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She jerked awake with a strangled gasp, sky blue eyes snapping open after having her soul sent back into her body so forcefully.

With a soft sigh, she reached up a shaky hand to brush aside her blonde bangs as she tried to recollect her memories of what had happened a few minutes ago.

Or had it been an hour? She couldn't tell how much time had passed since it had drifted so slowly, merging one second to the next, in that horrible place.

All she remembered was a searing pain enveloping her entire body, hearing herself scream in agony as she thrashed around in an attempt to break the spell binding her to the air, before she felt herself—her soul—being sucked down into the dark, gaping maw of the great beast that waited below, mouth filled to the brim with several rows of razor-sharp fangs.

She glanced around slowly, realizing that she was propped up in a sitting position, back resting against a smooth rock wall.

Ominous black clouds roiled overhead like a mass of snakes and it was eerily silent, only the occasional gust of chilly wind blowing through the area.

Using the wall as support, she pulled herself to her feet, brushing off her white dress with her left hand, the intricate purple bracelets clamped around her wrists glinting faintly.

"Zelda, you're awake!" a low, rough voice called.

Zelda glanced behind her, shoulder blade-length hair swishing with the movement, to see a boy a year older than her jogging toward her, red hair styled meticulously into a distinct pompadour waving back and forth.

"Groose," Zelda whispered as the red-head stopped a few feet away from her, leaning his hands on the knees of his beige pants as he tried to catch his breath.

"I just had to go tell Grannie that everything was fine," Groose panted, golden-brown eyes relieved as he stared up at Zelda. "I'm glad you're okay."

"Where's Link?" Zelda peered around, noticing her friend's absence. "Is he all right?"

Groose could hear the panicked change in Zelda's voice as he straightened.

"He's fighting that Demise guy," Groose stared down at the ground several feet below where a circle of thick murky energy bubbled. "Come on."

The red-head held out his hand for the blonde to take.

"Let's go back to the temple and wait for him."

"No," Zelda shook her head, taking a step back as she put a hand against her chest. "I have to make sure that he isn't hurt."

"He can handle—"


Groose blinked in surprise at the forcefulness, slowly lowering his hand, as Zelda stared at him seriously.

"I don't want him coming out of there on the verge of death and us not know about it."

With a defeated sigh, Groose glanced back at the silent, pristine temple sitting at the top of the circular, sloping hill behind them before he gazed back at Zelda and gave a soft smile.

"All right. Let's go wait for the doofus."

Zelda gave a laugh as she grinned.

"Thanks, Groose," she said, giving the red-head a kiss on the cheek, causing Groose to blush and chuckle stupidly.

When he came out of his stupor, Groose noticed that Zelda was already ahead of him and he quickly sprinted after her.

"I bet the idiot'll need my help anyway."

Zelda giggled softly to herself as Groose began to walk behind her.

"Oh, Groose…"

Zelda couldn't sit still.

She and Groose were at the bottom of the immense swirling pit beneath where the temple stood proud and tall at the top, waiting for Link to return.

She waited to see his familiar green tunic, floppy green hat, or the tip of the glowing white sword he wielded. But after five minutes she hadn't seen any sign of her friend's reappearance.

So Zelda paced while Groose leaned against the rock wall, arms folded across his broad chest.

She walked back and forth quickly for a few seconds before she stopped, staring hopefully at the boiling mass of shadows in the center of the deep cavity, only to begin anxiously pacing once more.

Groose silently watched her, but was calm.

He didn't doubt Link's fighting ability, having seen it firsthand several times, and the fact that Zelda was back in her body meant that Demise was defeated or on the brink of death.

By the fifth time Zelda had paused to wait for Link, she didn't continue, watching with relief as she noticed a brown boot emerge from the pool of energy and then another before a full body walked out.


The blonde teen, who appeared more or less miserable, stopped and stared at Zelda, his blue eyes wide with surprise before he slowly grinned.


The two ran at each other, meeting halfway, and Link picked Zelda up, spinning her around.

