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Chapter 1 Death and Rebirth

(Location: Valley of the End outskirts of the fire country)

What was once an elusive worth watching view of the large valley, was nothing but a memory. The view present of the valley as it was hit by a maelstrom of intense proportions and maybe that was the case. This was the result of a strong confrontation of two individuals, once best friend with a brotherly bond but not anymore. Today they weren't facing each other as rivals but as equal opponents in a fight to the finish and neither of them had the idea of stopping their battle. In the waterfall that connects the valley, where the two giant statues of Konoha's founding fathers stood the two teens. The two shinobi were below of each other of the statues Naruto Uzumaki stood below Hashirama Senju the man who became the first Hokage of the ninja village of Konoha while Sasuke Uchiha stood below Madara Uchiha the founder of the Uchiha clan.

The whiskered blond stood in his fox cloak one tail mode as prove that he was a jinchurikki, the container of the nine tails fox Kyuubi. The Uchiha in his level two curse mark state, the power given to him by the snake sanin and missing nin Orochimaru. He also hand large wing resembling a dragon with his sharp fangs and his bloodline the sharingan activated. Both ninjas have fought hard but they all seemed to be in the same level of strength, such strength that will surpass the ninja rank of jounin and maybe kage. They looked like they were ready to finish this long struggle, one attack will do end it. The one tail Kyuubi Naruto raised his right hand forming a purple colored sphere of spinning chakra, it was the technique his teacher the toad sanin Jiraiya taught him which originally was invented byhis former student the fourth Hokage. While Sasuke lowered his right hand forming a black colored electrical jutsu taught by their teacher the copy ninja Kakashi.



Once rivals at the ninja academy they were put in the same genin team along with Sakura Haruno. They started doing missions together with Kakashi for a year now and they have managed to grow close as a team forging a strong bond of friendship. Their rivalry seemed to have vanished and they have become best friends, they were brothers both suffered through loneliness. Sasuke had his life goal an ambition that he will make a reality which it was to kill his older brother for the massacre of his clan. He needed to get stronger in order to face him and end the life of Itachi Uchiha. Now Orochimaru has offer a taste of the power he needed to fulfill his goal, accepting his offer he left their village Konoha. The only person who stood in his way from going to the snake sanin was standing in front of him. He will make sure that he doesn't stop him from his goal after all he knew exactly what to do to gain ultimate power.

"You can also unlock magenkyou sharingan but it needs one requirement…your best friend…you must kill him."

"Killing Naruto will make me stronger" he has made up his mind.

Naruto stood facing his best friend he knew convincing him to return to the village with him was out of the question by now. Otherwise this fight wouldn't have never taken place, the Uchiha was pretty clear that's he wasn't returning to the village he was determined to go to Orochimaru no matter what. He'll be damned if he lets him escape to that mad man he already knew what he was planning to do with Sasuke. The snake sanin needed a new body to inhabit using his body switch forbidden jutsu in order to keep himself alive and being an immortal being. The memories he forged with him and Sakura as team seven came to him, the happiest times in his life compared to his hellish childhood. The Uzumaki was determined to knock him out and bring him back because it wasn't just for him, but for the girl he likes. He thought of the pink haired kunoichi he knew she likes the Uchiha and there was nothing he could to change her mind.

"Naruto this will be my only request, please bring back Sasuke-kun!"

"I will bring him back!"

The two ninja finally lunged at each other holding their strongest attack in their hand. They intended to finish the fight with this one attack, only one could probably survive as the victor. The blond jinchurikki was putting his life on the line all for the sake to stop the Uchiha and bring him back to the village. Killing him was never in his mind, he only wanted him back at Konoha, with everyone from their group and safe from Orochimaru's grasp. Sasuke on the other hand wanted to get rid of the whiskered blond if he wanted to severe the bonds he has forged with him, with team seven and Konoha there was no turning back now.




The collision of the powerful attacks has created some sort of black sphere as it ripped through the waterfall in half. It seemed both techniques were equal in power until Naruto made the first move scratching the leaf symbol on Sasuke's headband. But he wasn't so lucky as the Uchiha thrust his black chidori on the Uzumaki's chest on the same spot where he stabbed him before while they were fighting, the attack was quick it hit his heart. His cerulean eyes widened in horro screaming in agony feeling his body going numb, he could feel that life was starting to leave from his body. He also heard the screams of anger from the nine tails shouting at him in fury for getting killed, because if he dies so would he. The whiskered blond knew what was happening the wound he received was so deep that his life was coming to an end.

