it.

Who am I?

Slowly he made his way down the short hallway, then paused when he reached its end. Looking to the left then the right, he decided the coast was clear and he turned the corner.

What is this place...some sort of school perhaps?

Where am I?

"He can't stay here, we don't know anything about the guy. For all we know he could be a mutant hater, give our position away and get us all imprisoned." A deep male voice echoed down the hallway and put a pause to the boy's walking.

"You don't know that! He needs help, and that's just what we're going to give him. Once he's stable he can leave if he wishes, but for now he's our responsibility." Another voice replied to the first. This one sounded more feminine,and held a tinge of anger.

The voices stopped when the boy lost his balance and nearly fell over, but caught himself before he hit the ground.

That's strange I was perfectly fine just a minute ago and now it feels like a heavy weight is pressing me down, along with an ever growing pain in my side, and chest..especially my chest...

"Did you hear that?" The feminine voice from before asked followed by the sound of footsteps. The boy winced as the pain got worse and he looked down at his chest. His eyes widened when they fell upon the crimson colored blood seeping through the white bandages around. He gasped in pain and clutched his wound as he pushed himself up against the wall.

It's as if the energy I absorbed was only temporary...

The boy drug himself across the wall, trying to get as far away from the voices as possible. A dark red line trailing behind him on the wall, glistening under the florescent lights. As the boy moved the trail behind him grew in length and width alike.

"Hey hey hey! What are you doing out of bed!" The feminine voice rang from behind him. His heart sped up as the footsteps closed in on him and a fear like no other took hold of him, wrapped it's grimy arms around him, sucking him into a deep abyss.

Images flashed before his eyes, but they were gone as quick as they came. He saw hands made into fists, heard yelling along with the screams and pleads of a young child. Each scene was nearly the same and they all ended in red.

The boy yelled, trying to stop the heart breaking images from coming, to stop the fear and the pain alike. He slipped from the wall but was caught before he hit the ground.

A man who was of medium height and weight alike held the other boy up. His large light blue eyes flickered from the boy to the woman standing just a few inches away. The boy in his arms groaned and tried to pry himself from his captor's arms but he was far too weak.

"Who am I?" The boy muttered the one thought plaguing his mind, in a barely audible whisper. His eyes slowly rolled to back of his head when the pain became too much and he fell limp.

"He's out" The man who had caught the boy said to the woman standing by him. His features were contorted in a mix of fear and worry. He didn't know the boy, in fact he didn't even want him here, but he didn't want his death on his conscience or on anyone else's in the group.

The group was small, and the people in it haven't known each other for too long, they were all thrust together when the war came close to an end. The after math the war left is almost worst then the war it'self. If the group hadn't of found each other, a groups of mutant haters would have gone after them one by one, ripping them to shreds.

"Get him back to the infirmary. He's opened his stitches and he'll bleed out if we don't stich em' back up." white pupils flashed toward the girl as Ayden nodded in understanding. The man fixed the larger boy in a better position where he was now draped over one of his shoulders. The woman took her spot under his other arm and they half carried half dragged the unconscious, bullet riddled body towards the infirmary. Well, the man did most of the work, seeing as the large lump which announced the woman as pregnant made her work constricted.

He watched silently as the woman re-stitched the unknown boy's wounds, her fingers working with rapid and precise movements, careful to keep her long feline nails from grazing his bruised and scared skin.

"Nat" Large, deep brown eyes broke the concentration they had on the needle and slowly found their way toward the source of the voice. The man leaned up against the wall opposite of girl, his eyes focused on the floor, strands of dark brown hair fell from his pony.

"What if... what if he doesn't make it?" He said in a whispered voice, then glanced up at the girl, taking in her jet black hair which was pulled neatly back into a braid and her seemingly angelic face.

"Don't say that! He's going to make it. His wounds are re-stitched and as long as he rests he should be fine" Natalie paused before continuing.

