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Chapter 3 Stupid Mum

I arrived home with the thought of a nice nap, but that died when the phone rang. Sighing, I went to go grab it.


"Hey Don," I heard Sophia say.

"Hey, how is everything going?" I asked.

"As good as can be expected… I just wanted to see how things are doing."

"Pretty much the same at the bar, Evan sure does miss you," I teased and then paused, "but… hey, you really don't have to worry about Roland anymore, he's dead." I hear her gasp and continued, "I just thought you should know."

"I—I—you know what? I won't even ask," she told me with determination. "I'm done with him."

"Good, but I should probably hang up and call my mum."

"What? No! Talk to me," she said. "I miss my best friend, and you visit her."

"No! I'm sorry, but let me call my mother so I can take a nap, I feel like shit!" I whined.

"Why? You okay?"

"Well, in actuality I feel somewhat better compared to last night, I can smell now… Actually, now that I think about it, I feel a lot better. But that doesn't mean I don't wanna nap!"

"You are so spoiled at times…" Sophia said exasperated.

"It's not my fault! What would you be like if you had a surplus amount of money growing up? And still kinda have access to?" I laughed. "Really, what do you expect?"

"Not much," she replied dryly. "You've been working at the bar."

"Yes I've been going," I answered with an eye roll. Not that she could see it…

"Well, have you met anybody interesting?" she said slyly.

"Don't even start, I'll hang up on you," I threatened.

"Come on, one out of the three of us should have a good love life!"And then I heard a thud, I waited awhile before speaking, assuming the phone wasn't near her ear.

"…You did a dramatic lifting of the arms and flung the phone?"

"Eh, no… fell off the couch," she told me sheepishly, "that is… while I lifted my arms."

"Well, no need for that, because Evan loves you! You love him. In conclusion that would mean that two out of the three of us would have a fantastic love life and I would soon be a aunt," I grinned, thinking of all the ways to spoil the child.

"No, we don't… And even if I did, I refuse to ruin a friendship," she huffed and after a few moments of silence I spoke again.

"Well, now that I officially made this phone conversation awkward I shall take my leave, and face the wrath of my mother. Bye!" I said cheerfully. "Hope the rest of your stay goes okay."

"Hmm, fine bye. Maybe your mum will have a higher chance," she said and ended with a click.

"Okay, now to the hard part," I said while dialing, trying to ignore what that could've meant.

"Hello?" I heard my mother's light soprano voice.

"Hey, Mum, just thought I'd call you since I just got off taking to Sophie."

"Oh, how is she? Did you tell her about that horrible boy dying?" she asked, concerned etched into her voice.

"She's doing okay and took the news pretty well," I said fiddling with loose strings on the couch.

"How did you take it, when you heard?" she continued.

"I'm happy, I mean he is dead," I supplied.

"That's not what I asked, Donna."

"…Pissed, because they wanted to know about Sophia, and it was Hank's partner—you know the Grimm I told you about? I mean, he knows them, the kid at least knows her. Apparently—"

"Okay, okay you can stop that rant from forming. Anything else new?"

"Um… can we—I get, sick?" I asked nervously.

"What do you mean, you always get an irritated nose during certain times and you do feel sickly when you haven't let down you glamour and hunted," she asked confused.

"I mean like a real bad cold. Like headaches, stuffed nose, fatigued," I paused, "and glamour disappearing?"

"Well, yes that… does happen, it goes along with your Father's side. We can talk about this more when you come over Tuesday," she answered.

"Is it bad?"

"It helped your father," was all she said before the click to which I just stared at the phone. That wasn't supposed to happen! She wasn't supposed to go all vague on me! It was supposed to be a normal Fey/Wesen—more Wesen cold.

Wait. How could a cold help someone? Besides maybe getting them immune to it, like the chicken pox?

Couldn't she just have given me a straight answer. Really that woman spent way too much time around Dad. I kinda wish he was here now… Get information from the source? I bet he's laughing at my mild freaking out at a probably harmless little cold.

"Crap! My breakfast today!" I started to dial Evan's cell frantically. After a couple of rings he picked up.

"Wondered when you'd be calling," Evan answered oh-so-happy. "What made you forget about your food?"

"The kid came and after a rocky start he said he knew a guy that could repair clocks—we didn't leave 'til noon and I've been on the phone," I told him.

"Isn't noon a little late for breakfast?" he laughed.

"I haven't been feeling normal lately and this—noon was really… not good," I pouted. "But breakfast sounds really good right now."

"You okay? You barely get sick," he asked worried. "And what happened?"

"I don't know my Mum was evasive. She said she'll tell me on Tuesday. But really the pup and his wolf are not helping. So, I probably blew my chance with the clock guy…"

And then he starts laughing, to which I have to think back to what I said that's making him loose breath. My eyes widen. "Not like that! Geez, I would never think—I'd never consid—He wasn't even—He… I… I don't consider it to be a great idea for me to… start anything now."

"Is this what happens when you try to lie?" he was referring to how Fey can't lie, and sounded intrigued, though he still snickered.

"At least concerning me, Dad never tried not to tell the truth. He was really good with not telling the truth with the truth thing, be he was really old…" I trailed off.

"Well, we can have that talk of ours and you can tell me all about today and your cold while I make you your favorite?" he asked. "My shift ends… now."

"Oh! Those banana muffins with chocolate chips and cranberries? Yes please, they're only the best when they come from you (don't tell Sophie). Oh gosh, I need comfort food right now."

"Yeah, I'll be right over… and you can tell me all about Clock Guy; who'd you never think about in that way, never consider dating, and wasn't even good looking," he said all smug like, I could practically hear the smirk.

"You know… It's a little sad you knew what I was gonna say all that… But I'll maybe give some details, if get more muffins," I tried.

"I'll make you so much they'll last you breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a whole week," he said cheerfully, clearly meaning he did not know he was getting the butt of the bargain.

"Deal, later!" I hung up before he had the chance to get smart and change his and. "And Donna wonder why I'm spoiled. Psh!"

Feeling much brighter with the prospect of wonderful muffins I went to change and clean some. Tomorrow Nick and Clock Guy will be forgotten and after that everything will be explained to me. All will be good and new.