"You're okay!" he laughed as he gently set his friend down.

"Of course, I am," Zelda said, giving the blonde a quick hug. "I'm just glad you're not hurt."

It wasn't that Link wasn't injured. He only had a few minor cuts, bruises, and scorch marks on his skin and clothes. A silver necklace that Zelda hadn't noticed before hung around the blonde's neck, the pendant hidden beneath his shirt.

"Welcome back, wuss," Groose muttered, walking up to the two as they pulled apart and clapping Link on the shoulder. "Though I have to say, your entrances could be worked on a bit."

Link snorted, "My entrances are just fine, thanks."

"Nice going, buddy," Groose smirked as he wrapped his meaty arm around Link's throat and began roughly rubbing his knuckles against the boy's hair. "You saved the world."

"Quit it, Groose!" Link laughed, pushing against the red-head's chest to break free of his hold. "You're messing up my hair!"

The three laughed, the air around them growing light as they forgot about what had just transpired.

"Don't celebrate just yet," a dark, chilling voice growled.

Link opened his eyes with a gasp as the laughter in both Zelda and Groose faded.


He looked toward the center of the pit as he straightened when Groose released him in astonishment.

"No, I vanquished you."

Standing amongst the dying embers of magic in the middle of the pit was the dethroned demon king, his flaming hair flickering bright against the smeared grey atmosphere and crimson eyes glowing with malice as he tightened his grip on the huge jagged black blade in his right hand.

"I am a demon, boy," Demise hissed, baring his fanged teeth. "I cannot be defeated that easily."

Demise's form wavered, turning briefly to particles of purple light before reforming as if he were having trouble maintaining his existence.

"Though it appears I will not be able to sustain this form for long."

Link's expression darkened as he drew his sword, stepping halfway in front of Zelda to protect her, shield raised slightly.

"Foolish boy," Demise cackled, a crackling ball of amethyst energy beginning to form in his left hand. "I do not need her anymore. Nor do I wish to fight you."

He stared down at the sparking orb in his palm.

"No…I have a better idea. I will curse you. You will forever be bound to walk the boundary between life and death."

Demise raised his red eyes to the three mortals before him, slowly, before he abruptly lifted his hand above his head, swinging it down only a moment later to send the ball of blazing electricity flying toward the group.

Link didn't have time to react and lift up his shield to try deflecting the attack.

"No, Zelda!"

The cry echoed as the world fell silent.

Sometime in the future

The young girl giggled as she trotted through the dark, dusty basement, the lit torches resting against the metal hooks nailed to the cinder block walls flickering faintly.

It was pretty easy for the eleven-year-old to slip past the guards protecting the doors to the basement and Zelda couldn't understand why her father didn't want her down there; there wasn't anything of interest.

Just rotting crates, empty bottles, and cobweb-covered paintings of her ancestors as well as her father's and mother's predecessors.

Zelda sighed as she slowed to a walk, placing her arms behind her back as she observed everything around her.

I can't believe it's only been a few months since I used the ocarina to turn back time and allow Link to have his childhood, she thought as she stopped to stare up at the picture of her deceased mother hanging at the far end of the basement, illuminated by the torches on either side of the frame.

And now only him and I know what transpired in the final battle with Ganondorf.

Zelda glanced down and noticed a faded yellow sheet of parchment paper resting on a low table beneath the portrait. She raised an eyebrow, picking up the piece of paper, seeing that it was torn in several places and the writing was barely legible, having faded over the years.

The letters were in ancient Hylian, but being in the higher class of society, Zelda could read it.

As she went down the many separated lines of the different generations and family relations, Zelda eventually came to the end of the sheet and saw that she and Link were practically side by side.

Surprised, she looked up from the page.

"Link and I are…cousins?"

She blinked before she muttered, "Glad I got over my crush on him, then."

With a sigh, Zelda gazed up at the ceiling, placing a hand to her chest in an old habit.

"I wonder what that means for our future?"

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