"What I don't understand is how he was able to even get out of bed. With those kind of wounds...he should be dead" She concluded in a whisper, glancing back at the sleeping boy on the cot, taking in his ruffled dirty blonde hair, sharp features, and the way his mouth was twisted in pain. She feared for his life, even though he is just a stranger to her, her kind and caring heart surged for the wounded boy.

Her thoughts trailed off as she took notice of a scar on the underside of his left arm. Stepping closer she realized that this was no ordinary scar, it was in the shape of a phoenix and it looked to have been burned into the boy's skin.

"Why would he do this to himself?" She whispered to herself before she took notice of the man standing behind her, confusion etched onto his face.

"Who is this guy?" Nat asked aloud.

Who am I?

The boy's word's came back to the man, echoing in his head.

"I don't know" He replied in a low voice.

I don't think he even knows...

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xXxX Silent I go under, I am not afraid XxXx

Fingers fumbled inside of an old coat pocket, grazing over a small box, and picking at its opening flap. Once the flap was open, a finger wedged between it to keep it from closing, and two others found the object they were searching for. The fingers paused for a moment still within the pocket, holding the object delicately between them, taking in its smooth paper like texture; the familiar texture that brought reassurance and a sense of comfort to the owner of the still stalling fingers.

I shouldn't do this! I promised him I would quit!

Screamed the voice inside the owners head, but his body screamed even louder in protest, and the hand slid out of the pocket, slowly, shakily making its way to the lips of the owner. With the thin papery object pinched between his lips, his hand once again plunged into the same coat pocket. Once his fingers brushed up against the cold metal object they wrapped around its body, and brought that up to his lips too.

One hand brought the lighter up to the cigarette, and touched it to its end; the other guided the lighter downward about a fingers length, making sure it was close enough to the cigarette. A small flame kissed the end of the cigarette, and brought it to life.

The hooded figure slouched against the wall, and took a long and deep drag from the cigarette. His body loosened up from act; he seemed to melt right into the wall.

Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! How could you think this will solve anything? You made a promise…

The hooded figure slid the sleeve of his right arm up, only a couple of inches above his wrist, and felt for the familiar object which always slumbered there. Slowly he ran his fingers along the tiny rounded beads of the chain, and found his way to the two rectangular objects attached.

"You don't understand how much I miss you Mirko, how much I need you." A soft voice with a touch of an Italian accent whispered to the sky.

"I've done something terrible, something I can't fix. No one can fix it." The figure sighed, and took another drag of his cigarette before speaking again. All the while, his fingers delicately traced the name etched into the small metal rectangles.

"The blood of an innocent woman stains my hands. She was such a sweet woman, she was different then the others Mirko. She loved me like her own, really loved me and she wasn't afraid of me…. She was so good to me, and I …I killed her Mirko!" The figure cried out, balling his hand into a fist, and clenched the dog tags to his chest.

"How many more will fall by my hands before I can gain control? Mirko, I can't let this happen again, I won't let this happen again!" The figure said, standing up, and reaching into his other pocket.

"That's why I've decided to join you Mirko, that way it will be impossible for me to hurt anyone else." The figure said, pulling a flask out of his pocket.

"I know I've made a promise to you all those years ago, but I'm sure you won't mind one last cigarette…one last drink?" The figure asked. Removing the cigarette from his lips, he allowed his right hand to flop to his side, the cigarette resting between two fingers. His other hand tightened itself around the flask, pausing for a moment then, slowly opened its lid.

He lifted the flask to his lips, and arched his neck as he took a deep swallow of the clear liquid. The figures face contorted from the bitter taste of the alcohol but, he savored the way it burned his throat as it made its way to the pit of his stomach. Immediately a wave of warmth washed over the figure, putting an end to his shivering from the cold.

"I will be with you soon brother." The figure whispered, pushing himself from the wall, pocketing the flask, and stamping out the cigarette. With his left arm outstretched, he drug his fingers along the wall as he walked, stepping to the side every so often to avoid running into dumpsters, and various other items you would expect to find in an alley way.

The figure walked with a steady pace, taking a drink from the flask every so often.

