Hey! Well this is a story InvaderL asked me to write for him, so please give him all the credit! Anyway this takes place 3 weeks AFTER Tak left. ;';';';;';';'

"Mimi!" A loud feminine voice rang throughout the cramped up spaceship. A black cat with blood red eyes removed her gaze from the window out looking the vast emptiness called space. Releasing a sigh the feline switched her gaze to her mistress who at the moment was punching in coordinates onto the key pad. Green skinned hands paused above a certain number before simply growling and punching the number with unnecessary force.

"MIMI!" Jolted out of her current thoughts the black haired feline rushed to her mistress side with grace and elegance in her footing. The feline known as Mimi set herself down on the empty passenger's seats and morphed. Robotic arms and legs replaced front and hind legs while her head turned into a metallic head, a small thin antenna shooting up (did she have antennas?). The feline was no longer an animal but a metallic grey colored robot. Large purple colored orbs took a glance at the figure beside her before returning her gaze to the front of the ship.

In an angered tone the purple eyed creature began its speech. "Mimi," the robot raised a non-existing eyebrow, "the ship is going to crash land soon. I'm not sure where exactly on earth but we must prepare for impact. "Her voice was eerily calm but confident. Something that set the little robot in slight worry. Quickly removing herself from the seat Mimi saluted her mistress and headed towards the back of the ship while her mistress began setting herself up for impact. The green alien was none other than Tak. Smirking dangerously Tak stared out towards the vast emptiness of space.

"You're going to get it Zim. You are going to get it for ruining me and embarrassing me in front of every Irken."


"Gir! Gir! GIR!" Shouts were heard as leaves were crunched underneath a pair of boots. Sighing a green skinned boy ran his gloved claws through the wig lying atop his head, "Damn Gir, where did you go?" Releasing yet another sigh the figure turned back to the passageway that had led him to the empty trail. Deciding to give up, the green child turned around taking one last look around the trail, not finding any sign that his minion was ever there. Besides him was a small floating purple moose who released a squeak and slowly floated away. The boy rolled his eyes, "Yes Zim DOES know Gir will always end-up home somehow, but Mini-Moose, Computer detected an Irken ship hurdling its way into Earth's atmosphere. I just hope it's not Tak." Mini-Moose squeaked loudly before morphing into a purple cellular phone. Zim grunted in annoyance but caught the phone in mid-air and began to walk towards his Earthen home.


Tak groaned in discomfort as she slowly lifted herself up from the rubble that was once her escape pod (I prefer to call it a ship) and rubbed her shoulder, wincing in pain for a brief moment.

"Mimi? Are you alright?" Upon hearing her mistresses voice the gray robot shifted into her feline form and made her way to Tak. Once reaching her Mimi situated herself on the dirt in front of Tak's feet. Tak herself was busy looking into her PAK to find the objects she wanted Mimi to carry, smirking in victory she allowed her PAK's metallic legs to pull out a small red collar and a rectangular black object. Holding her hands out Tak quickly pulled both items out of her PAK's hold and into her hands not having the patience to wait for the metal arms to release it. As her PAK legs retreated back into the PAK she stood over Mimi with a sadistic grin on her face.

"Mimi," she bent down to be at eye level with her minion, "you shall go and retrieve information on Zim, than report to me. Is that understood?" Mimi nodded her head once. Tak looked at her hand holding both items and back towards Mimi. "Here," she took hold of the red collar and placed it on Mimi's neck, "this is a voice box. You'll be able to talk and communicate with anyone. I advise you don't use it in public thou."

"Yes mistress." Red eyes widened slightly at the sound of her voice box. Tak smiled smugly as she held the radio thing in her other hand. Even she had to admit she was impressed with the results of the voice box. Shifting her purple eyes Tak handed Mimi the small radio in which Mimi tucked securely in her grip. "This is just for an emergency alright? Now, go Mimi!" Mimi stood straight and set her tail down to look at Tak.

"Yes mistress!" She gave her master a hand solute and quickly ran off into the forest not letting her mind stray from her objective. She had to make Tak proud.;;';;';;'';;

Looking around Mimi could not help but admire earth's beauty. Such a shame it had to be destroyed. The red eyed feline slowly walked along the trail, silently wishing for company. She couldn't help but pause a moment to re-think about the last time she had been on earth. She wouldn't admit it to the public, but she had a thing for the neon green dog known as Gir. Sure he was the enemy but she just couldn't help her slight fascination or liking towards the hyper active SIR unit. Riding herself of the forbidden thoughts she returned to walking along the trail to Zim's house. She paused for a moment, her head held high and her eyes looking around suspiciously. Sure enough there was a rustling of leafs. Glaring towards the bushes she said, "Come out! I know you are there! What have you seen or heard? Speak!" The bushes only rustled in reply.

