Ch.22-Tastes better than it smells

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Epona practically assaulted Zelda the moment she saw the princess walking down the steps, knocking her to the ground and standing over her, happily nuzzling Zelda.

"Hey, quit it, Epona!" Zelda laughed as Epona drowned her in slobbery licks much like a playful dog, futilely trying to push the mare away. "I was only gone for two days!"

The mare finally calmed down before staring at Impa.

The Sheikah took a small step back when Epona moved closer to her, gazing at her doubtfully as she looked Impa up and down.

Epona snorted, shaking her head slightly as she ambled back toward Zelda.

Impa realized that Epona didn't seem particularly fond of her.

I wonder why… the Sheikah pondered as Zelda began to lead Epona toward the bridge they had crossed a few days ago to reach Death Mountain.

As the Sheikah followed after Zelda, who had turned left, heading up a small hill, she noticed how possessively close Epona walked beside Zelda.

Ah, Impa thought as she realized what the mare's problem was. She believes I am stealing Zelda from her.

Zelda paused at a lush area with a twisting creek and a grand waterfall at the far end; ledge-like strips of land rose above the ground, crossing over the gurgling stream.

"All right, Epona," Zelda murmured as she stroked the mare's muzzle. "I'll be back in a few hours. You stay here and be good."

Epona nickered in understanding, watching as Zelda walked away before glowering at Impa as the Sheikah glided past.

A fleeting thought entered Impa's mind as she felt the urge to put her arm around Zelda just to spite the mare, but it was pushed to the back of the Sheikah's brain when she realized that it would have just been a stupid, childish action.

Let Epona be jealous, let her act like she was Zelda's mother; it didn't bother Impa.

The Sheikah was her guardian, nothing more.

But somehow it hurt when she thought that.

Because you like her…a small voice at the back of the Sheikah's mind snickered.

I do not, Impa mentally replied, realizing she was possibly going crazy, talking to what was probably her conscience.

Oh, you keep thinking that! The voice laughed. See how far it gets you.

She must have appeared frustrated because when Zelda glanced at her, she asked, "Impa?"

The Sheikah was snapped out of her thoughts.

"Yes, Your Grace?"

Zelda stared at the Sheikah thoughtfully for a few seconds as if searching for something before she questioned, "How come you only call me Zelda at certain times?"

"What do you mean, Your Grace?"

"Like yesterday when the Furnix was about to attack, you called me Zelda. And when you protected my ancestor. Why is that?"

I did…? Impa wondered, trying to remember when she had called Zelda by her name.

"Perhaps it was because I was…scared," the Sheikah explained slowly, "and momentarily forgot about formalities."

"Ah, okay," Zelda said simply with a grin. "Then I just gotta get you scared more often."

Impa glanced at Zelda with a slightly raised eyebrow.

"I like it when you say my name."

Zelda paused in front of a waterfall and faced toward it.

"We're here."

The Sheikah stared at the large amount of water crashing into the small pond below quizzically.


"At Zora's Domain," Zelda explained as she pulled out a blue ocarina from her pocket and began to play a gentle melody.

Impa watched as the waterfall parted to the sides in response to the tune, revealing a dark passageway behind it.

"That caves leads to where the Zora live," Zelda said, placing the ocarina back in her pocket before jumping into the cave.

"What a clever way of hiding it," Impa murmured as she followed after the princess.

"Yeah. The Zora do have a small place that leads to Lake Hylia, but only a select few actually know where the front door is and how to get past it."

"Namely you and the hero," Impa guessed.

"How'd you know?"

"He saved the Zora, did he not?"

Zelda rolled her eyes, remembering that she had told Impa all of Link's adventures.

The two came into a large area where a pond was, a small waterfall crashing into the pool to Zelda's left.

"That's strange," Zelda muttered when she noticed the water flowing under a layer of ice. "It's frozen over."

The princess went to a nearby Zora who was observing the pond worriedly.

"Hey, why's the pond frozen?"

"A Freezard came in here!" the Zora explained, pointing to a large block of ice nearby. "It froze the pond and the high dive waterfall. If we don't do something soon, Lord Jabu-Jabu won't get his daily fish and we won't be able to feed ourselves!"

"Have you tried killing it?" Zelda asked, glancing at the nervous Zora with a raised eyebrow.

"We have, but those brave enough only end up getting frozen," the Zora gestured to tow Zora nearby trying to create a fire to help thaw out a third Zora trapped in a block of ice.