He had made his way out of they alley, and down the road, constantly keeping contact with the wall, as it gave him a better idea of where he was.

You can't do this! What would Mirko think eh? He'd think you were a selfish bastard, wasting your life like this!

As the figure walked the sound of passing cars pierced his ears, letting him know he was getting close to the road. He stopped for a moment and, took hold of the dog tags around his wrist once more. He unwound the chain from his wrist and held it close to his heart.

"The only thing I regret is never being able to enjoy one last sundown. It was in a book you read to me once. I can't remember its title, but there was this man who was dying and, his wife sat there with him in his bed, facing a window and they watched the sun go down together. When the sky became dark, the man took his last breath." The figure paused, and took a deep breath before continuing.

"Will you watch one last sunset for me brother?"

"For surely we will not...cannot end up in the same place. If there is an after life, they would have happily opened the gates of heaven for you. You were a good brother Mirco and a hero, I on the other hand am I murder and deserve the deepest pits of hell"

The boy walked straight into the busy street of New York, allowing the speeding cars to decide his destiny for him, his last sentence still hanging in the air.

xXxX You faceless lies, your weak dead heart, your dead black eyes XxXx

"The bloody cheater! She 'ad cards up 'er sleeves the 'ole time!" A large burly man with a cigar hanging out of his mouth yelled, holding the wrist of the girl in question and pulling the cards out of her sleeve.

"Whad ya say we teach this here gyp a lesson ey boys?" The man beside him said with a wicked smile, motioning for his "boys" to fallow. The other men at the poker table soon stood up, dropping their cards onto the table, some taking another swig of their alcohol, others grunting in frustration.

"Let me go." The girl said simply, venom lacing her words.

"Ya cheated us outta our money an now ya gonna pay!" The man laughed, his lips curling up, revealing his rotten teeth. The rank oder of his alcohol breath reaching the nostrils of the girl.

"How about if I do ya one better handsome." The girl said in a seductive tone, the lie slipping through her teeth with ease.

"Oh ya? What'ya have in mind doll face." The man replied, gripping the girl by her waist and pulling her closer. She was sure of what he had in mind, and it could be described in one single word, rape. He had it written all over his face, and if she were any other ordinary girl she would have been scared out of her mind, trying to escape. But an ordinary girl, she was not.

"It's a surprise." The girl cooed into the mans ear, pulling away from him and trailing a finger under his chin while slowly walking away from him.

A grin made its way onto the man's face as he fallowed after her, signaling his "boys" to stay back with his other hand.

The girl lead him into the alley way behind the bar, and pushed the man up against the wall. The man looked the girl up and down, taking in first, her black high heeled boots fallowed by her ripped jeans which were just low enough to give the man a peak at her thong, then up to the white strapless tube top which ended just above her belly button, the ring attatched glistened in the moonlight.

The girl leaned forward, her lips brushing up against the man's ear sending chills down his spin.

"First, tell me a secret." The girl whispered, gently rubbing her leg against the mans inner thigh, and running her fingers down his torso.

"A...anything." The man stuttered under the girl's grasp.

"Tell me, what is your greatest fear." The girl asked, biting at the man's collar bone.

"My greatest fear eh?" The man asked, groaning under the pressure of the girl's lips. A side ways smile crept onto the girls face as she looked up at him, her large hazel eyes seemed to look straight through him.

"What do I get if I tell ya?" The man replied, gripping the front of the girls jeans and pulling her closer.

"You'll never find out if you don't" The girl replied, placing her hands atop the man's and pulling them away from her, then backed away from the man slowly, leaving behind the soft touch of her fingers. She began to walk in the other direction, her hips swaying to the rhythm of her steps, hypnotizing the man stuck up against the wall.

"Why do ya wanna know my fears eh?" The man asked a little suspisious.

"You aint wanna those freak are ya?" He asked, his eyes narrowing for a second.

"Oh, no no you've got me all wrong big guy. But, look if ya wanna play it that way, I'll leave" The girl replied, the heels of her boots clicking against the ground.