"So this it…this is how it will end. I can barely keep my eyes open…."

"You stupid brat, this is your fault. This would have never happened if you didn't hold back on that Uchiha!"

"Say what you will fox, it's over. So much for keeping my promise to Sakura-chan, so much for bring Sasuke back to the village and so much for….

"I refuse to die here your hear me!"

"So much for fulfilling my dream of becoming Hokage" tears started streaming down from his face.

"Curse you brat. You and that blasted fourth for sealing me in you, mark my words Naruto Uzumaki you will pay for this."

"….." by now the whiskered blond has closed his eyes his life has ended.

"One way or the other, it will not end here!" the demon fox felt his existence vanishing he died along with his human container.

Rain was finally falling from the grey skies filling the valley below it looked like the sky was crying for the loss of the Uzumaki. His body stood on the ground motionless as Sasuke stood without making a move he was back to normal, his onyx eyes were on the blond showing different emotions. His leaf headband slowly fall landing next to the fallen member of team seven it was impossible for someone to survive a chidori to the heart. Kakashi created the chidor as an assassination technique, taking one to the heart was inevitable death. He has done it he has taken the life of his former best friend and brother, severing the bond he forged with him and everyone from Konoha. He already felt like he has gotten stronger, feeling a powerful surge cursing through his body he thought that his is what Itachi felt when he killed his best friend.

"It's over…."

He needed to leave he knew that other ninjas might have been sent after him. They were probably heading his way he couldn't take them on since he used a lot of chakra in his fight with the Uzumaki. Taking a step he groaned in pain feeling the after effects from being in the curse seal form for too long. Sakon a member of Orochimaru's sound four warned him that staying too long in the second stage of the curse seal will be fata that might lead to his death, but that wasn't the case for the Uchiha. As he started walking away he took one last glance at the dead blond, he was really going to miss him but he needed to do what was necessary to become strong and continue with his revenge. No words we're said as he left the valley following his path as an avenger until the end. Before he was out of view he has let a couple of tears fall feeling the pain of losing someone close to him after losing his family.

(Time skip)

Kakashi has finally arrived at the valley accompanied by one of his ninja hounds, the small dog Pakkun. Although he wasn't the fighter type he's the best tracker in the mask ninja's group of ninja hounds that was the reason why he was with him. The jounin needed his nose to locate Naruto and Sasuke's location he was worried for the two ninjas blaming himself for what has happened. He knew there was a rivalry between the two but he didn't pay too much attention to it, how he regretted not doing something about it. He even warned Sasuke not to continue in the path of revenge because the consequences won't be anything good and he failed miserably in stopping the Uchiha from leaving. Then he lied to Sakura telling her that everything was going to be all right, right now nothing was all right. He knew those two we're going to end up fighting each other and he prayed that he made it in time.

"The Valley of the end how ironic, of all places…."

"Over there!" Pakkun spotted someone familiar in the distance below.

The masked jounin's eyes widened as he saw Naruto on the ground, his heart sank fearing the worst. He immediately jumped down landing on the ground with the small dog next to him, his eyes we're on the downed blond. So many thoughts we're racing through his head, he knew by now that he was too late to stop Sasuke if he wasn't here then he was already gone and left the fire country by now. Kneeling down he was checking on his pulse and it was worse than he thought when he didn't sensed any, he was crushed at the revelation that he didn't wanted to believe to be true. It shocked him beyond words that the Uchiha could have done something like this, of course he expected that Naruto found him and both got into a fight. A fight that lead to inevitable for the whiskered blond, he lowered his head in pure guilt in shame he felt this was his fault.


Pakkun sniffed the scratched headband next to the blond" it's Sasuke's…."

"No need in pursuing him now. He has committed a serious crime" the copy ninja already knew who was responsible for the Uzumaki's death.

"Tsunade isn't going to take this lightly" the small dog was talking about the blonds death.

"No one from his friends won't either, let's head back Pakkun."

