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Chapter 1 Stupid Cold

Why am I walking in the rain to a place I don't even officially work at? Oh, yes because I'm such an amazing friend who agreed to take all her shifts for the next two weeks. Rubbing my arms with my umbrella free hand to my arm, I sigh wondering just why I had to be roommates with a person who owns a bar.

Sophia was all the way in Germany for her grandfather's funeral, and left me half in charge of Blessing and Stein along with her cook/co-owner, Evan. Doesn't make sense, but I guess she wanted me to be productive… Or I might've been the "starving artist" in our apartment, and I get extra spending cash plus two favors. I smile slightly as I fix my yellow umbrella. Finally at the bar. I open the door and smell the scent of Evan's food and the alcohol.

"Hey, Donna you just missed the cop!" I can hear Evan yell over the noise before I see him come out of the small kitchen. "What in the world?" I hear the disbelief as I put my umbrella up.

"What?" I look down to my knee high yellow polka dot dress with my black necklace and yellow heels. "I know kinda look like a wet dog, but is anything else wrong?"

"You walk here and it's raining so you decide to wear a dress and heels?" his freckled face looked accusing and so confused. "And why are you wet? You had an umbrella. Do you want to get so sick you don't have to come?"

He came over and decided to spin me to get a good look. "What you don't want to see my handsome face?"

"Well, it wasn't raining when I left and I was only a quarter here and didn't want to get drenched. So I just went back and grabbed an umbrella… Of course I couldn't resist this face," I cooed, pinching it. "Stop looking at me like I'm crazy! And, before you ask (for the millionth time) no I don't have a problem with shopping my family that I never see just sees fit to sending me tons of things-makes good cash, sometimes." I just got the "sure" look, stupid kid.

"So how is Hank? Or was it the kid? Nate was it?" I asked as he led me to a table—must have been his break. For awhile he didn't answer and I had to ask again.

"Well I wasn't her when he came, but Nick came on duty… He had some question for Sophia," he finally said, twiddling his thumbs.

"What! Why? Who was here and what did they say?" I asked a little frantic. "Do we get to know why?"

"The new kid and he told him she wasn't here and to go by your guy's place. If you don't get in touch soon they might suspect her more…"

"For what?" I exclaimed, my anger flaring.

"Roland was found murdered, it's been on the news, really brutal," he flinched slightly.

"Sorry but ugh, you know how I despise cops."

"Yeah, but that didn't stop you from dating one did it?" he muttered.

"Do you know how long he's been dead? Or do I really need to call him right away?" I questioned, as I got up ignoring his last comment to star working at the bar.

"Nope, but it'd be best if you called now. I'm surprised he hasn't called you yet," he called.

Despite that, I decided I would call Hank when I got home, then he could send the kid over. It would be better if I was somewhere familiar, not that this wasn't. But being the type of Vesen and Fae who relied on the senses and having a cold is never a good thing. Especially when you add in a cop who happened to be a Grimm asking about someone close enough to be kin about a murder.

I continued working through the night trying to concentrate on things that could be distracting. I was having some trouble with the latter that is until a fight broke out. And because we only had fights once in a blue moon, Sophia never saw fit to hire some permanent muscle… Besides Evan, but I think that was more to ogle at and get fat from.

"Evan!" I called out, since tonight it seemed he was the only guy here. "Come on before they break something! I already have a broken clock at home—I don't need another one!"

I shivered at the crash and smile wryly as he passed. "Spoke to soon, didn't I?"

"You always do," stating it like a fact. He took care of the fight while I grabbed my things. Oh, the goodness of not really needing to be here. We weren't busy which indeed made the fight a blue moon case.

I settled leaning at the door, refusing to look at the damage done to who knows what, waiting for Evan to come back in. The door opened and in he stepped.

"I don't always jinx… I still haven't started dating someone, even by my last comment on the issue." I pursed my lips, "Is the thing salvageable?"