Mimi's patience was reaching its limit. She waited for a few more seconds until she decided she was done playing games. She sped towards the bushes and quickly yanked them apart. Her eyes widened slightly at the sight of the neon green dog suit.

"Gir?" ;';';';';';

"Computer," a groan of annoyance was heard as the voice began to talk, "has the ship landed in Earth's atmosphere?"

"No. Happy? Now leave me alone." The voice was heard throughout the house giving the impression of a talking house. Well it is a talking house, but whatever. Zim rolled his red eyes and began to scold Computer. However Computer ignored every word uttered to him and returned to what he had previously been doing before being interrupted, which was looking through a catalog of machine parts. Computer released a low whistle at the Roller Shaft Spacer. Zim gave up trying to disciple the computer and began to return back to his work. ;';;';';';';;;;';';

The neon green suited dog smiled with his tongue sticking out, his eyes looking excited.

"Mimi!" His loud voice caused Mimi to take a few steps back.

"You can talk! Now you can meet my PIG! Do you like waffles? I LOVE tacos!" Mimi stared dumbfounded at the SIR unit in front of her. She knew there was a reason he scared her. Gir gave her another smile, this time his tongue was not sticking out. Mimi only stared. An awkward silence fell between the two, it didn't last long however as Gir's voice sounded into her horn-like ears.

"Why does Mimi's mistress not like Master?" His voice was slightly depressing; his eyes were cast down ward looking at the dirt at her paws. Mimi shifted uneasily giving a slight cough not knowing what to tell him.

"I-I-I guess because he made her look stupid in front of all the Irkens." She hoped that was a good enough answer for him. It seemed to work as Gir's head looked up, a smile upon his face. Mimi couldn't help but feel her heart beat increase at his smile. He looked her in the eyes and held out his hand. She gave him a puzzled look.

"Let's go to Masters home, I bet he'd love you just like I DO!" He giggled insanely as Mimi blushed slightly at his comment.

"I don't think your Master would want me there Gir. I am Tak's SIR unit, he hates Tak." Gir frowned but still kept his hand held out. He slowly approached her, "Please Mimi! Please!" She couldn't help it, she had to say yes, she was not sure why, but she knew she would say yes to almost anything he said. Giving a sigh of defeat she said yes. "But don't tell him I'm there alright?" He smiled, "Sure.";';;';''';';';';'

The sound of a door slamming open startled both the Computer and Zim. Zim groaned in annoyance at the distraction while the Computer sighed.

"Computer, tell Zim who has just walked through the mighty Zim's home. NOW!" No saying a word the Computer switched the screen on to reveal Gir sucking a Suck Monkey cup, Zim rolled his eyes but was content to see Gir finally home, but his eyes widened in sheer anger at who Gir had dragged along. It was not the smelly dirty pig he would usually bring home. Oh no this was none other than Tak's SIR unit Mimi. Rushing upstairs as fast as possible Zim made it to his living room where Gir had turned on the television and was seated on the couch, Mimi right beside him. Balling up him gloved claw Zim walked towards their direction. Mimi sat stiffly as she felt the presence of Gir's Master, Zim. Gir sensed something odd and turned towards Mimi. Casting a worried look he said, "What's wrong Mimi?" Mimi however was looking straight ahead with slight fear in her eyes. Turning his head towards the direction she was looking at he was pleased to see his Master. He opened his mouth but was silenced when he heard a loud yell erupt from the other side of the couch. ;';';'

Zim smirked in pleasure when the EMP blast knocked Mimi out, shutting down all her systems except the optics. He walked past Gir who has stayed frozen in place and he began to remove her hologram machine. Finally removing the small metal piece he went straight for her head and was about to remove her memory disk until he heard a loud wail. Turning around he saw Gir crying and yelling things out, with his black disguised paws and legs hitting the couch. Growing annoyed at his rants Zim stood up, taking the knocked out Mimi with him and headed towards the toilet. His eyes widened in surprise when he felt a pair of claws slice his arm creating a slightly deep cut which caused him to drop the SIR unit.

