A/N: just a little short about Harley and Batman. This is not part of my other story What is Love, but if you want it to be you can imagine it I guess :)

Enough. Enough! She has had ENOUGH! Harley covered her ears tightly with her hands and screamed. She was bloody and crouched in a corner with a torn up Harlequin costume. Her long blonde dyed hair falling over her shoulders.

She pulled her legs up into her chest and sat there in a fetal position slowly rocking back and forth. The Joker had done it; he beat Harley to a bloody pulp and left her to die.

He said-or screamed that he couldn't take her anymore. That she was a useless bitch. Harley began to sob and buried her head in her legs.

'Why did I let him do this to me?' she thought to herself.

She has suffered for far too long. Her 'Puddin' did this to her. She loved him, why would he respond with hate and anger?

Harley heard a walking noise and looked up thinking to see the Joker coming back to see if he REALLY finished the job. But instead, she saw Batman immersing his way out of the shadows and slowly making his way to her. He stopped and looked at the defenseless woman on the floor. She thought he looked at her in disgust, but he didn't.

"Harley." he said. She stared at the man in front of her.

"What do you want bats?" she spat, her accent completely gone. She was responded with his hands on her shoulders. She looked up in time to see him grab her in a tight hug.

Harley blushed feeling his warm body against her cold one. But what struck her the most was that the stoic Dark Knight was hugging her? What in the friggin' hell? Is the damn world about to end?

"Do you finally realize what to do now? Do you realize that he never cared Harleen?" he asked pulling himself up off the ground and standing in front of her. Harley wiped her eyes.

"Yes. Yes, I realize what I've been putting up with for the last couple of years. He's never cared for me. Never." she said trying to stand up.

Harley tried to balance herself but the pain was unbearable and she fell forward, but only to be caught in the strong arms of Batman. There eyes met for a couple of seconds until he scooped her up bridal style and held her tightly as she hung on to him.

"Don't worry, you'll get the help you need, and I'll be the one to give it to you. You and me, together." He cared. He cared about her. He treated with such care and protectiveness that the Joker would NEVER even think about doing.

Maybe, maybe something could happen. Maybe. Who knows?

Harley leaned up and gave Batman a sweet kiss on the lips. He returned the gesture and continued walking. "Together."

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