"I uhh.. no no wait! I didn't mean it like that! It's just that well, with the war going on ya can neva be too careful ya know? Besides, even if ya were a freak, ya are fucking hot and.." The man trailed off when the girl turned back toward him.

"You'd want me anyway" The girl finished, slowly walking back up to the man.

"It's alright hon, it's only a question" The girl said with a light laugh, hooking her fingers in the mans belt loops and thrusting her hips forward.

"Spiders" The man whispered, a crooked smile playing at his lips.

"I don't believe a big, strong man like you would be afraid of a little spider." The girl replied, trailing her fingers along the mans jaw line, then shoving him into the wall. Regardless of her size compared to the man, he slammed into the wall with a soft thud.

"I.." The man began to say but was cut off when the girl's hand found it's way down to his crotch playfully.

"You are one nasty bastard." The girl gasped when the man grabbed the back of her jeans.

The man laughed at what the girl said, and a sly smile made its way onto the girls lips before she leaned in for the fatal kiss. As the girl pulled away from the man he took a desperate breath of air and seemed to melt into the wall.

"Wanna know my biggest secret" The girl whispered into the man's ear. The man nodded in reply, eager for more.

"I am one of those freaks, and that kiss just sealed your fate" The girl said, her lips curling into malignant smile.

The man's eyes grew wide as he realized what she said.

"I don believe ya! Lying bitch! Get back here so I can..." He tried to say but was cut off.

"Do what eh? rape me like you've done to so many others?" The girl asked, backing away from the man.

"Not anymore lard ass, your days of rape and murder are over, as well as your life" She yelled.

"What the hell, how do ya? I never killed no one! Fucking cheating bitch, you'll pay for this!" The man yelled angrily and made a move for the girl but stopped when a searing pain shot through his head.

"Uh uh uh" She tisked "I don't think you understand. You see since you told me your fear you gave me entrance into your mind, and that disgusting kiss you savored so much has given me the contact I need to warp your mind and make your life a living hell, or better yet kill you, and send you straight to the actual place" The girl said, her hazel eyes boring into the man's eyes.

"Were going to play a game of survivor, it's one of my favorites" The girl said seductively, and laughed lightly. The man tried to open his mouth but all he got out of it was another wave of pain which brought him to his knees.

"Man v.s man's biggest fear?" She taunted. The man shook his head violently in reply.

"Good bye you mother fucking bastard" The girl said, venom dripping from her every word then walked away.

When the man's whimpering cries caught her attention she turned around.

"Oh don't worry hon, we'll meet again sometime, in hell that is" And with that she walked away, leaving the man to his fate.

As she walked to the other side of the alley she wiped her mouth clean of the disgusting residue left from the sloppy kiss. As she reached the end of he alley she could hear the man screaming behind her. Satisfaction was the only thing she felt as she delved into that bastard's mind and brought his biggest fears to life.

Not long after, a gun shot could be heard along with the sickening, guttural sounds coming from the man's throat as a large red bubble formed in his mouth before it popped and his body fell limp.

xXxX All my life, all my time, I don't wanna come back around tonight XxXx

"What have I told you about talking back, boy?" He said, his fierce blue eyes burning into the very core of my being. Slowly, I inched toward the door which was only a few feet away, but it felt like an impossible distance. I wanted to bolt for the door right then and there, but I knew I'd never make it, not with him standing so close. If I tried to run, and he caught me I'd only be making things worse for myself. This is a lesson I learned a few years back and never have I tried to leave the house again, but now I'm more desperate than ever before.

The last time I had tried to escape I got one of the worst punishments of my life. That night he had left me with a scar that I'll wear for the rest of my life, one that starts just bellow my chin and runs down my neck and a jagged line. This is a scar that will keep that night forever in my memories; I will never be allowed to forget what he did to me.

I wanted so badly to feel the warmth of the sun upon my skin, to smell the fresh scent of the coming winter, to be free. In all of the seven years of my life I have only been aloud outside twice.

