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GGMM ch 11 take 2!

Ichigo just stared, he was at a complete loss for words, and he could hardly believe what he heard. But the evidence was right in front of him in the form of his mother and the mountain they were now trapped on. He wasn't sure what to say or how to feel, he supposed he should be angry at Zeus' infidelity and Hera for trapping them there... But if Zeus hadn't been unfaithful he wouldn't exist and Hera loved and raised him, put her hatred aside and made him a good man. How could he hate her for that? However being taken away from Io, the lost time and missed memories of his first steps, first words and first hunt he would never forget and never forgive.

"Mom... Io... Mom..."

Io smiled. "You don't have to call me mom if you don't want to, I don't want you to feel pressured, I just wanted you to know the truth."

Io rested her hand reassuringly on Ichigo's arm. Ichigo placed his hand on hers for a moment before removing it from him and pulling Io into a hug. The memory of which would be ingrained into her memory until her last breath. Io would never forget the feelings of happiness, love and relief that washed over her. Ichigo was her son, and they were together at last.

After a few moments Ichigo pulled away and was met with Io's best 'scolding parent' face but despite her best efforts Ichigo could see her fighting a smile.

"Now I think you have some explaining to do. How exactly did you end up trapped here?"

Ichigo sighed... Grimmjow... He missed the mortal so much it hurt.

"The love of my life is a mortal... A man. His name is Grimmjow. Mom he's beautiful! His hair is the colour of the sky, his eyes are the sea. Grimmjow is taller than me and his body would make Adonis jealous!"

Io giggled, she thought a moment like this would never happen, and enjoyed listening to her son talk about his love.

"So? Let me guess your father, didn't approve?" Io asked, already having a fair idea of the answer.

"Like Hera approves a one night stand! No... He went mad and banned me from seeing him... But... I went anyway"

Io smiled, like mother like son.

Ichigo launched into the story of Grimmjow's contract with Zeus and Io sat and listened intently to her son talk.

Far below in the human realm Grimmjow and Hermes were making their way across Greece to where Polyphemus lived. Polyphemus was a Cyclops who enjoyed eating humans and although he was a shepherd like Grimmjow, Polyphemus had not one caring bone in his body, but what worried Hermes most was Grimmjow. He hadn't uttered a single word in hours, the now demi god, just walked and walked. Occasionally he'd pull out his map to check they were still going in the right direction but that was it. Grimmjow needed to talk to Hermes, he had things he needed to tell him about Polyphemus.

Grimmjow found this all a little too much to take in. Ichigo's whole life had been a lie, because of his unfaithful father Ichigo had been deprived of his mother. It made the bluenette think about his own mother, the only person who truly loved and cared for him after his father died in a tragic accident many years before. It saddened Grimmjow that his lover had been deprived of that.

"Ahem... Grimmjow...?" a familiar voice caught his attention and he turned to the source.

"Yes Hermes?"

"Are you not going to formulate a plan? We are almost at the caves where Polyphemus lives..."

"I have one. Well sort of. Sneak in, wait till he falls asleep, kill him, pop out his eye, hey presto job done."

" 'Hey presto, job done' ? That's not how it works! Polyphemus eats humans! If you get caught that's it. You're dead."

"Well thanks to Ichi I ain't a human anymore am I? I'm a demi god."

"Yes but so is he! If you die so does he! His life is in your hands and you need to be more careful with it!"

"It'll be fine. I haven't died yet."

Grimmjow was done talking, it was very clear by the look on his face that there was no point in arguing with him any further.

Hermes sighed. "Polyphemus' weaknesses are his love for human flesh and his low intelligence, but he makes up for the latter with absolute brute strength. Be careful Grimmjow."

According to the map, which Hermes was quick to agree with, Polyphemus' cave was on the ridge of a mountain that faced out to sea and was a mere 2 miles away. It would take them just under an hour to get there and Grimmjow was starting to get a little worried and the look was obvious on his face.

The sun was starting to set when the pair reached Polyphemus' cave, twilight was beginning to bathe the land in a beautiful orange glow. It had taken a total of two days to get to the dank hole and Grimmjow was tired and weary so it was decided (mainly by Hermes- it was like having his mother along for the trip! All the guy did was worry!) that Grimmjow would sleep tonight and tackle Polyphemus tomorrow night. Hermes didn't need very much sleep so he would watch over Grimmjow as he rested.

The pair found a small cave facing the opposite direction to the Cyclops' in the same mountain face. The two demi gods settled right at the back of the cave hoping that the cyclops wouldn't catch their scent.

"He loves you very much you know." Hermes wasn't looking at Grimmjow, the blunette lay on the floor with his back to Hermes while Hermes faced the mouth of the cave.

"I know. I love him too. I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't"

"Please... Rescue him and Io from Argus..."

"I will no doubt about it, I'll slay the giant and bring them home."

Hermes had to smile at the confidence in the man's voice. Maybe things were going to be okay after all...

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