"Tributes, we have changed our minds. Again. There can only be one winner of The Hungry Games."

Those bastards!

They lie. I mean, I never saw it coming, considering they send starving children to their death for means of amusement.

I trusted them.

I promised to live for Katniss. But Edward's cock is too amazing.

I am torn.

I look towards the sky. With my hummingbird pin fastened to my tight ass clothes.

I will change this. This has to stop now.

I have to do something. And I will regret it later.

I will act like I don't understand the severity of my actions, but the whole time, I really did.

I pull out a mango.

The one I never ate even though I was starving.

"We will not be a pawn in their games," I whisper to Edward, referring back to the beginning of this story as if you had never known it was a prophetic moment.

I split the supposedly poisonous fruit in half, and we hold the juicy produce in the air.

"If he dies, I die!" I shout in haste. "I refuse to live without his cock!"

Edward glances at me, and I shrug. We both know its true.

This scene is so theatrical. It is staged so that you are hanging onto my every word, teetering on the edge of your seat.

It is because of this moment, more stories will be published. A movie will be made.

I can even hear the beat of your heart.

To me, it makes the sound of nine bucks a ticket.

I know they must have a victor, and through this event, I have single-handedly forever changed the Volturi.

"Wait!" the voice cries.

"Ladies and Gentleman, I am pleased to present the winners of The Hungry Games. Bella Swan and Edward Cullen- from District 12!"

I want to be happy.

To know my family will eat.

That my Mother will overcome her depression.

That somehow Gale and Jacob will continue to lust after me.

But all I can think is….

Aren't we from District 21?


Yeah, feel free to never read my shit again…. I am so, so, so sorry. I can't even...