So I came up with the idea for this whilst watching Clash of the titans and drooling over Sam Worthington when suddenly... BAM! I get this idea! I hope you like it.

Warnings: OOC, AU, non-graphic yaoi, violence and gore in later chapters.

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Long ago atop Mount Olympus, a son of Zeus sat watching Earth and the humans who lived there. Ichigo had had enough. He was always watching the humans lead their little lives, getting in to trouble, having adventures now he wanted his own adventures. Before his resolve could fail him he slipped out of his chambers and made his way to the gates of Olympus before he could get caught.

Down on Earth a human named Grimmjow was herding sheep. The sun was setting and he needed to move his herd to the field on the other side of his house before Apollo completely robbed him of sunlight. But as the Fates would have it a lamb escaped the herd through a gap in the fence Grimmjow hadn't even known was there until he saw that tiny rear end squeezing through and running off in the direction of the forest. Damn it all. Grimmjow locked the gate and trudged in the direction of the runaway lamb.

Ichigo sighed, his temper stretched thin. He was hopelessly lost. The young god had been walking around this damn forest for hours and was about 5 seconds away from burning it to the ground. Ichigo's body ached, and his long alabaster legs were patchy with mud. Of one thing Ichigo was absolutely certain. He could not return to Olympus looking like this. Ichigo continued to wander (getting more stressed and lost with each step) when he came across a small creek that ran through the centre of the dismal forest he found himself in. Smiling with pure joy Ichigo stripped out of his robes. Carefully Ichigo placed his clothes on a rock and climbed in.

Grimmjow knew the forest like the back of his hand, and yet he couldn't find his lamb anywhere. He'd run after it of course but it had managed to slip away from him, and any moment now he was going to admit defeat. Maybe some wild animal had got the poor thing and eaten it. It happened sometimes.

The young shepherd was about to turn and leave for home when a voice caught his attention. It was heavenly, smooth like silk and... singing? Grimmjow's curiosity overrode his common sense and he crept closer to the source.

Ichigo was completely oblivious to what was going on around him, he was far too happy cleaning the mud off his body and singing a ballad he'd learned from his mother about a brave warrior who saved a city from a dragon.

Grimmjow couldn't believe his eyes. He'd crept closer to the source of the singing and been met with a beautiful orange haired man. He was tall and lithe, toned in all the right places with legs that went on forever. Grimmjow was planted to the spot as if his feet had grown roots. This man was mesmerizing, enchanting and absolutely perfect, as much as Grimmjow didn't want to break this moment, he really could watch this stranger all day, but a stirring in his lower region was telling him he needed to move things forward.

Ichigo was taken by surprise when a husky voice called out to him.


Ichigo slowly turned on the spot to face the owner of the voice. A blue haired stranger with a body that rivalled Adonis (from what the young god could see) he had bright blue hair which perfectly matched his beautiful blue eyes. The stranger's angular features were undeniably handsome and Ichigo had an instant attraction to him.

"Can I help you human?"

Grimmjow was a little taken back by being addressed that way, but decided to ignore it.

"It's getting late, you should get home before it's too dark and you get lost out here"

Ichigo smiled. "I'm already lost 5 more minutes won't hurt me, besides I'm quite far from my home."

Grimmjow stepped a little closer to the stranger, coming to a stop at the water's edge, mere inches away from the other man.

"Where do you live?"

"If I told you would you believe me?"

Grimmjow didn't really know why he cared, he should be getting home.

"Sure, I guess."

Ichigo was about to tell the other when an idea came to mind. Ichigo smirked, lazily.

"Take me home with you and I'll tell you."

Grimmjow was surprised and intrigued enough that he accepted. Who knows maybe he could get some fun out of this.

"Alright" Grimmjow grinned as the man jumped out of the water and quickly dressed.

The walk back home was a lot shorter then he remembered. Maybe it was because Grimmjow was anxious to see if he could get the other man into his bed, that he wasn't really paying attention to the journey. Grimmjow lived in a small cottage on the outskirts of town, and the forest lay to the right of his humble abode. Inside was modestly decorated the only things in Grimmjow's cottage were things that absolutely needed to be there. A pot over the fire to cook in, a large wooden chest to hold his robes, a table to eat at and a bed to sleep in. Grimmjow lead a simple but happy life.

