Storybrooke's Sherwood Forest

Characters: Emma, Henry, Regina/Evil Queen, Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin, Robin Hood, Little John

Summary: "Rob? That's a naughty word; we never rob! We just simply borrow a bit from those who can afford it!" "Borrow? Boy, are we in debt!" –Quote from Disney's Robin Hood

Disclaimer: I don't own Once Upon A Time or Robin Hood! If I did why would I be on fanfiction? I could just put this in the show!


So the other day, as my friend and I were sitting in the clinic at our school I was trying to think of something to write so she told me to add a new fairytale character to OUAT. So after searching through all of the little kids' books in the clinic, I decided on Robin Hood! So, here it is! Hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 1:

"Who would rob the mayor?" I thought as I sped down the streets of Storybrooke in my cop car. "Regina must have the best security system money can buy! How stupid must they be to try to break into her office? Well actually, they must be pretty smart to get past the security system, seeing as it did not alert the police station last night. No one knew until Regina went to her office this morning!" I continue to think of how they could've gotten past the security system as I drive to Regina's office.

"Of course I do, Sheriff Swan." She sends a glare towards me. "I checked the cameras but I couldn't identify the thieves." I continue to search her office for any clues.

"What exactly was taken?" I ask her.

"$2,000 from my safe." She walked over to a safe near her desk. It didn't show any signs of damage so they must've known the passcode for it.

"I'm gonna need those security tapes." I told her as I continued to search her office. Still no clues…

"Of course. I trust you can find out the identity of these robbers?" she questioned, obviously doubting me.

"Well that is my job, so I think I should be able to." I snap back. It's only a robbery! I've seen this before!"I think I'll be going now, Mayor Mills. I'll tell you if I find out anything"

The videos show two men coming through the front door. They disable the alarm before it has any time to call the station. The two men continue over to the safe. One of them is very tall, almost seven feet I think, with medium length hair. Dark brown I think, but it's hard to tell from the video. The other is considerably smaller, somewhere between five and six feet. The two of them are both dressed in forest green clothing.

"Hey Emma!" says Henry as he walks into the station. "What are you watching?"

"Security videos." I tell him, not taking my eyes off of the screen. "Do these two look familiar to you kid?"

"He studied the screen for a couple seconds. "Nope. Who do you think they are?"
"If I knew, would I be asking you?"

"No! Who do you think they really are?" he asks. He walks over to my desk and removes the book from the drawer. He begins to flip through the pages. "Hmm… Two robbers… There could probably be a lot of possibilities for that… What do you think, Emma?"

"Kid, I think it's more important for me to find out who they are in this world first." I told him.

"Ok. We'll work on Operation Cobra later. My Mom's probably wondering where I am anyways." He says. He puts his book back in its drawer and begins to leave the station. "Bye Emma!"

"Bye kid."

"What can I get you two?" Ruby asked the two men coming into the diner.

"I'll just have a burger." The shorter one told her.

"Uh….I'll just have that two." The taller one said.

"Coming right up!" I told them as I walked off to get their orders. "These two aren't very familiar… I thought I knew everyone in this town!" I thought to myself. I looked over at them again. One of them was a sort of average height, the other very tall. The taller one had dark brown hair, the other was a redhead.

I got their orders and started to return to the counter but was interrupted by Granny. "Ruby! Mr. Gold is coming to collect rent today and I'm going to need to borrow some money from you…."

"But Granny, I've been saving up for this new outfit and I-I… Can't he just give us a couple more days?" I said back to her.

"He didn't give any extra time to those nuns, do you really think he'll give any extra time to us?" she snapped back.

"Fine!" I let out a sigh. "I'll just have to wait a bit longer for that new outfit…." Frustrated, I started to walk back to the counter to give the two men their orders only to find that they were gone. In their place was an envelope addressed to Granny and me. I opened it up to find that inside was a very large amount of money.

I immediately ran to find Granny. "Granny! Granny!"