Without sleep there are no dreams, without dreams we fall apart at the seams

Figures in dark green Cloaks, their dark sinew tense as they all grip tightly to crystal staves, and chanting in a weird language, a strange object appeared in their chanting, on its glass front was a pattern of random colors, and from it the sound of white noise, then it explodes in a spray of sparks.

One of the figures pulls back his hood "The holder of dreams, the one that traveled to the underworld, and back, we need to find her, before anyone else does" he ran his hand through his black, he grinned as he evaporated in to what seemed to be mist, followed by the rest of the cloaked figures.

Digimon Sync movie: Chronicle of Dreams

It was a field of red flower, their petals fluttering in a breeze, through these flowers was a wavy path, a boy was traveling down it, he was wearing goggles and dark blue attire "I hope I haven't gotten lost" he said to himself, he looked at his digivice, the boy looked like he hadn't slept in days, he suddenly realized the ground looked like it was digitized.

He walks on the ground that looked weird, and touching his hand to it, his hand just passed through it like it wasn't there "I am investigating this" he followed the digitized ground, till he found a weird sparking object, and in front of it was an unconscious girl in a strange pink and yellow attire, the ground she was on was a strange symbol, it wasn't anything he had ever seen before, but vaguely familiar, he checked if she was alive, she was fine.

The girl opened her eyes "Tai?" She mumbled, and blinked as her vision cleared "Definitely not Tai, who are you, and where am I"

"I am Takajin Subaru, this my digimon partner Coronamon and where you are, is the Crimson Valley from what it says on the map " said Takajin. "Who may you be?"

"I am Kari Kamiya, Am I in the digital world" asked Kari looking at the Takajin's digimon, "it doesn't seem the same as a remembered it?" Trying to think of how she got here, she was heading to school than she was here, and how did the digital world change so much in over a year.

"What is this Digital world, you are talking about this is earth, are you from another world, I heard other worlds existed, but only in fairy tales, your attire makes you seem like you came from another planet, you are cute for an alien girl" said Takajin his face reddening slightly.

Kari laughed "you so remind of someone I know, from my world, I like to know your earth more. I would stay here forever, but I would miss my friends too much, she noticed that Takajin's expression, and looked like he was about to cry, "is there something wrong, did I say something I shouldn't have?'

"Absolutely nothing, I was just thinking. I am going to help you find your way home back in your world, and back to your friends, but till then enjoy the scenery" said Takajin snapping out of the funk, he sank into for a moment "But be careful there are people called the Kurokami Brigade, they worship an evil celestial called Lilithmon, I'll protect you from them, I have faced them on a few occasions" he struggled with his words, he looked around like he felt something.

Suddenly coming out of the shadows, these creatures seemingly made from the shadows itself; it made a screeching noise as it came into the light, as the light seemed to make it angry, it now had eyes, it charged at Kari. Coronamon came out of nowhere, knocking the creature away, and engaged in battle with it, Takajin joined into the fray with his digimon, they both fought the creature in tandem, until they were finally driven off.

Kari had felt like she had seen those things before and that the memory of them ran chills down her spine, it was a memory she repressed, she relaxed as soon as the creatures were gone, she looked and spotted her digimon partner Salamon, she lay unconscious a few feet from her, she ran over to check if she was ok, Salamon was fine only sleeping, she can tell from the snoring. Kari looked up at the sky wondering suddenly again why those creatures had felt so familiar to her like she had encountered them before.

Morning came and they were on their way, Kari looked around "Where are we going I hate to ask" she said looking over to Takajin.

"The city of Elric is nearby; we are heading there for some help, at least according to the map, we will reach its border in about a mile and a half, he kept sneaking glimpses at the device hoping to spot signs of another chip, but she wasn't registering Kari on it now, he wondered if the Digi chip detector was broken.

"You are saying that everyone has a digimon partner from birth, I wish my world was like that, it's always been my dream" said Kari is looking around at the wild digimon as they traveled.

"That's not always the case, there are wild digimon as you can see, there are people without digimon partners that are called cursed ones, and in rare cases there are some who have at birth merged with their digimon, those are called hybrids" said Takajin putting the Digi chip detector in his pocket, his annoyance very apparent.

-Location unknown-

The shadow creatures materialized into cloaked figures, their faces shrouded under their hoods, one of them kicked a tree and screamed in agony "master is not going to be happy" he said to the other, who nodded in response, "that little thief, stealing what our master needs" he replied as he did this.

