A/N: Sherlock, Molly, John, Mrs. Hudson, Greg - none of them mine. Unfortunately.

The prompt was: 221 words on what Molly does after the Christmas party in Scandal.

It was impossible to stay angry with Sherlock Holmes so instead, Molly was furious with herself. For the stupid dress: too fancy, obviously, for a dinner party at 221B. For the lipstick again. (It wasn't working for her; it never worked for her.) For the x's she'd written on Sherlock's card. Why.

Mrs. Hudson and Greg kept looking over at her, pitying. She took another sip of wine and tried to figure how long it would be before she could leave without seeming rude, or generating any more of those bloody looks.

Sherlock never cared about seeming rude.

Maybe that's why she liked him so much. He also never looked at her that way: poor Molly dating Jim the poof from IT. Poor Molly, dumped by Jim who, actually, it turned out, was a psychopath. Poor Molly, why can't she ever find a normal boyfriend?

Sherlock had humiliated her in front of all their friends, flirted with her shamelessly to get into the lab (didn't have to do that; she'd help him anyway). One day she'd probably lose her job, and he wouldn't even feel bad about it - although it would rather inconvenience him, if they sacked her. He was rude and tactless, and sometimes cruel, but she had never seen that look on his face.

She hated that look.