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"Hey Lacey, chilli dog me," Brent said while sitting down at the counter.

"Well that's a great way to start a conversation," Lacey replied, "Don't I even get a hello anymore." Turning around and grabbing some plates.

"Saying hello would only slow me down, when I crave a chilli dog, I need a chilli dog," Brent said waving his arms around wildly.

"Hi guys, what's shaking," Hank Yarbo said while sitting down next to his best friend.

"What's shaking where'd you come up with that one," Lacey scoffed while handing Brent his chilli dog.

"Oh baby sustenance," Brent scarfed half the hotdog in one bite.

Hank looked at Brent and shook his head at the way he ate.

"I heard it on TV this morning," Hank said, "Thought I'd try something new is all," he looked a bit dejected, "That idea crashed and burned I guess."

"Oh look Hank, I'm sorry it's just a bit 90ish don't you think," Lacey did really look sorry, as she handed Bryan (the guy Oscar always calls Cecil) his coffee.

"That's okay, water off a duck."

"That's the spirit."

"Hank's got spirit," Davis the cop said, while coming through the door, "When did you become a cheerleader," Davis said while laughing.

"Hank's a cheerleader," Karen the rookie piped up as she was walking in behind Davis, they seem to be permanently attached lately.

"What's happening," Hank screamed, "I'm not nor have I ever been a cheerleader, thank you very much." Hank stormed out of the Ruby looking angry.

"I wonder what got his knickers in a twist," Brent said, the words being slightly muffled by the second chilli dog he was eating.

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