This story is dedicated to LvTwilight09. She inspires me everyday. However, this shit...yeah, I can't even take credit for it.

Bella is a tribute in The Hungry Games. This is all I can tell you. The rest of this story is hers...

The side of the bed is cold. Not frigid. Not freezing. Just cold.

Because I do not like to use thesauruses. Or is it thesauri?

I wouldn't know. I like to describe things simplistically.

Not like those who thinks it takes an entire book just to get an "I like you" out of someone.

But like I said, its cold.

Partly because Katniss is gone. And there is no heat. Mother didn't pay the bill again.

Not that I expect her too. With her husband of many years dying a tragic death and all.

I'm going to the woods to hunt for food. It's the only way my Mother, my sister Katniss, and I , Bella, live.

My best friends Jacob and Gale will be there.

How we sneak off daily with no one noticing is beyond me. We just climb through fences that only tend to be electric when the plot calls for it.

After shooting possums that have been strategically placed within my peripheral, I shoot them with my arrow.

Gale and Jacob pretend not to notice the bullets already in them.

After skinning the animals, we lie down in a meadow. It creates a heart between the three of us.

I stand up, and the heart is broken.

Foreshadowing, is it not?

Today is the day and I'm scared. I wanna say it's the first day of school and some hot boy with bronze colored hair who walks in slow motion will notice me, but that's not it.

It's The Hungry Games.

Our government, the Volturi, think its humorous to place a bunch of starving children in an arena to fight to the death.

"May the odds be ever in your favor," Gale jokes.

That was last years expression.

Last year, a boy won from my District. District 21.

Its supposed to be twelve, but I suffer from math dyslexia.

Anyways, the boy caught an apple that rolled off his foot. He gave a clever smirk, and everyone else dropped dead.

Its been a terrible journey to say the least.

But this year, this year will be different. I say the expression they will shout on the stage.

"Run, bitch, run!"

And suddenly, I'm thinking Collins, the quote maker, needs a new job.


Effin, whom we nickname Effin-Mother-Fucker, calls the names of the tributes.

"Katniss Swan."

I scream all dramatic like. Arms flailing. Knees hitting the pavement. I look over to Jacob.

He has his shirt off. Gale attempts to look sexy while squinting in the sunlight.

"Take me!" I shout, outfitted in the ugliest dress known to man.

"Take meeeeeeeeee!"

No one says a word. No one offers to take my spot.

This isn't going as planned.

Katniss shrugs. She's just happy she doesn't have to go. She skips away happily as I wonder what the fuck I've gotten myself into.

"Bella Swan, you are the female competitor for The Hungry Games. And now for a boy….He must be hot, but not too hot. You must somehow yearn for him, and your best friends all at once. So the boy tribute is…Edward Cullen!"

Scenes flash before my eyes. Some of ice cream. Some of butterflies. They have nothing to do with anything, but still….I know this boy.

Absolutely three things I was sure of.

One, Edward Cullen was a tribute.

Two, there was a part of him, and I wasn't sure how dominant that part might be, who was willing to kill me for a loaf of bread.

And three, I was falling in love with him. Not irrevocably or anything.

That's too hard of a word.