Cast List as of so far:


Pandora (Alpha), created by TheWritingGirl23

Matthew Ryder (Bravo), created by; Kairi Avalon

Noctis Caleum (Charlie), created by; San child of the wolves

Enzo DeLuca (Echo), created by; Myself

(Positions still available: Delta, Foxtrot)


Blade Semi, created by; San child of the wolves

Danny Comeau, created by; TheMomeRathsOutgrabe

Sewer Rats:

Alex Harrison, created by; TheMomeRathsOutgrabe

Lili Pastelle, created by; James95

Jordan Pastelle, created by; James95


Mick Harrison, created by; TheMomeRathsOutgrabe

Quinn Delmond, created by; Stormysongbird

Axel, created by; myself

Tarquinn, created by; myself

As far as Medusa goes, there are only two spots left: Delta and Foxtrot. I'd like Foxtrot to be the only girl besides Pandora in the group, so if ya want to make Foxtrot make her female please. :)

I also need mutants that are already captured, but they will end up in a group, if you make one of these, tell me how they got caught in their history.

I am now accepting ocs, so submit away! hahah gawd that sounds stupid... anyway! Take your time with making the ocs, and make them good xD I'm in no hurry to restart this story, so don't feel rushed in making your oc. I'm not sure when I'll get the story going, I've got two other stories I'm working on atm... which really need to be updating :O Why am I so bad at this updating thing? lol sorry guys. The first chapter is actually under construction atm so it shouldn't be too too long before I get it up but I don't want to really start the story until I have the rest of the ocs. I will mostlikely post the first chapter up after updating my other stories :P

I'm trying really hard to keep up with my stories but I'm really caught up in the Bleach fandom... mostly reading and not writing, although I have so many ideas I want to starts it's drving me crazy, but I probably will never start them because like most of my stories I will never finish them. :O

Ok, rant over... now what are doing still reading this? Submit Submit Submit! xD