The masked jounin took the Uzumaki's body carrying him on his back, he followed with picking up Sasuke's headband he needed this to prove his crime. The penalty for killing a fellow Konoha ninja is death they won't show mercy in hunting down the Uchiha along with Orochimaru. He felt terrible with himself in the end he turned out to be a failure of a teacher, this has hit him emotionally. The nostalgia came to him remembering when he lost Obito and there was nothing he could do to save the young Uchiha from dying. He lost one student and soon he will lose another, now he had to deliver the horrible news to everyone back at Konoha of the Uzumaki's fate. It wasn't just everyone from the village he failed but his teacher and the man who was Naruto's father, one of the greatest Hokages in the leaf village.

"I'm sorry Naruto, sensei I have failed you in many ways…."

After Kakashi and Pakkun left the valley with the fallen blond from the grounds above the landscape came a man looking like a fly venus trap wearing a black and red cloud cloak. He had one part colored black and the other white, like he was divided into two personalities. The spy of the organization Akatsuki Zetsu has watched the entire fight between Naruto and Sasuke from beginning to its tragic end. This result has become some unfortunate news for the organization because they needed the whiskered blond alive in order to obtain the Kyuubi.

"This was unexpected" said black Zetsu.

"The nine tails jinchurikki has been killed by Itachi's little brother."

"What are we going to do now? Without the nine tails we can't carry out our plan."

"So it would seem, all is lost now…."

"The leader isn't going to like this."

(Time skip)

(Location: Konoha hidden leaf village fire country territory)

News travel fast in the ninja village from Kakashi's return and everything was well. Hopefully everyone that formed part of the team to retrieve Sasuke managed to survived, Chouji and Neji were the only ones who we're in critical condition and they we're currently resting in the hospital after a long but successful operation. Shikamaru, Rock Lee and Kiba's wounds weren't serious or life threatening however the Inuzuka had to stay in the hospital until his wound heals. Soon the terrible news arrived to every single villager and the members of the rookie nine concerning the fate of the Uzumaki, and it was the worst news they have ever heard since the third Hokage's death. Everyone was in complete shock but eventually they faced the cold reality that Naruto was really gone, worst finding out the one who killed him was the Uchiha his own teammate.

(Scene change)

Every villager and ninja has gathered to attend the blonds funeral and they were so many people. It was hard to believe that these we're the same people that used to fear and hate whiskered blond because they knew the truth of him carrying the nine tails fox that attacked their village thirteen years ago. The ninjas we're present everyone from the rookie nine we're there to pay their respects, with the exception of Chouji, Neji and Kiba. It wasn't the prettiest of sight as they we're torn from his loss the Tenten was in deep thought but she was saddened, Ino shed some tears for the blond while Hinata was crying and Sakura was worse sobbing hard and screaming that it was her fault Naruto died for making him make that promise of bringing the Uchiha back. Iruka, Konohamaru, Teuchi and Ayane we're present too shedding their tears. Tsunade was in tears and heartbroken as she was holding the first Hokage's necklace the one she gave to whiskered blond when he won the bet of mastering the rasengan in one week, it seems the accursed necklace has taken another precious someone from her.

Gaara was present with his siblings Temari and Kankuoruo as allies of Konoha and backup during the retrieval mission they also paid their respects. Gaara was really saddened with his loss Naruto was the one who changed him and taught him the importance of having your existence acknowledge with having friends. He became the person he is today thanks to the Uzumaki he will help the leaf village forever as a way of repaying his eternal debt to the blond jinchurikki, no one can understand of a jinchurikki like another jinchurikki. Eventually Tsunade chose a moment before telling them the secret that he was the container of the Kyuubi and the son of the fourth Hokage the hero that sacrificed his life to defeat the demon fox. There was no need to keep it a secret anymore since Naruto was gone. Afterwards slowly put a rose on his grave while the design was bigger than regular ones, they chose to make a grave for a hero who died for the village.

In everyone's hearts they will miss Naruto Uzumaki dearly more than he could ever know.

