(Author's Notes:

First: I did keep really close in the flashback but the rest of the story is not going to fully follow the same events of the Anime/Manga Sekai ichi Hatsukoi nor Junjou Romantica.

Second: This is based off of both those Animes/Mangas so there are going to be several characters and 8 different stories playing throughout. Mostly though, it will revolve around the main pairing Spamano (Lovino and Antonio)

Third: If you have any questions at the moment about who is going to play the other main roles then feel free to pm

Fourth: Lovino is out of character in the prologue because Ritsu used to be sweet and open so I felt the need to make him that way too. Don't worry he'll go back to the good old irritated Romano that we all love! ;D



"It wasn't supposed to happen. I was not my brother; I was supposed to be better at keeping my feelings in check. Back then though I was actually more open around people that I trusted and cared about. But not in front of strangers...or those that I had never actually been introduced to. But I wasn't watching closely enough that day."

15 year old Lovino Vargas looked up in surprise when his hand brushed against someone else's that was reaching for the same book. His breath caught and his heart went wild.

"T...Toni Carreido!" his voice came out in a slightly squeaky gasp that made him incredibly embarrassed and he dropped his eyes. This was not good.

"Yeah I wasn't watching closely enough. I had been observing him from afar for so long, always dreading to get too close because of what I might do. That I might just slip and not be able to control myself."

The young teen found his face heating up as he stepped away from the other taller teen.

"Ah scusa...you...you can have the book." He prepared himself to run but the other's voice stopped him in his tracks.

"No, está bien." the older teen laughed pleasantly, "You can have it. He pulled the book off the shelf and handed it to Lovino with a bright smile." Then he paused and studied the younger as the boy bowed hurriedly, "But um...how is it you know my name?"

Crap! This was most definitely not good!

"I had been watching him at school for three years, this was the fourth. Right from the start I had decided to keep all of my feelings locked inside and didn't even reveal them to my brother. I most certainly had never had any intention of telling Toni Carreido of all people. Yet when he was before me...I just couldn't control myself. The truth was...I loved him. I Loved Him. I LOVED HIM!"

"I love you."

Lovino realized just what he had blurted out and stepped back clamping a hand over his mouth.

"Ah...I mean..."

The older boy laughed nervously and ran a hand through his hair.

"Ah I see. That explains a few things then."

Lovino just looked down at the floor feeling completely horrified and embarrassed over what he had done. Feliciano was the one that spoke without thinking. Not him...not really at least. He was about to bow again and excuse himself, in order to hide his red face away but a gentle tousle of his hair made him look up in surprise. The other boy was smiling at him with genuine warmth.

"Back then everything seemed so right. So pure, as Feliciano would say...but now...10 years later..."

"Huh?" The young man exclaimed in complete shock and rage, "I'm being put in the manga department?"

"At age 25...I, Lovino Vargas...Have become a completely Jaded adult."