All of a sudden the light faded from the world, it was like the sun was giving off darkness instead of light, another figure stood there with them, he rubbed the sides of his head like he was suffering a major headache, he trembled with pain with each word as he spoke "did you get her?" He said, his voice cracking with each word.

One of the cloaked sinewy figures shook nervously as the other stepped back, he seemingly lost cohesion the more nervous he became "no we didn't Master someone protected her, he was too strong for us to handle" he said with a quiver in his voice.

"Some Digidestined are here too, I guess all worlds have them, how many other than her and the one that attacked did you see" he said pulling his hood from his face, he was middle aged in appearance, with graying brown hair, his face was cracked and dry almost plastic in complexion.

"I only saw one, he was close to the same age as her, he had blue hair with a slight tinge of green, and He wore goggles" said the cloaked trying not to shake more than he was.

"One, you are pathetic, go back kill him, and bring her to me alive, if you kill her that crest aka Digi Chip will find a new digidestined. We do not want that, it could take forever and time I don't have." He then faded from the world like a shadow leaving the two cloaked figures alone, still shaking like he was still there, and as the light returned to the world they were gone too. To continue their quest to get their master the girl he seeks.

(Road to Elric city)

It was starting to get dark, the sun was falling, and the moon was beginning to appear in the sky, Takajin decided it was a good idea to make camp for the night. He noticed that Kari was starting to look rather tired, even though he could have kept going since he had stopped sleeping almost altogether, he was afraid the faces of his missing friends still haunted him in his dreams, more like nightmares, they all called to him like they were in trouble, and his best friend, the one he needed to find a way to make her back to the way she was, he tried not to think of their names they would rip apart his very insides. "I'll have first watch" he lied to Kari with no intention of waking her up and he would stay on watch all night.

Coronamon stared at Takajin with a worried expression, wondering if his human partner was walking on the edge of an abyss "you need to sleep" he said "you can't help anyone if you continue down the path you are walking"

"I know I just can't sleep my friends' their faces, whenever I close my eyes they haunt my dreams. Please I don't want to talk about this" said Takajin nearly closing his eyes, but slapping himself awake.

"I know but one of them is your sister, why are you guiding this person when you should be looking for her instead?" Said Coronamon shaking his head looking at Takajin confused.

"You forgot we are Digidestined and we are supposed to help those in need, did you forget those things that attacked Kari, we need to find a way to send her back to where she came from before those things come back for her again" Takajin replied emphasizing with the rapid waving of his right hand. Coronamon just grunted, and turned away from Takajin without a word showing he agreed but didn't like it. Out of the corner of Takajin's he caught movement, one of those shadow things came out of nowhere tackling him and attempted to pin him to the ground.

Coronamon hit the thing with a fireball, the thing shrieked at the flame hit it, and it jumped off Takajin, but it was only a distraction the other was trying to drag off Kari, she kicked at it while it was attempting to take her away. Salamon was now on top of it biting clawing, before she was knocked away, she growled and jumped back on it, with the same thing happening, only to return to try again. The second figure was also hit with a fireball fireball from Coronamon; the things retreated again like they had before. Salamon breathed heavily "Come back you cowards" she growled.

It was a while before either of them could settle after that sudden attack, Kari finally got back to sleep, and Takajin went back to watch for the rest of the night.

In the morning, Kari woke to find Takajin still awake, she was starting to get worried about him, was something about his friends haunting him so badly that he couldn't sleep. Soon as they were safe she would bring this up, Salamon, knowing her partner so well to know what she was presently thinking, but Kari interrupted her before she could speak.

The boy and the girl, and their digimon partners continued their journey towards Elric; it was another day's walk before they reached their destination, after ten minutes a wagon appeared, coming up from behind them, it caught up quickly to them, and stopped up ahead of them like it was waiting for them, a voice called out to them. Takajin smiled "Wilhelm" he called out and went to the wagon. A kindly old man with a large white beard, he had a warm smile on his face.

"Where are you going Takajin and with an enchanting young lady?" Asked Wilhelm as he takes a measure of Kari, his expression never changed as he did so.

Both Kari and Takajin gave a slight blush reaction to what Wilhelm just said "We are heading to Elric, to find a way to send her home" said Takajin gesturing to Kari, who was still blushing slightly. "Kari this is Wilhelm, me and my friends use to travel with him" he continued but had trouble bringing up the past.