"Gir, what the hell are you do-"he was cut off in mid-sentence as a fist collided with his stomach and knocked him off his feet. Groaning in pain he clutched his stomach and looked up only to be face to face with red cold eyes.

"Gir?" He quickly rolled out of the way as a fist tried to punch is face. Zim glared. If that's how it was going to be so be it. Standing up as straight as possible he quickly balled up his fist and threw the punch at Gir's eyes. Gir cried out in pain and slowly kneeled clutching his left eye, Zim wouldn't let Gir recover as he kicked the robot to the other side of the room making his back collide with the steel metal fridge. Standing up Gir stared at his Master anger evident in his red eyes. Zim glared back positioning his body in a fighting stance. Red turned to blue as his SIR unit fell face first onto the cold ground and he quickly rushed over.

"Gir? Gir!" Zim shook Gir slowly trying to prevent from causing the robot more pain. Gir didn't respond. Zim began to panic but quickly calmed down when he heard metal scrape against metal. He looked down, "Gir! Are you alright? What was going on! Why did you attack your Maste-"he was cut off by the sound of a weak and tiered voice.

"Please Master. Don't hurt Mimi; she's my best friend in the whole world! Please…don't hurt her, I like her. She's nice." Zim said nothing and only stared at Gir. He hesitated but sighed and muttered an "Alright." He saw Gir stick his tongue out and smile. Zim said nothing and just picked Gir up. He looked down at Gir ready to say something but saw Gir shutdown himself.

"Well looks like we have to fix you. Again.";';;';';'

Gir sat up clutching his head and looked around. His eyes widened and he smiled when he saw Mimi sitting down on the couch with his Master right beside him. "Mimi!" He jumped up and hugged the other SIR unit who closed her eyes and smiled into the embrace. Zim's voice disturbed their moment of happiness. "Yes, yes, yes, Mimi is all better now thanks to Zim. Now why don't you sit still Gir and we can watch a movie." Gir gave his Master a lopsided grin and nodded his head vigorously. Zim turned the television on and quickly choose some random movie and settled down to watch. Gir looked through his head and took out a bowl of popcorn and two Suck Monkey cups. He offered his Master some popcorn and a drink, something Zim declined. "Your head was empty when I was fixing you!" He pointed an accusing finger at Gir. "How do you have THAT now? Tell Zim! Tell your Master!" Gir stared at him while sucking on the straw of the Suck Monkey. Mimi stared too; she had a straw attacked to her, what Zim assumed mouth and was also suking on a Suck Monkey. Gir giggled madly and said, "I don't know. I just love this movie!" Zim decided to stay quite. Mimi giggled.;';';;';';;';'';

Tak sighed in frustration when Mimi had not reported anything. She hadn't even trying using the voice box to at least send Tak a message in case she needed help. Snarling Tak took out a small remote like control and turned it on. The machine came to life as a red light began to blink and the black screen turned to a light purple and showed a grid. A red dot blinked and Tak's eyes widened. Mimi has made it into the defected Irks home. "He must have caught her. No wonder why she didn't report. I have to go save her." Without another word Tak turned on her hologram and quickly made way to Zims home.;';';';'';'

Zim's snores were heard throughout the house as the credits on the screen signaled the end of the movie. Mimi sniffled sadly and Gir had tears running down his face from the sad ending. Mimi sniffled again, "That was sad; she didn't even get to say good-bye." Gir burst into tears, keeping quite as so not to wake his Master. "Yup!*sniffle* He just left. Why did he leave HER?" Mimi sniffled again, but looked towards Zim noticing that he only flinched but continued on snoring. Gir sniffled as well and said, "You wouldn't say leave without saying good-bye right?" Mimi gave a small smile and said, "No, I wouldn't leave at all." Gir smiled.

Their silence didn't last long as the door slammed open to reveal a blue haired female standing there with anger. Mimi looked wide eyed and fearful while Gir stared blankly at Tak. Zim stirred in his sleep and groaned opening his eyes.

"Wha-?" he was cut off by a pair of hands yanking him by the collar of his invader uniform which caused him to yelp out in surprise. A shrill voice spoke out. "Where is she? Where is Mimi?" Tak roughly swung Zim from left to right causing the green irken to turn a darker shade of green. He pushed her hands away and landed on the floor with a thud. He got up and began to yell. "What is wrong with you, you filthy Earth pig! Why would you come into Zim's home and attack the might-"He stared in surprise when he noticed it was none other than Tak.