Once a very long time ago, when I was but a babbling infant my parents had taken me with them on a picnic, both of them. I think this was the one time my father didn't despise me, didn't wish me dead. Of course I don't remember this day but I do have proof it happened; a picture.

Often times during the night, I'd be jolted out of my sleep by the sound of loud booming voices which argued over only what I could assume was money. The crashes of glass upon wood, chairs upon floor, flesh upon flesh and even the loud crack of a gun from upstairs would cause my blood to turn. I knew they were beating him, threatening the fat, lying, cheating bastard for the money he owed them. I knew that I shouldn't but, for some reason I can't understand I was scared for him in these moments, perhaps I was scared that they would kill him, and I'd be stuck in the basement; starved to death.

When I'd wake in the middle of the night, the loud noises penetrating the thick cement walls of the basement, I'd dig the picture out of the hole I kept it in. With the picture clutched to my chest, its image burned into my mind, I'd pretend I was there again.

Gone would be the deafening cries from upstairs, and gone would be the fear in my heart, instead it'd be replaced by joy, an emotion I know longer know how to feel. In these short moments I was no longer the trembling child in the basement, but I was the happy child nestled in my mother's warm embrace, the voice of my father a soothing and reassuring tone, and not one so filled with anger and hatred.

His voice…

"I asked you a question damn it!" He roared, bringing me back to the present.

"I'm sorry sir." I apologized. I kept my eyes locked onto the door, struggling to keep my composure. Stay strong! Don't let him win! These six words repeated themselves in my head; an uninterrupted rhythm of reassurance.

"Sorry doesn't cut it boy. I told you what I would do if you talked out of line again." He hissed, taking slow taunting steps forward. I held my breath as his large silhouette inched closer, and closer until his shadow devoured me whole.

I shrank back against the wall, my hands reaching its surface first fallowed shortly after, my back and eventually my head which I pressed as close to the wall as I could get, as if somehow I could force myself through the wall to somewhere safe. I knew I wouldn't make it through whatever he had planned for me tonight when I saw his eyebrows pull together slowly and his eyes glaze over with a predatory gleam.

"You remember what I told you would happen if you disobeyed me again, correct?" He said in a menacing voice, the rhythm of my chant faltered and I flinched. His sinister laugh filled the room, and bounced off its walls before leaving a ringing echo in my ears. I swallowed hard as he leant in closer, his nose barely brushing up against mine, but it was enough to make me shutter.

"Yes sir! I'm sorry…I I didn't mean to! Please don't beat me again!" I cried out in remembrance of the beating I received the last time I spoke out of line. I could still feel the unbearable pain, and still hear my own screams ringing in my ears. A wide grin slowly spread across his face making his expression all the more terrifying. I held a tiny hand in front of my face in a vain attempt to protect myself.

"Tsk tsk tsk, don't make this harder than it has to be boy." He said, shaking a finger at me.

"Move your hand boy" He commanded, but I was unable to move. I knew that if I didn't obey him I'd only make things a lot worse for myself but my limbs protested; I was glued to the spot. When I didn't move he gave me an angry look, notifying me that whatever he had in mind this time, would make the punishment I received last time seem like a simple slap in the face in comparison.

"I said move your damn hand!" He shouted, his face flushed an angry red and the veins in his neck swelled up rapidly. It seemed that at any second they would burst. He glared me down with blood shot eyes under a thick sheet of dirty blonde bangs.

A part of me wanted to obey him, knowing I'd only make things worse, but I couldn't force my body to make a move, I was so scared. In a matter of second a large hand lashed out of the darkness and grabbed a hold of my own and shoved it out of the way with such force, the back of my hand smacked up against the wall. I squeezed my eyes shut and turned away from him, anticipating what was to come next.

The right side of my face met the wall with a painful greeting. Immediately after, I could feel the warmth of fresh blood stream down my face, starting just under my right eye. A numb pulsing heat emanated from the spot on the left side of my face where his knuckles made contact. I wanted to break down right then and there, to allow the tears I've been holding back to flow, but instead I clenched my teeth and dug my nails into the palms of my hands, to force my attention away from the pain in my face.

