Bridge to Terabithia

Chapter One: Letter from A Loved One

The yellow bus screeched to a stop and Jess and May belle plopped out and then the bus continued on. It was finally summer. Jess was dying to go to Terabithia. So him and May belle ran to their secret place. The two walked across the bridge. Jess and his father built it a while back instead of using the rope after the accident. Before they did anything they did their special tradition for Leslie and Terabithia. They walked to a picture of the one and only Leslie Burke. Each one kneed on one knee. They both kissed their hand and place the hand on the forehead. And once they did they got up and walked to Terabithia.

"Hello my beloved Leslie and Terabithia!" Yelled Jess.

"I give my welcomes to Leslie and Terabithia!" Shouted May Belle.

They walked to the nice place they made for Terabithia, but once they did, they found a note. And it looked like old wrinkled yellow paper. The two looked at them in confusion and Jess grabbed the paper and read it.

Dear Jess,

I'm afraid our land Terabithia is in grave danger. There is a land called Aihtibaret. That is Terabithia backwards. The creatures in Aihtibaret are evil. They are planning a attack on our Terabithia. They are after you, the King, and May Belle, the Princess. I'm not sure why, but they are definitely coming. Protect our land before they come! Or you two are finished for good


Leslie Burke