School wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I spent most of my day with Sutton, which I was grateful for. She'd introduced me to her friends, and at first glance they weren't the type of people I'd usually hang out with. But they fully accepted me as a part of their group, so they couldn't be all bad.

By the time I got to Creative Writing, I was feeling as if I'd been here with Sutton all of my life. I had a weird feeling of belonging, which I'd never really experienced.

I took my seat and the teacher already knew who I was. She handed me the agenda for the year, and I saw that today we were writing about an experience that changed our lives. There were so many opportunities to write about, but I chose the most recent one. Finding Sutton, that is.

I took out the laptop that the school provided, and that I had to use for all of my classes, and began typing. I finished quickly and emailed it to the teacher, like I was instructed.

Even though is was the only class I didn't have with Sutton, I still felt like I belonged at this school.

On my way to history class, I bumped into some boy in the middle of the hallway, dropping my purse that held of the makeup Sutton had forced me to take.

"I'm so sorry!" I practically yelled.

He helped me gather my things, and met my eyes. He had dark brown hair, and beautiful brown eyes.

"It's my fault, really. I should have been looking where I was going. Sorry, Sutton."

"Oh, I'm not-"

A teacher came out into the hallway and started to yell at us. "Get to your next class! The late bell is about to ring."

He went off in a different direction, and I went to history. I was thankfully not late. I couldn't help but wonder who that boy was though.