'I'm going crazy!' My eyes locked with Charlie's, he was lying on the dirt covered ground in the same place I remembered him die. Blood still covered his lips just as I recalled but this time it was only me and him. My hands were coated in his blood and he grabbed my arm tight enough to bruise. I didn't struggled; just stared in complete disbelief.

"This is your fault Lloyd," he spoke, voice unnervingly calm and terse.

Time seemed to slow and I suddenly felt trapped; the air was thick and suffocating, I couldn't get enough oxygen. My heart was pounding and a deep emptiness settled in my chest. The emptiness was like an insheddable weight , I clenched my fists and bit my lower lip. 'This can't be happening.' Warm treks of tears ran down my cheeks and I felt as the warm liquid immediately cooled in the light breeze. Voices were calling my name, but they sounded foggy and distant. I didn't pay any attention to the voices beside the frittering, 'who is that?'.

"I...I didn't know Damien would...I...I'm so sorry..." I practically begged, like my words would make everything alright.

Charlie, who had yet to break eye contact, continued speaking as if I hadn't said anything. "You didn't do your job when you were on the stand. This would've been prevented but you thought you were better than them, better than all the other jury members who didn't see things your way. They would've locked him up and dosed him with antipsychotics till he could barely tie his shoe, much less escape. I guess doing what was right didn't occur to you till your own life was in jeopardy."

His voice was cold and lacked its usual cheeriness; in fact, it seemed to hold all the anger and resentment that I held for myself. It broke me. In that moment my world shattered. Everything was closing up on me and Charlie was laughing a bitter laugh that shook me to the core.

He leaned over and grabbed his discarded Glock. He stroked my cheek, almost tenderly before pressing the barrel into my stomach. My eyes followed the gun, not entirely comprehending the situation. I looked back at him just in time to see him smirk. He pulled the trigger.