DC Pirates:

Ok, here it is. Please don't throw me daggers. This is mostly for fun. Ah, you're asking the cast. Well, I thought Rose seemed similar to Elizabeth in many ways. And Bart, well, yeah, he doesn't have Will's personality, but he plays well as Rose's love. Plus it works for him being Will, especially in the 2 and 3 films...you get the idea. And the reason why Lili, Rose's mom, is the Governor instead of Slade…Well I'm planning some thing for him later.

Copyright: Film belongs to Disney and characters to DC Comics. I own nothing (except some ideas)

Chapter 1: the beginning

A long time ago, mostly in the XVIII century, an amazing adventure happened to the most unlikely type of people: pirates. Yes, that's true. Those good for nothing thieves, mad men (and women!) experienced a most exciting journey, dealing with treasure, betraying and the unknown. Let's start at the very beginning of this story.

An eight year old girl was walking alongside a shore. It would be a pretty normal picture to anyone, save for a fact: the girl had natural white hair. It's not that it was a deformity; just that she was born with it. She always asked her mother about it, but the only response the woman did was a change of topic. Back to the story, while the girl was walking, she was throwing pebbles to the sea and singing a little song:

-Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me…We pillage, we plunder, we raffle, we loot, drink up m'hearties yo ho, we kidnap and ravage and don't give a hoot…-

-Rose! There you are! - A voice exclaimed. A woman with long black hair and a pink dress came running after the little girl. She sighed while grabbing Rose's shoulders gently. The girl, name was Rose, saw that after her mother a few of her trustful soldiers were following her.

-And here I thought you would run away again. What were you doing? -asked Lili Worth. She was Rose's mother and governess of Port Royal, where they lived, in a nice island in the Caribbean. How a woman in the XVIII century managed to be a Governess of a Port without the aid of her husband, no idea. Let's imagine that Lili Worth was pretty lucky and resourceful. Still, back to the story, the girl gave a little smile to her mom while she hid the remaining rocks on the pockets of her dress.

-Nothing. - She answered with innocence. Her mother smiled:

-Well, keep walking, but don't go too far. Just as long as we can see you and you see us, alright?- That day the Governess and her daughter had decided to have a little relax after the amount of work the woman had done over the week. And what better way to relax than to go walking in the beach? As for the soldiers, well, a Governess always need to go everywhere with protection.

The girl gave a chuckle:

-Don't worry, mommy. - So she continued walking, while looking distracted at the sea. Her mother stood next to the guards a few feet away, talking among them. Soon, Rose passed alongside a huge rock. She stopped while looking at it. She smiled and began climbing the rock. In the process, one of the sharp edges ripped her dress, but she didn't care. She was having fun. When she was on top of the rock, she smiled and exclaimed:

-Ah! To be ruler of the seas…! - Truth is, Rose was always fascinated with adventure, pirates and the sea. She thought they were a symbol of freedom and independence. She hoped for one day something as incredible as pirates appearing would change her life, which although was nice, was very boring at times. Ever since her mother and Rose had come to Port Royal from England, the girl never managed to fit in properly. So she immersed in the tales of pirates to feel better about her situation. Most of the times her mother was busy with her duties and the little girl was left all alone. She hoped one day for the two of them to go on an exciting voyage. But Lili most times was concerned about her daughter being interested in such a dangerous subject like pirates. Being a young innocent girl, she didn't know about the dangers of a woman being related to pirates, if you know what I mean. Plus, there were some little things and secrets that Lili didn't want to tell, and frankly some things are better without knowing.

Suddenly Rose looked down and gasped. Lying on the shore, next to the rock, there was an unconscious boy. Rose jumped to the side and got close to the boy, to check him. The boy seemed near her age, with messy brown hair all over his face. He seemed really thin, and based by his wet clothes, Rose deduced he might have drowned.

Rose checked his pulse. Thank God, he was still alive. She stroke his hair, and he woke up surprised, searching for any reaction. Rose saw he had bright yellow eyes, like a cat's. Rose calmly touched his hand.

-Relax, you're safe now. What's your name?-

-B-Bart Allen. - He muttered. Then he continued. –Where's the ship? Where am I? What…? - Rose put her hand over his mouth, to silence him.

-Ok, Bart. I get it. Now relax. - So he fell asleep, preferring to rest than to give more questions. He would have time for that later.

Rose spotted something funny. There was a sort of necklace, in Bart's neck and chest. She grabbed it and checked it. It was a golden medallion, with an image of a skull in it. Soon Rose deduced and whispered:

-You…no, no you can't…This is pirate's stuff! - She hided the medallion in one of her pockets and called to her mother.

-Mom! Help! - Soon Lili came, with some guards following her.

-Rose, what happened here? – The governess asked worried. Seeing a boy, apparently drowning, alongside her confused daughter wasn't a pretty sight.

-I found this boy, I think he drowned. He mentioned something about a ship. Maybe he's a survivor of a shipwreck.-

-He did? And what else did he say?-

-He said his name was Bart…Bartholomew Allen, I imagine.-

-Stay here with him, Rose. I'll check if there's any indication of a ship with the guards. – And so she did.

Rose relaxed while her mother left. If she knew Bart was a pirate, he could be hanged immediately, in those times it didn't matter if the criminal was a boy; his crimes were enough to judge him. She whispered in his right ear.

-Don't worry, Bart. I'll protect you. - He smiled weakly, with his eyes closed. Rose smiled. He seemed like a nice boy. She looked around, hoping to see her mother with the guards, taking her and Bart back to Port Royal, where the boy could get some medical attention. Her blue eyes gazed towards the sea, and what she saw left her in shock.

A green ship, the size of a giant, was floating among the waters. The most surprising thing about it was the black smoke around it, giving it an eerie sight, like it had just been burned to ashes. The girl closed her eyes, hoping it would go away. But that image would stalk her for years.