(Time skip)

(Location: unknown)

Naruto felt warm his body was resting quite nicely and comfortable, he could tell he was in a bed. For some reason he felt like he has been sleeping for a while, he finally opened his eyes. His cerulean eyes started gazing at his surroundings, he was in a bedroom which it was definitely not he's. He was quick to know because the design of the room was completely different from his room of his apartment, it had such a unique designs. The furniture seems to be valuable it looked to be expensive wherever he was it was a house that belongs to someone with quite the income. At first the whiskered blond thought he was dreaming that this couldn't be real, his memory slowly came to the last thing he remembers. His eyes widened thinking when Sasuke stabbed his chidori straight into his heart, killing him. The young teen lowered his head at the terrible memory he could still feel the powerful lightning attack destroying his heart.

"Was it all just a dream? No of course it was no dream it was all real all right. I…I wish it was all just a bad dream, Sasuke I can't believe he did that. Damn I failed I'm sorry Sakura-chan, everyone"

The Uzumaki finally took notice of the area where he was" okay...where am I?"

"What is this place? This room is probably bigger than my entire apartment."

"Wait…." another thing that has come to him now after shortly awakening.

"Sasuke did kill me then why am I here….?" He took another glance around the good looking wealthy bedroom.

"If I'm really dead then this place must be the other side. Heaven yeah that would explain the nice room with the very comfy bed. I guess this isn't so bad for being heaven, but that means I never got the chance to fulfill my dream and my friends. Everyone from the village I won't see them again…."

His sad train of thought was interrupted when he heard the sound of the doorknob opening. The door of the room slowly opened as the whiskered blond had his attention at whoever was about to come out. He was surprised when he saw a young boy emerging probably around his age or maybe younger he had dark red hair with sapphire eyes, wearing a light green jacket with a dark green shirt with dark brown long pants and grey boots. For a moment the two younglings stared at each other as the whiskered blond noticed that he was only wearing his mesh shirt and pants. Obviously someone has taken the rest of his orange jump suit not that he was bothered by it he did slept comfortable in such a nice bed way better than the bed from his apartment. Looking back at the red head boy he was now smiling seeing him, he had no idea why after everything that has happened he didn't know if he was still alive or dead.

"Hey he's finally awake!" the red haired boy looked outside of the room.

Naruto didn't know who he was talking to until he saw another young boy entering the room. He was shorter than the red haired boy he had blue hair with blue eyes, wearing a dark green shirt with a red bow tie with short red pants and brown boots. The blue haired boy was probably younger than the red head boy once more the Uzumaki weren't expecting to see another boy to arrive. One thing for sure the whiskered blond knew that these boys have something to do with him being here, he was trying to deny the truth that he was really dead and maybe he in heaven. He even felt like he was no longer in the fire country on the elemental countries for the matter. To be in one minute fighting his best friend at the Valley of the end and the next in a luxury bedroom, it all lead that he was having one weird dream.

"Hi" the first thing that came from the Uzumaki's mouth.

"Hey glad to see you awake, you've been sleeping for a while" said the red haired boy.

"Sleeping….? How long….?"

"Two days."

"What that long, maybe this is a dream after all…."

"Are you feeling well?" asked the blue haired boy.

"After sleeping for two days I think I am" the whiskered blond gave a sheepish grin.

"We we're worried for a moment, we thought you weren't going to wake up" said the blue headed boy.

"Now I am. By the way where am I?" Naruto finally asked one of the big questions he needs an answer.

"You're in the Lhant Manor in the village of Lhant" replied the red haired boy.

"Lhant village what the-I never heard of such a village!"

"You'll be fine now. Nice to meet you friend I'm Asbel and this is my younger brother Hubert" he pointed to the shy looking blue haired boy in a very cheery tone.

"It's good to meet you" said Hubert.

"Nice to meet you too name's Naruto Uzumaki believe it!"

"Naruto….?" blinked the younger Lhant.

"That's kind of a weird name" said Asbel.

"I don't see it weird. So guys where exactly is this village anyway?" he needed to know if he was familiar with the area, honestly the time he spent traveling with team seven he has never heard of a village with said name.

The two young boys gazed at each other blinking once, not seeing that coming before turning back to the whiskered blond.

"Lhant's located in the northwest border of Windor" replied Hubert.

"What….? Windor what the heck is that? I've never been to such place. Maybe I'm having a nightmare and finally going crazy."

