If there was one person crazier than me it was Daryl; and I took a sort of comfort in knowing that fact.

I watched his face as he hunted for his prey. And I couldn't help but think, if it had been a year ago; I'd have PETA all over his ass. But now, well… when you no longer have a Nature's way to do your shopping you start to realize you can't be as picky as you once were.

I always had questions for god, but who doesn't really. But now, now I wonder if this is god's way of showing us that we really fucked up. That this is what we deserve for all that we did. Or maybe, just maybe there is no god and we did this to ourselves and I don't know which is scarier of the two.

It would be just like us to blame someone or something for what we did, for touching things we should have left untouched.

"Did anyone ever tell you you're scary good at this?" I asked in a hushed voice stepping over the brush trying not to prick myself. Last thing I needed was Walkers on my butt and a stone face killer in my front. And he was a killer. I knew it with the same certainty that I knew tomorrow when I woke the world would still be in hell.

"Did anyone ever tell you, you don't know how to follow directions" he snapped, his country twang making his words all that harsher.

"Sorry," I mutter stumbling over rocks.

"Shhhh" he grabbed my upper arm stopping me from falling over, "quick, get down"

"wha-" his hand covered my mouth, his body wrapped around mine like an outer shell protecting me. His mouth, hot near my ear whispered "damn walkers. Don't make a sound"

I couldn't help but peer through the bush we wear crouching behind.

My stomach hurt with the sight of two walkers biting and tearing at the bear we just spent an hour stalking.

I shut my eyes and I wished, wished so hard for it to be over and for the poor bear to not be in any pain. But the sounds it was making, sounds I couldn't fathom as to how I missed before were tearing at my heart's strings.

"Shhh," Daryl's voice was low, almost impossible to hear. "The moment the wind changes directions, we'll have them on our asses. Keep low, and for god sakes don't make a sound. You understand what I'm sayin' girl?"

I nodded my head, his hand still covering my mouth.

"Now!" he hissed letting go of me, and turning himself around to face the direction we came in. I was amazed by the grace he had doing it.

I was about to follow but as bear moaned out in pain It stopped me in my tracks.

"We have to put her down, It's the right thing to do!" the words echoed in my brain, and before I knew what I was doing I stood up and took a shot. Not at the walkers, who were now staring at me as if I was water in the desert but at the bear. Right in the head, a clean kill. I felt a bundle of joy knowing that it no longer was in pain.

"What the hell you doin'?!" Daryl shouted grabbing my arm, no longer having to be worried about being quiet and hidden.

"I couldn't-" he started to shake me; the look in his eyes was murderous. He said one word and one word only. It was threatening, like it was meant to be "RUN"


I ran, I didn't stop, not until I was sure I was alone. And by that time, I realized what I had done. What I had given up just so a bear no longer had to be in pain for a few more moment.

"People" I laughed, "Who needs them anyways." I started to walk, out of breath and panting. I knew the walkers weren't behind me. I knew for some time, but still I kept walking and not taking a break.

Daryl told me about where they were, I could find them on my own if I so choose to. But did I really want to? 'YES!' the voice in my head shouted 'you need them!'

"I don't need anyone!" I cried out, falling to the dirt road. "What do I need people for, huh? They only leave you in the end" I stared ahead, seeing nothing in sight but the dirt road and trees. "It's better to be alone, ya know. Nothing can hurt you in the silence except yourself"


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