I don't own the Hunger Games.

Now is the time for the yearly reaping,

You hear the sound of families weeping

From twelve to nineteen, every year

Your body is filled with constant fear

The bowls are filled with a thousand cards

Two of those people are about to be scarred

Suddenly you notice your mother is appalled

Because out of a thousand names, Yours has been called

You say goodbye to your family and friends

And you all know that it's almost the end

The people take you to the big city,

And try their hardest to make you pretty

Then you train for several days

And you are in a constant haze

Then suddenly you notice that you're body is numb

Because in 3…2…1… the time has come

You make it past night number one

And a total of fourteen tributes are already done

With no supplies, food, shelter, or fire

Your situation has now become dire

You survive until just six are left

Through fire and battles and terror and theft

And as your family watches along with the entire world

A tribute sneaks up, sticks the knife in your back, and gives it a twirl

Your allies come onto your bed

And place their hands upon your head

Their hands are warm, but you're so cold

And death is finally surrounding your soul

Your family watches as your breath begins to waver

It seems that this year, the odds are not in your favor

But if you die, You bear no shame

For everyone dies, In the Hunger Games

Nursery rhymes are just creepy. So are the Hunger Games. I wish that "Creepy"

was a category on ffnet. And, this is kinds long for a nursery rhyme, but I guess you

can shorten it if you want. (and by "you", I mean the characters in the book who I

Imagine telling this to children).

Please Review, This is my first Poem on ffnet!