To kick off this set of oneshots this first one is about Booth reflecting on marriage.

A shout out goes to Caris Bennet for her input.

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"No, no." Small eyebrows scrunched up as dark curls bounced from side to side.

"Don't argue with Mommy." Booth scooped up his little bed-battling daughter. "She knows A LOT more words." He chuckled, rubbing noses with her before setting her down.

"Yes." Brennan used her no nonsense tone and the child knew it. Sock-clad-feet padded to the couch, landing a loud kiss on her big brother. Parker returned the kiss, making Booth smile at the exchange.

"Alright, lights off." Booth clapped, rounding everyone to their spots. The girl gasped, running to her mother's side.

Once the lights were out he got into bed, snaking an arm over his girls.

"Night, night." The three year old called out from her spot on the other side of Brennan.

Even after everyone fell silent the three year old thrashed around for a while. Brennan threaded her fingers through her daughter's hair and massaged her scalp. The child cuddled closer.

Booth wasn't surprised their mini squint gave them a battle before bed. For the past couple of days she'd gone from adult to adult, adored by everyone. But the weekend was over and in the morning they would be on their way back home.

Booth recounted the day's events with nostalgia. His brother got married. His little brother! A couple of years ago Jared had turned his life around and found his true love. There were some bumps along the way, but it happened: Jared GOT married.

Before him.

"Hmmph." He grunted out a sigh and moved to his back. No, he wasn't jealous. His brother found happiness and that was great.

It was true he always thought of himself as a married man. It'd, angered him that he'd been turned down for marriage. But over the years in his shared life with Brennan he had love. And happiness.

As he stared up at the ceiling in the darkness Booth reflected on what he always thought marriage would bring.

He'd expected to have someone to love him and a big family after marriage.

What did he have now?

He had a family. A son and daughter he loved dearly. He also had a life partner. He had the woman that was not only going to love him for 30 or 40 or 50 years by his side. She was also the woman he was gonna love for that same amount of years.

There was a shift in the mattress and a moment later he felt Brennan climb over him. The sound of her footsteps led to the bathroom. He decided to wait until she returned so he could close his eyes and get some rest.

Brennan slipped in next to him. "Can't sleep?" She murmured against his chest. He gave her a soft squeeze in response just as Brennan draped a leg over his lap.

"Love ya." His lips whispered against the top of her head. She nodded, one hand rubbing his ribcage in a soothing caress. Her touch was a solid reminder of what they had. They complemented each other. She knew his scars, his aches. She also knew what he every aspect of their life. Bones knew him; the real Seeley J. Booth.

And he knew her. All of her. He knew what made her smile, what got her angry and everything in between.

They already had more than he ever dreamed to get out of marriage.

A lopsided grin spread across his face as he allowed sleep to take over. She curled more against him as his left hand landed on the small of her back and the other on the thigh keeping him in place.