Zelda gazed back at the Freezard and grinned.

"Looks like this is a job for me, then," she said as she pulled out an arrow and withdrew her bow.

As Zelda notched an arrow, the metal tip was magically set alight by a small flame.

The princess aimed the flickering arrow at the Freezard before suddenly lifting it toward the ceiling and releasing it.

The Zora watching squeaked in shock.

"You missed!" he said, frantically shaking Zelda who appeared mildly annoyed. "How could you miss? It was ten feet in front of you!"

"Just watch," Zelda replied as she stared at the Freezard.

The arrow shot down, burying itself in the top of the Freezard's head.

The icy monster squealed as the heat from the fire arrow began to melt it.

"Never," Zelda said, pushing the Zora off her as the Freezard finally diminished into a puddle, "doubt my archery skills."

With that said, Zelda pulled out two more arrows, notched them, and set them alight before releasing them, one striking the center of the pond while the other hit the high dive waterfall.

"There you go," Zelda smirked as the ice began to melt. "Now you should be able to fish."

Zelda then sat down at the edge of the pond, taking a Deku stick from a nearby Zora who gave an indignant "Hey!" and pulled out the fishing line in her pocket as well as a red earring.

Impa watched silently as Zelda tied one end of the fishing line to the top of the stick before wrapping the other end to the earring.

"You said that those earrings were your mother's, correct?" Impa asked as Zelda threw the earring as far as she could into the pond.


"Why are you using one as bait?"

"Mom left me a note, saying that I would know what to do with them when the time came and I can tell this is what she meant. It's not like I'm gonna let the fish eat it or anything."

It fell silent as Zelda patiently waited for a bite.

After a few minutes it was apparent Zelda was beginning to grow annoyed with waiting.

Just as Zelda was about to give up, the fishing line went taut.

"Oh, I caught something!"

Zelda stood up and began pulling backward, trying to drag her catch toward shore.

"You caught the elusive Reekfish!" a Zora gasped as Zelda finally managed to pull a large red fish onto land.

"A what fish?" Zelda asked as she held down the struggling fish so she could take the earring out of its mouth.

The princess wrinkled her nose in disgust.

"Ew, it's stinky."

"That's how it got its name," the Zora chuckled as Zelda finally got annoyed with the flopping fish, piercing its tail with an arrow. "They only appear every few hundred years when the coral they feed on begins to grow."

"So it's a rare fish," Zelda said with a nod.


Zelda glanced at the Zora to see him holding out a shallow bowl made of some sort of ceramic with a woven leaf resting inside.

"If you're going to cook the fish, this bowl will help. And the leaf will help preserve whatever is left."

"Oh, I can't take that," Zelda said with a shake of her head.

"Think of it as a thank you gift for helping us," the Zora persisted, handing the bowl to Zelda. "We would never have been able to defeat that Freezard if you hadn't come along."

"Oh…well, then, thanks," Zelda grinned before picking up the Reekfish and dropping it in the bowl.

She gave a bow to the Zora, who returned it, before beginning to head back toward the Zora River.

"Hey, Impa," Zelda smiled as she glanced at the Sheikah. "Guess who just got dinner."

After creating a small fire, Zelda cut off the Reekfish's tail, using the leaf to preserve it.

She then began to gut the fish, skimming off the scales, and even chopping off the head.

Impa watched, wondering how Zelda knew such techniques but didn't question the princess; it had taken the Sheikah several years to discover the proper way to prepare and cook fish without getting sick.

Once the water had boiled, Zelda put in a few herbs and spices into the bowl as she sliced the fish into small pieces; when the water had turned a milky color, Zelda dumped the fish, using the Deku stick she had fished with to stir the stew.

After making certain the fish had cooked thoroughly, Zelda decided to do a taste test of her stew.

"Hmm," Zelda licked her lips, trying to decide whether or not she liked it.

She looked at Impa with a grin.

"The fish tastes better than it smells."

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1. In TP the reason why the Reekfish are constantly in the Zora Domain is that the coral they feed on was planted during different times of the month, so it grows all year round. The Zora here aren't so smart...and the don't particularly like the stinky fish anyway.

2. Why don't the Zora just go out to Lake Hylia to fish if the Freezard froze their pond? Eeehh, my answer...the fish they have in the Domain has more nutrients than the Hylia fish.

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