It's been a long, long time since I've written anything Bones, but last night's ep provided the inspiration for this little piece. I gotta say, I loved Brennan in this one! If you haven't watched "Method to the Madness", the ending scene where Booth sat and watched Brennan and Sweets dance as celebration is what formed this idea.

Disclaimer: Bones belongs to Fox.

Booth pressed Brennan closer, enjoying her proximity in the privacy of their darkened bedroom. They hadn't really had a moment to themselves in what felt to him like an eternity. It was because of days like these that he especially enjoyed having her pressed to him as they readied for sleep.

"Hmmm…" Brennan mumbled in that sleepy tone she got right before she was almost asleep. Booth ran the fingertips of his right hand up her bare arm, stopping to twist the thin strap of her sleep tank. After a moment, Brennan turned to face him. "What?" She nuzzled his throat, sneaking a hand under the hem of his T-shirt.

"Ah, nothing. It's just…" Booth groaned, loving her soft touch.

As he let her touch him in that way that always soothed his body, he replayed the earlier dance she'd initiated. He'd sat out, wanting to watch the awkward moves. He'd paid attention to Sweets brightening up, but Booth had primarily focused on his partner. She'd looked so young, his smart and sexy anthropologist. They'd missed a lot, not just when she was on the run, but also before that when he thought the only way to face another day was to move on...

"Ooohh!" Brennan focused on his lower back, wrenching a moan out of him. "Hello!" Booth chuckled when he felt her hand slip beneath his boxer's waistband. Brennan laughed, a rich sound that made Booth forget about his previous thoughts.

They were here.

In their bedroom.


Surely, they could find something to do besides sleeping.

"Bones…" Booth knew she was very awake now.

"Booth." Brennan was more than happy to indulge privately with her partner. "What are you waiting for?" She teased, leaving a trail of open mouthed kisses leading to his mouth.

They exchanged playful kisses that heated the moment real fast.

Just as Booth finished undressing Brennan, having her in all her naked glory before him, the sound of footsteps interrupted the celebration.

"I'm gonna kill him!" Booth couldn't believe it. Even in the sanctuary of their bedroom they couldn't be alone.

"Booth!" Brennan whined, impatient at him for moving away from her reach and preventing her from completing the task of getting him out of the rest of his clothes.

"If he wakes up Christine, I'll shoot him." Booth fumbled with his cell phone, sending a quick text to Sweets. As much as he wanted the peace and quiet, Booth was unwilling to leave the love nest.

"I'll have a talk with him." Brennan suggested, smiling to herself.

"No!" Booth whirled around to face her, outraged at the thought of Sweets getting a look of Brennan in any state of undress.

"I didn't mean right now." Brenna clarified, tugging on his arm.

Footsteps moved past their door. Booth growled, ready to strangle Sweets for making noise at such an hour.

A soft ping alerted them of an incoming message minutes later, stilling both their movements for a breath. Booth listened, making sure Sweets had stopped moving around. When he was satisfied that the psychologist had finally settled in for the night, Booth returned his undivided attention to the woman who captivated him from the start.

"Where were we?" Booth grinned, stripping out of his clothes and setting out to demonstrate his love.