"You are in luck, I am heading there myself, I am bringing supplies for their yearly Festival, and I am heading there right now, I don't mind if you hitch a ride with me" said Wilhelm offering his hand in a gesture to help them on to the wagon. With the help of Wilhelm the journey would not take a day but hours instead, but unbeknownst to them the shadow creatures that had attacked them twice, were now watching them from the concealment of the trees.

The master will be angry if we don't bring her back, he expects it, why did we have to tell him about her, but he is our master, I miss water" said one of the shadow creatures, his form still shifting because of fear, and confusion "But we have to tell him anyway he is our master, we still haven't captured the chosen girl" they both then vanished.

Kari took pictures as they traveled, and waved at people as they moved by them, she even snapped one of a confused Takajin "you don't have cameras in your world" she said showing her camera to him

"What is a camera?" Said Takajin looking at Kari's camera like it was some sort of alien device to him.

Kari laughed, and showed him the display screen on the back of the camera, and clicked through all the photos she had been taking, "it takes still pictures of things, so I can look back at my time here"

"Interesting looking device" said Takajin looking at the picture in the display, trying not to seem confused still but completely failing. "There is technology in this world but I have never seen anything like this" he then pulled out a device out of his satchel, it looked like tablet computer, with a red blinking light "someone gave this to me when I woke up, they told me that it will tell me where to find something so I have lost but I think it's broken since it's been showing nothing" anger was making its way into his tone of voice and he looked like he was going to throw the device away, he kept out the part out about Digi-chips, and the fact it detects them.

"You must never give up" Kari said placing her left hand on Takajin's shoulder "No matter what happens, you will find your friends"

"It's easy for you to say that, you know your friends are alive, for all I know mine are all dead and maybe I am too, this being some kind of afterlife" Said Takajin shoving Kari's hand away, he didn't want to listen to someone he barely knew him telling him how to feel, it wasn't her place at all, he will find a way to send her home and that was it, he turned away from Kari and headed into the wagon.

"That didn't go well" said Kari sighing, as she watched Takajin leave.

"I don't know what happened after I left them, it must have been bad for him to by himself, by the way how did you two meet, are you one of them a digidestined?" Said Wilhelm expression furrowing, even though he didn't take his eyes off the road.

Kari pulled out her digivice and crest, the crest was now blank, and her digivice was white like it had been made out plaster and not actually a device of any kind but a toy. "I don't know I was on my way to school, and then all of a sudden I was in a field, this is not my world" she said running fingers over her digivice it was Ceramic "I don't know if I am a digidestined here but I was in my world"

"You are from another world huh, I heard stories about these kinds of things, and believe them fully, I hope you can find your way home to which ever world you came from" said Wilhelm giving a thumbs up sign to Kari, "my advice when dealing with Takajin in his present mood. I would avoid talking about his missing companions it's a sensitive subject with him right now, he will talk about them when he feels ready"

Kari lowered her gaze to the scenery; she was kind of embarrassed, she was usually better at minding her own business, but often she did stick her nose into her friends issues, this thought made her homesick for Japan, even with how amazing this world was and how this was the world she always dreamed of, she wished her friends had been here with her to see all of this.

"My niece will be at the festival, she is a gleeman, I am so proud of her, and she has the heart of a poet, and the voice of a celestial" Wilhelm said changing the subject, hoping for Segway into something less sensitive.

"What is a Gleeman?" Kari asked confused by the word she never heard before, blinking trying to think of what that could be.

"A Gleeman is a traveling mistrals, they sing, tell stories, and juggle, she is a second generation, my wife and her brother was one, my wife retired when she married me, but my brother continued before passing it on to his daughter, stories of the digidestined of legend are still popular to this day" answered Wilhelm smiling fondly "maybe you will make it in time for one of her tales of the Digidestined, she is really good at telling them you feel like you are there when it happened. She gets that from her father, as he was the best of his time I miss him he died 5 years ago"

Kari was going to respond but something caught her attention, all the color leached from the world, she now sat in colorless water, as she now sat looking into a vast ocean, she knew where she was, she began to freak out, she closed her eyes hoping this dark ocean would fade like a bad dream, but when she opened her eyes she was still there, it threatened to carry away her sanity like times before, a figure stood in front of her, his hand reached toward her, he was getting closer, she screamed holding her head with both hands, she wanted this to all go away.