Chapter One

Tawnee sighed in relief as she entered the Apple store, the air conditioning cooling her tanned skin. Even though she'd been living in California for four years the heat still got too much for her sometimes. Looking around she took in the décor of the store. The building was narrow with white linoleum flooring that reflected the bright lighting in the building. The walls were covered in jumbo pictures of their products that seemed to be lights themselves. In the building were three rows of three long tables and each table was accessorized with many Apple products from iPads and iPods to computers and laptops. At the very end of the building was a check out station that had two TVs behind it with videos of their products playing. There weren't many people in the store and Tawnee was grateful that they weren't busy like they normally were.

Walking up to the closest laptop she immediately noticed the differences between it and her old Toshiba. While her Toshiba was large and bulky the MacBooks were extremely flat and condensed. While she loved her Toshiba it was time she had an upgrade. Having just gotten her pay check and deposited it she knew that if she didn't buy a new laptop now that she'd talk herself out of it. With the laptops being identical and the only difference being the size and memory storage she was just going to pick a large one with an immense memory.

As she searched for an employee to tell them what she wanted she saw it. No way. Quickly approaching the laptop Tawnee couldn't believe it. Though the laptop was closed it was easily recognized as a MacBook Air and black in color but what got her attention was that instead of the Apple Company symbol on the top there was another symbol that she was all too familiar with. Running her fingers along the symbol for Decepticons Tawnee knew that this was the laptop she was getting.

If Tawnee was one thing, it was a nerd; she played ungodly amounts of Skyrim and owned more books than she cared to count but what made her more of a nerd than anything was her obsession with Transformers. Having grown up watching the TV show Tawnee had naturally loved the movies of them. The third one had just come out and Tawnee had been one of the first to own it. She wasn't a collector of the toys or anything but she did own clothing and jewelry to support her fandom. Even now she wore three necklaces relating to Transformers, the shortest one being a stainless steel dog tag with the Autobot symbol cut out of it, just below that was the same necklace but with the Decepticon symbol cut out of it and the longest one, reaching her navel was a fake All Spark shard that hung on a black string. Her friends were going to get a kick out of her new laptop. While none of them had seen the movies and only knew what she had told them about them they often picked on her for having a "weird" obsession with fighting robots.

Looking around she tried to locate the closest employee. Finding one, she approached him. He appeared to be in his late twenties, just a little older than herself and was quite a bit taller than her, something that everyone seemed to be with her only being 5'1". He watched her with his chocolate colored eyes as she walked towards him.

"Hello miss, can I help you with something?" He greeted, giving her a broad smile.

"Um, yeah, I want to buy a laptop," she replied smiling back.

"Do you already have one picked out?"

"Yeah, it's just down here," Tawnee explained as she walked down to aisle to the laptop. "I'd like this one."

He looked at the laptop and examined it with a confused look. "Um, well, I've actually never seen this here before. That's weird… I'll just go check the back for you," he stated, puzzled.

"Okay, thanks." Tawnee opened her chosen laptop on the display. It was off, the blank screen only reflecting an image of herself. Her thick auburn hair fell to her and unusual Carmine red eyes she reminded herself of fire. She had an hourglass figure that a lot of girls were envious of but despite her good looks she had never been a popular girl. She'd always much rather play video games, watch movies and read than go out and party.

"Excuse me, miss?" Moving her gaze from her reflection, she saw the man she'd asked to retrieve her laptop had returned.

Seeing that he had her attention he continued, "There are no laptops like that in stock. We don't even have records of this one even being here."

Tawnee sighed, "Well, poop."

"I'm very sorry," the man apologized.

"Well, can I have this one?" She asked hopeful.

"Um, I don't think I can sell it to you if it's on display," he tried to explain.

"You said you don't have records of it even being here, no one will miss it. Please?" She pleaded. He gave her a torn look.

"I'll even pay more for it," she threw in.

He looked at her for a little longer and his torn turned to one of defeat. "Fine, I suppose no one will notice it gone. I didn't even know it was here."

"Thank you!"

"Just don't tell anyone I did this?" He said as he reached to unplug it from the table.

"Huh? That's weird." He mumbled to himself.


"It wasn't even plugged in or connected to the table. Anyone could have stolen this," he stated picking up the laptop.

"I'll just go put it in a box for you. You're not going to have any of the manuals on how to work it though."

"That's okay, I never read them anyway." She told him, happy that she was getting the laptop.

She waited at the counter until he returned with a box for a regular MacBook Air. "I made sure to put a charger in the box."

"Thanks," she replied with a big smile.

"Yeah, no problem."

With that he rung it up and handed it over to her. Giving him one more thank you she left the store and headed home.

Okay, this is short and the reason behind that is because I just wanted to get this story started.

I also realize that the likely hood of her actually get that laptop is pretty, well... unlikely... But I need her to have that laptop :)

I hope you enjoyed it even if it is a slow start that doesn't really make sense yet...

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Transformers or any of it's characters. I only own my OC Tawnee.