I have to remain strong, if I show weakness I'll only be giving him exactly what he wants. I sucked in a deep breath of air and turned back toward him, looking directly into his eyes and letting him know he hadn't won, not yet. He grunted in anger, and with a large hand he reached out, and grabbed a handful of my long straggly hair. I struggled against him, but that only resulted in him yanking me off of my feet and an explosion of pain to erupt from the top of my head. I cried out and clawed feebly at his hands.

"Let me go!" He laughed in spite of my pain, and pulled me forward to where I was now at his eye level, starring directly into the anger ridden face of my father. When I saw the look in his eyes I knew I had made a mistake.

"Of course." He sneered, his lips curling into a wicked smile, revealing his rotten teeth. With a forceful push he released me; the momentum sent me crashing into the wall. I cried out as the back of my head slammed into the wall, bounced forward then landed back on the wall. Immediately I felt a sickening warmth at the back of my head. I fell to the ground whimpering, and clutching my head. When I pulled my hand away sure enough, it was stained a deep red.

"Don't move, I'll be back with the rest of your punishment boy." And with that, he disappeared around the corner.

Admit defeat, let him take your life; let him end this pain once and for all!

The voice in my head screamed. Some part of me wanted to listen, but the other part; the stronger part refused to give up so easily. I took a deep breath and forced myself to stand, forced myself to take those few uneasy steps toward the door. I looked behind me and when I saw no sign of him, I reached up with a trembling hand and took hold of the knob. Slowly I turned the knob and slid the door open just enough for my tiny body to slip through. Once the cool outside air hit my face, my heart sped up.

As soon as my feet touched the bare wood of the front steps I knew I was free; I only needed to make it to the end of the driveway.

I was in such a hurry, my legs fumbled under me and I fell face first into the unforgiving ground. I winced when I hit the ground, scrambled back to my feet and kept running. I was halfway down the drive way when the slamming of the door caught my attention.

For a moment I turned back, and when my eyes landed on the silhouette of my father I felt my heart skip a beat. Automatically my head snapped forward and I ran as fast as my uneasy legs would carry me.

"Get back here you piece of shit! I'll send your sorry ass to the grave!" My father's angry voice rang out above my ragged breathing, causing an icy cold shiver to snake down my spine. My father's heavy foot falls followed shortly behind. I was a few steps until the end of the driveway by the time he had caught up with me; he grabbed a hold of my shirt, and pulled.

I screamed, and kicked at him, but to no avail. He held me up by my shirt, my feet dangled under me, trying desperately to find the ground. I had managed to wiggle free from my shirt and landed on the ground with a thud. Before my father had even realized what had happened I was on my feet again, half running, half crawling to the end of the drive way.

If I could just make it to the road, I'd be free.

A heavy sigh of relief escaped my lips as my feet made contact with the road, but I kept moving. A shrill beeping from behind me caused a wave of relief to wash over me. I turned back for the last time and watched as my father screamed, and cussed at me. He paced the ground, stomping his feet and waving his fists angrily in the air. He wouldn't be able to follow me because the bracelet he wore would shock him if he stepped foot onto the road.

Thanks god for house arrest...

His shouts, and cursing followed me down the road, but I knew I had done it, I had finally escaped his prison. A crash at my feet caused me to jump. Another crash sent me stumbling back. My eyes grew wide when I saw a glass bottle hurtling my way. I rolled out of the way, scrambled to my feet and tore down the road. My heart pounded in my chest as I ran, my legs felt like they would buckle underneath me at any moment, but I forced myself to move forward.

I kept running until my legs would no longer carry me and I fell forward. Now on my hands and knees I looked to the left and right, taking in the slummy alley ways and the graffiti covered walls. A sickening feeling came over me as I realized where I was at. Just as I was about get up I was yanked up from my spot by my hair.

"Well well well, look what we have here boys." A harsh voice shouted into the night. I tried everything I could to get away from my capture but nothing worked.

