I have changed the story format. This story will soon be off hiatus.~ Evangeline

In Headmistress Morgan's office:

"I have called you guys in to tell you that you're going on a mission." Said the headmistress.

"Awesome!" said Bex.

"Really?" Cammie said surprised.

Macey and Liz just nodded.

"You guys will leave for New York tomorrow via airplane at 1:45 PM. So go get ready and good night." Cammie's mother said.

The girls just left and went back to their room.

The next day at the airport:

The girls received their cover stories and were ready to board the plane.

On the plane:

Bex's Cover:

Name: Rebecca Bailey


Rebecca Bailey lives in with her 3 best friends in an apartment. They go to Goode High. When she gets off the plane she her boyfriend will greet her in baggage claim. They then will head to the apartments. Her boyfriend lives in the next apartment . She and her boyfriend have been dating for a year now.

Directions to the apartment are in the back of the book. The rest of her family has moved to New Jersey. She has an older brother and a younger sister. They're names are Jack and Jill.

Cammie's Cover:

Name: Cameron Mitchell


Cameron Mitchell lives with her 3 best friends. She has a brother, he lives in the apartment next to her with his friends. Her cousin is one of her brother's friends so he lives there too. Her and her brother haven't seen each other since they were 14. He is dating one of her best friends. She will see him with his girlfriend in baggage claim and her boyfriend will come up behind her and hug her. Then her and her boyfriend will go to the apartments drop off their stuff and then hang out around town.

Liz's Cover:

Name: Elizabeth Snow


Elizabeth Snow is originally from the south. She moved to New York when she was 5. She lives with her 3 best friends. Her family moved back to the south when she was 13. She stayed here in New York with her aunt. When she gets off the plane, she goes into a bookshop / café. There she sees her boyfriend . They go to baggage claim and go to the apartments with the others.

Macey's Cover:

Name: Macey McLean


Macey McLean is a daughter of a movie star. Her father is Tristan McLean. She has a sister named Piper. She lives with her 3 best friends. She is a model and she will soon be a movie actress. When she gets off the plane, she will put her sunglasses on and head outside. There she will meet her boyfriend. They will head to the apartments.

"We will be landing momentarily." The captain announced.

2 hours earlier that day on a plane:

Grant, Zach, Jonas, and Preston had received their cover books. They were on a mission.

Grant's Cover:

Name: Grant Cox


Grant Cox is a 17-year-old. He lives in with his 3 best friends in an apartment. His sister lives in the next apartment. They're parents divorced when they were 14. He was left with his dad and she went with his mom. He will go to baggage claim to greet his girlfriend around 6 o'clock. Then they will go to the apartments.

Zach's Cover:

Name: Zachary Gray


Zachary Gray lives with his 3 best friends. His cousin lives in the next apartment along with his girlfriend. His cousin and him argue like brother and sister. He and his cousin end up competing in academics. She mostly wins. She stayed with him and his mom when her parents moved back to the south. He will go to baggage claim with Grant. Grant will go up to his girlfriend and he will go hug his girlfriend from behind.

Jonas' Cover:

Name: Jonas Davis


Jonas Davis lives with his 3 best friends. One of his best friends is his cousin. He used to live in the south. He knows that his childhood friend lives with his other cousin but he can't remember what she exactly looks like and her name. He will go into a coffee/bookshop around 6 o'clock. Then his girlfriend will come in and see him. They will get coffee and then go to the apartments.

Preston's Cover:

Name: Preston Walker

Age: 17

Preston Walker lives with his 3 best friends. He is a model and a movie actor. He and his girlfriend are childhood friends. He will meet her outside the airport and then they will go to the apartments.

I always knew Preston was important and anyways in my GG stories he will go to Blackthorne.