"Are you okay Naruto?" Asbel saw his confused expression.

"No I'm anything but okay. I was killed by my best friend or maybe I dreamed all of that and now I wake up in strange place and village I have never heard off in my entire life!"

"You don't look good" said the blue headed boy.

"I feel terrible all of this is just too confusing I don't know how I ended up here. Of course I should ask them, they must know."

"Naruto….?" The young red head saw the thoughtful expression in his eyes.

"So guys how did I end up here I'm a little confused. Hope you guys can help me."

"Sure you we're-"

"Asbel that will be enough."


The Uzumaki saw that more people entered the room. There we're two adults one was a man looking in his mid-thirties with dark spiky red hair and blue eyes wearing an elegant brown coat with white pants and black boots. The second was a woman looking in her early thirties with blue hair tied in a single bun, blue eyes she was wearing an elegant red coat with a dark purple dress underneath. Even someone like Naruto was able to tell that these two people are the two boys' parents from their physical traits. Asbel took out after the man who is their father and Hubbert took out after the woman who was their mother, it was quite predictable to think that they were their parents from just looking at them. However the whiskered blond got a little nervous with the way the middle aged man was looking at him, he was too serious while the woman was the opposite giving him a kind smile.

"Asbel, Hubert leave us."

"But dad" protested the dark red head.

"Do as your father say dear" said the blue haired woman.

"Come on Asbel let's go" Hubert was always the obedient type.

"But I…."

"Leave already. There are matters I need to discuss with this boy" the man turned his gazed towards the whiskered blond.

"It's okay Asbel, we'll talk later" the Uzumaki gave him an assuring smile hoping that there will be a next time, the way the dark red haired man was staring was enough to say if looks could kill.

"You better be right" the young red head was feeling better as he left the room with his younger brother following him.

Once the boys we're gone the red haired man closed the door and turned towards the whiskered blond. He was scared he was sure he hasn't done anything wrong he only woke up to be here but it seems that these people we're responsible for bringing here, so it really wasn't his fault. The woman on other hand went to him and put his hand on his forehead, getting a closer look on she was quite beautiful. She smiled warmly once again doing the opposite from the man who looked like a sour puss. He was still confused to how he got here in the first place, or more precise how he arrived to this land called Windor. By now he had the pretty clear idea that he was no longer in his world or village because he has never heard of Lhant and Windor before. But everything was a mystery for him being here, was he really dreaming and he never got killed by Sasuke to begin with.

"You're finally awake and you seem to be feeling better now."

"Thanks mam'" the Uzumaki was blushing at the closeness of the attractive woman.

"My name is Kerri Lhant."

"Nice to meet you I'm Naruto Uzumaki."

"Quite a strange name, it doesn't sound like it's from around this region."

"You can say that again…."

"You're not hurt aren't you?" the man finally spoke.

"No sir. You're son told me I was sleeping for two days" he kept his tone in check not wanting to make him angry

"You we're obviously exhausted for resting for so long. We're you traveling with anyone?"

"No sir."

"You we're traveling alone?" Kerri was shocked to hear someone so young on his own.

"I guess. How did I get here?"

"My men and I found you unconscious on the northern highroad. You we're all bruised and beaten, you must have been attacked by monsters."

"Yeah I guess I was attacked by a monster" his cerulean eyes softened thinking of Sasuke.

"We brought you to my manor and treated any cuts or wounds you had. You also have a nasty scar on your chest."


He touched the area of his heart exactly where he received the chidori from the Uchiha. To his surprise he had a scar the size of a fist, this was proof enough for the Uzumaki to make him realized that he was really attacked by his teammate. It came back to him when he received that chidori through his heart that eventually killed him, the realization hit him that it was very much true. If it was all a bad dream then he wouldn't have such scar to begin with, that answered some of his questions but it wasn't enough to help him find out why he was here. This place was very real and it didn't look like the other side or heaven for the matter, the names, the village and the clothing they were wearing was a bit unique. He got the impression that wherever he was, he was no longer in the elemental countries but in some strange land he's never heard of.

"Just what is going on? What is this place?"

"Thank you very much for helping me sir and taking your time to take care of me" the whiskered blond knew he owned him for bringing him into his home.