"Um, the clock is pretty banged up, but yes… I hope," he paused. "Look, this might not be the best time to ask—and I'm not asking if she did it, I know she didn't… But-" I stopped him there, I knew what he was asking.

"No, honey, she hasn't seen him since she got you to help her grab all her stuff from his place." I patted his shoulder opening the door, but stopped mid-step at his next comment.

"You didn't let me finish my question again, Donna. You do that more often than not," he almost stated casually. His family might have been here since the Great Famine, but he knew the stories of fae.

Neither he nor Sophia knew of my lineage, except for a key point—concerning thanking. Honestly, I've never been close to any human before I came here. Sophia and he were the first that I regularly hung out with and considered friends—kin even. And Hanks was the first I had dated, even if it was casually so. Telling them things could be bad for them—more so for the fae part.

This was bound to happen concerning this one.

"Both you and Sophia are my kin," I purred. "If you are sure you want to know, I will tell about me without prompt, Evan."

"It would be nice."

"Alright, soon, this month," I said lightly, getting on my tiptoes pecking his cheek. "Night, dearie."

"Night Don," he smiled. "I'll buy you breakfast tomorrow." His way of thanking me.

I changed my mind to phone Hank now rather than later, so Nick could be there somewhat early. I was 10. If walking leisurely I could get there by, oh 12?

"Hey Hank, heard the kid had some questions?" I asked.

"Yeah, yeah he does. No one answered, I heard," he said neutrally.

"Apparently he has bad timing, tell him to head back to the apartment," with that I hung up.

It wouldn't take but a few questions, just a few minutes really. No reason to have him waste gas and time. But Hank knows Sophia and Roland, knows the situation between them. She shouldn't be a part of this.

I could feel the growl starting in my throat but bit it down as a family was taking a walk. I smile politely, as it started raining again. In my mind I was planning on how not to lose it during his stay. I hated being sick.

You could hear my heels click against the cement steps leading up to the top floor of the building. As I got closer I could see the back of Nick. Hmm.

"I hope you weren't waiting long," I said just a little too cheery.

He turned around with an annoyed look. "Does it usually take around two and a half hours walking here to the bar?"

I hid my smirk while unlocking the door. I walked in without giving an invitation, yet he followed anyway. Bad manners, that one. I laid my things down and plopped down on the couch.

"Usually is doesn't, but… You know, with these heels and this weather guess they made things slow," I looked over at him. "Come, sit. I heard you had some questions?"

"Yes, but they're for your roommate, Sophia," he said all business-like, I narrowed my eyes.

"I know you're here professionally, kid, but cut the bull shit like you don't know her. And stop with the obvious." He cringed from the force my voice held, while I slightly did so inside. So much for keeping calm. I continued with calmer tone, "Look, as you can see she isn't here. Now I can answer any questions you have or you can leave."

He still had that air of authority. I resisted the urge to moan in annoyance. Not helping with me in this state. I should've just stayed outside, even though my feet were killing me. Goodness, why did I have to fully let a Grimm into my den.

He sighed rubbing his eyes with his hands before answering me. "Donna, exactly where is she?"

"She's in Europe, somewhere in Germany to be exact."

"She left the country?" I gave him a pointed look, as he cleared his throat. "Why did she leave?"

"For a funeral. She left a week ago and won't be back 'til another two. She hasn't bothered with that… man since Evan helped grab her things," I informed him, never changing my posture. I also stopped him before he could open his mouth. "And I already think you know the rest by Hank… You got your answers, now you can leave here."

Before I got the time to cute him he bit the damn word out. "Thanks for your time, then. I'll be in touch if we have any more concerns."

"Nick," I called out, never taking my eyes off him.


"I might have been harsh, but I'm sure Hank warned you with how I… handle authority," I said gently. "And, please in the future don't thank me (family thing) I'm sure you can show your gratitude in other ways."

"Sure Donna… Have a nice night," he said awkwardly. He lingered for a moment with the door open before leaving.

I sighed loudly. Great, now I'm all tense. I pulled myself to my aching feet, might as well call a clock repair person.