"What is the Tak filth doing here?" Rolling her eyes, Tak deactivated her hologram to reveal her irken form and said, "I am here to get Mimi. Where is she?" Zim frowned and pointed at the couch in which Mimi sat in the same position. Tak looked confused. "Why is Mimi here? I expect you to dismantle her to pieces." Zim chuckled.

"That WAS what I was aiming to accomplish, Gir however had other ideas." Tak frowned. "Wait what do you mean by that?" Zim couldn't help but laugh slightly at her confusing. "Gir insisted to become friends with your SIR unit. So that is why she is alive right now." Tak said nothing for a couple of minutes and only stared at Mimi who stared back. Then without warning she screamed.

"You little TRAITOR! YOU ARE MY SIR UNIT! I CREATED YOU FROM SCRAP AND HERE YOU ARE MAKING FRIENDS WITH THE ENEMY!" Zim, Gir, and Mimi looked at her with wide eyes. Gir and Zim looked furious while Mimi looked about ready to release tears. Gir got up and began to defend Mimi.

"Don't yell at Mimi! She is nice and caring!" Tak glared harshly at him and without warning took out a laser gun and shot Gir right where his circuits should be. Zim ran to Gir and kneeled down beside him.
"Damn you Tak!" She laughed loudly in reply and couldn't stop laughing. Mimi glared at her Mistress and looked towards Gir. Mimi was pissed. And when Mimi was pissed no one can be happy.

"Mimi what are-" Tak got cut off as Mimi tackled her to the ground and began to fight with her. Punches were thrown and kicks were delivered. Mimi frowned and decided it was time to use her claws. Tak turned around clutching her left eye which had green liquid oozing from in between her fingers. Mimi said nothing but sat still anticipating another blow. Instead all that came was a cough. Zim looked towards Tak but said nothing. Without another word Tak turned her back to them and made her way to the door.

"I hope you are happy Mimi…" You could hear the harsh and bitter tone in her words. The door was slammed shut and both irken and SIR unit let out a sigh of relief. Zim turned his attention back to Gir and frowned. "What's wrong?" Mimi made her way towards her new companion and sat down beside him.

"It seems his whole power box was affected. I don't have any power left to spare, and if we don't get any soon then Gir shall be no more." Mimi thought of a world without Gir. It would be horrible!

"I have extra power left over. Can you use that? For Gir?" Zim looked at Mimi in slight shock but nodded. "We can, but since Tak made you herself I don't know how Gir would react to that." Mimi nodded but kept insisting. Zim gave up.

"Very well then. Ready to begin?"


"Let's go.";''''''''''''''''''''


"GIR!" Mimi quickly ran to Gir and had him in deathly hug and smiled at him.
"You're alright! Right Gir?" He nodded. He looked around the room to see his Master was not there, only Mimi and he.

"Where is Master?" Mimi smiled and said, "He is getting more power. Something about the 'Dib-stink.'"

"Oh." Silence fell upon the two but was once again broken by Gir.

"Hey Mimi?" She turned towards him and morphed into her cat-like hologram.
"Yes Gir?" She saw him shift around uncomfortably.

"Would you be my special person like in the movies?" Mimi's eyes widened and she ran towards GIr and hugged him.

"Of course Gir!" Gir couldn't help but smile. Everything was perfect. ;';';';';

Tak sighed as the last repairs on her old ship were done. She stepped back and admired her work. It was not very hard to get through the Dib's security system, as long as you knew how to hack it. She did however run into a hairy man on the way in but decided to ignore him. Repairing the ship took Tak longer than expected due to her injured eye. Snarling at the memory Tak just got into her ship and decided to go wherever the ship would take her. She would miss Mimi, but she knew Mimi would not miss her. Without another word she got in and took off not bothering to look back. ;;;';;'

Gir and Mimi sat on top of a McMeaties rooftop to stare at the taco joint right across the street. Gir grinned and Mimi closed her eyes and placed her head on Gir's shoulder.

"Last week was funny!" Mimi muttered a 'yeah' and slowly opened her eyes.

"Tak, Master, you…me. Its all LOCO!" Gir laughed wildly and Mimi laughed with him enjoying their first date. Mimi turned towards Gir and Gir did the same. They both stared at each other and they both leaned forward. And so the kissing began.';';';';

Okay I am sooo sorry Invader L! I know it came out an epic fail but you know, flash drives kinda suck. I preferred the original but whatever. Anyway hope you kind of liked it. At least ONE word, Happy Birthday! I know I said it earlier but it's fun!