I could hear laughter all around me, accompanied by footsteps. I squeezed my eyes shut and wished for it all to just go away, knowing I'd probably die right here. When I opened my eyes next I found myself on the ground looking up at my captures dark silhouette.

"What you say we do wit 'im?" A deep voice boomed from my right.

"We could always bring 'im into the gang, he's young, we can make him into the perfect thief." Another voice replied. I felt myself being lifted from the ground then slammed into a wall.

"Look at 'im! He's scrawny! And he….wait a second…." The voice trailed off. I felt a warm current of air on my face before the rank smell of alcohol found it's way up my nostrils.

"In't this Jaeger's kid? That lard ass still owes me money! What do you say we mess with the guy, kill his kid, and leave 'im on his front steps?" The guy laughed, taking a step back from me, and turning toward his friends who laughed in agreement. My eyes grew wide as I listened to them trade off different ways they could kill me.

Soon the talking stopped and they turned toward me. Large, grimy hands lashed out of the dark and I was spun on the spot then slammed once again into the wall face first. I grunted in pain as my face collided with the wall, then a tearing sound from behind me caught my attention before I felt a cold breeze on my back side.

An overwhelming fear crept over me as I realized what they were doing, and not a moment later did they yank my pants down.

"No don't! Please stop!" I yelled, choking on my own tears. I tried to get away from them but was slammed into the wall again and again. The sound of a belt being unloosed echoed throughout the alley.

"No!" The boy screamed at the top of his lungs, pulling himself from the nightmare. He was hunched over on his hands and knees, nails digging into the ground, face contorted in fear. He took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down. When he stopped shaking he propped himself up against the wall and wiped at his tear stained face.

"It was ten years ago! Forget about it already!" He yelled in frustration, slamming the back of his head into the wall in frustration.

He sighed heavily and instinctively grabbed for the handle sitting at his side. In one liquid motion he was standing up, guitar case gripped in his right hand.

Where to now? You can't keep living like this! Your going to get yourself killed!

The voice inside his head screamed, and he knew it was right.

I've survived this long haven't I? It'll be ok...stop worrying He replied to the voice.

"You are crazy you know this?" He asked, taking off his top hat and twirling it about his forefinger as he walked to the other end of the alley way.

"I don't think I've noticed...why whatever do you mean?" He asked, thrusting his hands upward and sending the hat flying above him. Taking a step forward and nearly loosing his balance he caught the hat softly on his finger, with one foot poised in the air.

"Your talking to yourself for crying out loud!" He yelled, regaining his balance and walking forward.

"Oh, I guess you are right. I am talking to myself!" He laughed, ignoring the gunshots and cries in the near distance. Then, jumping into the air and clicking his heels, he rounded the corner. The sidewalk was vacant with the exception of a few people, which is normal for this time of night. Most people are in their houses hiding away from the horror that took place outside.

The boy didn't blame them, with the government receding as it did, no longer was there order, and no longer were there laws. People are killed everyday, be them human or mutant, and no one did anything to stop it. Everyone is so driven to kill the other race off that they have forgotten who had started the war, what side provoked the other. Not even the boy remember this, and that he thought was truly sad; when two races have been fighting for so long...

xXxX There's no time for us, there's no place for us XxXx

White light of the moon pierced the thick veil of trees, winding around their awkward, bent bodies and casting faint shadows on the forest floor. The distant hoot of an owl made up the bass line for the lonely song of the forest. A dark figure in the distance leaned up against a tree, hands shoved in his pockets and hood draped securely over his head.

"Your late" A deep voice boomed from under the hood. However menacing the voice sounded, accusing it was not.

"The trek here is not an easy one, you know this as well as I" A second figure came into view, his gaunt features shadowed by dark colored and very abused coat. He pulled the coat closer to him to shield himself from the harsh winds.

"Yes, yes. That isn't important at the moment, what is important is that you're here and very much alive" The figure against the tree replied, pulling off his hood and reveling a sight many would cringe at. The entire left side of the man's face was disoriented from where the vicious tongue of an electric fire lapped at his skin. Apart from the reddish scar, the rest of his skin was a ghastly blue, and to complete the look, two golden orbs took the place of eyes. You could say he was the splitting image of horror.

