American Idol: Now Translated Into German and Spanish

"Hola, mi amigo! Do you see the other judges?" Dora the Explorer asked, sitting down in her seat.

Hitler looked at Dora and replied with a thick German accent, "No, Jennifer is at a concert, Randy is producing a song, and Steven was Jewish."

Dora blinked, flashing a smile at the camera before turning back to Hitler and replying, "But Steven Tyler isn't Jewish!"

"Too late," Hitler stated firmly, "he is now."

"Very good, muy bien!" Dora exclaimed, drawing out her words. Ryan Seacrest walked in and spread the photos of the contestants across the table, explaining that they had to choose who went on to the next round.

"Who's first?" Hitler asked gruffly. Dora looked at her list.

"According to this," she said, "the first contestant is Rebecca Black. Do you see the picture of Rebecca Black?" Hitler pointed at the picture.

"Is she Jewish?" Hitler asked quickly. He looked at her picture again. "She looks like she is Jewish."

"Muy bien!" Dora exclaimed.

"I vote no!" Hitler screeched, snatching the picture and ripping it in half. Dora gasped.

"Swiper no swiping!" She said, taking the picture back. "Rebecca sings very good. Rebecca canta muy bien." Hitler groaned. "Can you say, 'Rebecca canta muy bien'?"

"I still vote no."

"Repeat after me! Rebecca canta muy bien!"

"Repeat after me. I am Jewish." Hitler said, his eyes narrowed. Dora turned to the camera and smiled.

"Sí, señor! I am Jewish. Yo soy judío!" She said. Hitler smirked and leaned back into his chair.

"Take her away." He said. Two guards came over and lifted Dora by the elbows, taking her out of the room. Hitler sat up, moving the torn picture of Rebecca Black over to the 'no' column.