Ichigo looked around the cottage and smiled to himself, it was so different to his palace on Mount Olympus.

"I know it's not much..." Grimmjow started but Ichigo quickly interrupted

"It's lovely" the young god strode over to the sinfully gorgeous human before him and pressed a chaste kiss to his lips.

Grimmjow was stunned, but only for a moment, before he returned the kiss and wrapped his arms around the smaller male's waist.

He couldn't believe his luck. It was like this sexy young man had read his mind. The blunette dropped his hands to the others bum and lifted, pleased when Ichigo wrapped his legs around Grimmjow's waist.

Ichigo wrapped his arms around Grimmjow's neck, threading his slender fingers through wild sky blue locks. The orangette smiled as Grimmjow groaned into the kiss and tightened his legs around the others waist pressing their groins together.

Grimmjow fought back, he was the one in charge. Licking Ichigo's bottom lip, asking for entrance, as he walked them over to the bed. Grimmjow slipped his appendage into the others mouth, mapping out every inch of the hot cavern that he could reach, eliciting a soft moan from his soon to be lover.

Feeling impatient Grimmjow dropped Ichigo onto the bed who in turn whined at the loss of contact. A smirk stretched across his full lips as he watched Ichigo's eyes cloud over with lust as he stripped out of his robes, and discarding them, said items forgotten as soon as it left his hand.

Ichigo whimpered as he watched the man, this mere mortal made his body over heat, his breathing laboured and his will weak. They'd only just met but Ichigo was losing the will to return to his true home. Ichigo's hand strayed south as he gently groped his already hard member, his back arching off the firm mattress as he teased himself whilst watching the sexy blunette.

Grimmjow could have cum all over himself at the sight of Ichigo stroking himself on his bed. Sanity quickly slipping away from him, Grimmjow pounced on the orange haired tease, quickly stripping him of his robes and sandals before attacking his neck with nips and kisses.

Grimmjow ravaged Ichigo for hours, it was well into the night before the colourful pair passed out due to exhaustion. Ichigo wrapped up in Grimmjow's firm embrace.

The sun streaming through the windows is what woke Ichigo. He was still wrapped up in Grimmjow's strong arms and sighed. Today he would have to leave Grimmjow behind, mortals couldn't live on Olympus and his father most definitely knew he was missing by now. Ichigo let his eyes wander over the sleeping mans features, from this proximity Ichigo could really appreciate just how handsome the other man was.

A blue eyebrow twitched in frustration. "Stop staring its irritating"

Ichigo blushed, embarrassed at being caught. "Sorry"

He pushed away from Grimmjow in an attempt to get up and get dressed, but was stopped by Grimmjow's tightening grip.

"Just where do you think you're going?" Grimmjow's cerulean orbs opened slowly to look into honey ones. Ichigo was his now and he had no intention of letting him go.

"I-I have to go home..."

"No you don't. Stay here with me."

"I do... you don't understand..."

Grimmjow was starting to get irritated now. What was so important that Ichigo wouldn't stay with him?

"Then make me understand."

"Grimmjow... I'm... I'm a god, my father's Zeus and I live on Mount Olympus." Words that at first seemed to get stuck in his throat now tumbled from his lips.

Grimmjow couldn't believe it. Ichigo was a god! He'd had sex with a god! He'd topped a god! Grimmjow's ego was soaring; he had to fight hard for a stupid grin was threatening to invade his face.

Ichigo was getting worried. Grimmjow looked constipated, and hadn't spoken in a full five minutes. "G-Grimmjow... please say something..."

The sound of Ichigo's voice brought Grimmjow back to reality. "Will I ever see you again?"

The young god moved closer to Grimmjow, they were a tangle of limbs and it was almost impossible to tell where one ended and the other began. Ichigo tucked his head under Grimmjow's chin, he couldn't look at him right now, his heart ached at the thought of leaving Grimmjow and he really didn't want to.

"I don't know Grimmjow..."

The rest of the morning passed in almost silence. And although it hurt Ichigo to do so he left Grimmjow and returned to Mount Olympus to receive his punishment from his father.

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