He walked toward the smaller, younger figure and placed a large blue hand which was covered with miscellaneous scars on his shoulder.

"Come, we need to move quickly" The larger man said, urging the younger man to move.

"What if this doesn't work?" The younger man whispered, white puffs of breath escaping his lips as he spoke.

"It will work, You need to have faith in yourself. Now move, if we're spotted, it's all over" The younger man took a step back away from the older man and brushed his reassuring hand aside.

"I'm not sure I can do this. And what if I can't, what do we do then?"

"Die" The simple word was hissed with an icy tone. A look of shock and surprise light up on the younger man's concealed face, then melted away just as quickly.

"Die?" The word was repeated with just as icy as a tone.

"Yes, die" Understand this, he has found out about our plan, and he and his men no doubt, are searching for us at this very moment. I didn't want to tell you this, it could have ruined the plan"

"How would that have ruined the plan? You could have given me a heads up! For fucks sake I could have gotten killed trying to get here!" The younger man was enraged by now.

"Keep your voice down! Do you really want to die?"

"Let's just go. This has to be done and it has to be done now" The younger man pushed past his elder.

"Agreed. It's only a matter of time before they're here, and when they get here they'll show no mercy, he'll show no mercy"

"Are you saying that not only are they looking for us, they know the exact place we are! How did they, how did he figure out our rendezvous?"

"I'm not sure, but that isn't important! you have to go now! you haven't much time left!"

"Not important? If I'm not mistaken you've implied that only I will make it out alive. You're speaking of your own death and that's not important?" the younger man protested.

I can't just leave you here to be killed! We'll go together!" He demanded.

"Fine, fine! we'll go together, now move!" The older man yelled over the loud roar of the wind, and the two were off, running deeper into the woods.

It was only a matter of minutes before the two came face to face with an iron gate which was blocking what looked to be the opening of a cave. The younger man unlocked the gate and rushed inside but, the older man stopped in his tracks. He surveyed his surroundings for a brief moment before shutting the gate in front of him. At the sound of the gate shutting and the lock clicking into place, the younger man snapped around.

"No" The younger man whispered, shaking his head and walking toward the gate.

"No no no! You can't do this!" He hissed as he ran toward the gate.

"It has to happen this way" The older man said, his eyed tired and sad. He was ready for his end.

"no no! It doesn't have to! Let me take you with me, let me try!"

"My death is inevitable, and if you try to take us both, yours will be too"

"Don't say that! We can do this together! No one has to die!" The younger man please, gripping the bars of the gate.

"Listen!" The distant sound of foot steps, accompanied by a gruff and very angry voice could be heard.

"You need to go! I'll create a diversion!"

You can't do this! I won't let you!" The younger man yelled, his voice straining under his anger and confusion. He tried to yank the door open but it wouldn't budge, it was locked from the outside in.

"You've killed yourself! You've done this to yourself!" The younger man's voice was swelling with raw emotion.

"Look at me!" The older man roared under his breath. It seemed at this moment everything stopped.

"And listen to what I have to say! The future depends on you, you must go back and prevent this from ever happening! Only you can!" There was a brief pause before he spoke again.

"I must die so that you may live, it can't happen any other way. Now go back, go back in time and stop this from ever happening, stop him from destroying the world!"

"I'll kill him! If not for the fate of the world, then to avenge you! He will die!"

"Do not kill him unless you have to. He does not need to die, he..."

"And yet you do?" The younger man hissed, his deep brown eyes burning with anger.

"He was once a good man. He can be made into the savior this world needs. It is up to you to decide his fate! You must become his teacher and he, your pupil"

"His fate and the world's alike rest on your hands"

"Goodbye Tarquinn, and please for the sake of all of us, be careful" The older man said in a whispered tone before stepping away from the gate and taking off toward the anger ridden voice and, toward his death.