"No need to thank me. It is my responsibility that the highroad is safe from monsters, so that travelers can pass by. We don't want other people to suffer the same fate you did."

"That's for sure" he agreed no one else should suffered to get stab in the heart with a chidori.

"Were you traveling somewhere Naruto?" asked Kerri


"Before getting attacked by the monsters do you have a destination in mind?" her husband made a clearer version from his wife's question.


"I don't think I'll be able to return to Konoha anymore if I did die I guess I should answer him honestly."

"No sir I don't have a place in mind. I was just passing by that's all."

"Besides I don't have a clue where I am, I'm not planning in getting lost in the middle of nowhere."

"Where you from?" asked the red haired man.

"Some place that I can't return to" the thought of the leaf village and his friends came to his mind.

"I don't know….?"


"Where's your home?" asked Kerri.

"My village…is very far away. I'm not planning to go back there" his eyes softened.

"I see…."

"Are you sure? Aren't you going to miss your parents or your friends?" said the blue haired woman.

"My friends I don't know if they will miss me, but I'm sure they can move on without me" the thought of the rookie nine was still in his head.

"What about your parents?" asked the red head man?

"I-I never knew them…."

"You're an orphan?" Kerri was shocked to find out he was alone.

"I guess I am" he gave a silly grin.

"So you have no place to go" said the middle age man.

"No sir I guess I don't…."

"I don't see a problem if you want to stay in the village."

"Thank you sir you're very kind" the Uzumaki felt grateful for his generosity.

"I haven't introduced myself I'm Aston Lhant lord of Lhant and the country of Windor."

"Please to meet you sir."

"Enough with the sir" Aston waved it off with his hand.

"Huh….?" The whiskered blond thought he hasn't said anything to offend him.

"Aston can sometimes get embarrassed" Kerri has given a mental giggled.

"You can stay here at the guest room for as long as you like. We'll have suffer later, you're welcome to join us."

"Thanks sir-I mean lord Aston" Naruto corrected himself saying the rightful way to call the lord of Lhant.

"Dear can I speak to you outside?"

"All right…."

"Enjoy your stay Naruto."

"Thanks mam'!" said the happy blond.

Once the married couple left, as they closed the door Naruto was left with his thoughts. The Uzumaki rubbed his forehead at everything that happened, getting killed by Sasuke arriving in this strange land, meeting rich people and now he was here in a nice comfy luxury bedroom not that he complained about the last part. Everything felt so real, this wasn't a dream the scar on his chest proved it. Thinking about Sasuke was depressing him, the same with thinking about Konoha and his friends all the people that became precious to him. There was nothing else he could, he was in a unknown land unfamiliar with and leaving will be pretty pointless if he wants to get lost that is. Another thing that had him thinking is what Aston said about monsters in the highroad, do they really exist getting used to live in this place wasn't going to be easy.

"I should do as Miss Kerri said and enjoy my stay here."

(Scene change)

Aston and Kerri left the guest room while they didn't notice that they were being watched upstairs in the second floor. Asbel and Hubert decided to listen to any kind of conversation they were going to have, most importantly if it was about their recent guest. Asbel was the one who was more excited of having Naruto living here he seemed to have gotten along with the whiskered blond rather quick. He just met him and he was already his friend, the red head was well aware that his parents will bring the blond into topic. Hubert was feeling nervous, afraid that he and his brother will get caught eavesdropping on their parents when he knew very well it wasn't right to do so. But he couldn't help but feel curious if they were going to talk about their guest, he also got along with the whiskered blond. Like they say curiosity kill the cat and both Lhant brothers have fallen victim to it.

"Keep quiet Hubert" whispered the red head.

He only nodded.

"What is it Kerri?"

"What are you going to do with Naruto?"

"As I said he can stay here as long as he likes. If he wants to stay at the village, it's fine with me."

"But where will he live?" the blue haired woman looked worried.

"I do not know, he's young he can't live on his own yet. I will have to verify if someone is interested in adopting him."

"But…." She lowered her head unable to speak the words.

"Is something wrong?"

"Aston I…I hope you're not trouble with this. I would like your permission if you can adopt Naruto."

"What?" the lord of Lhant was taken completely off guard by his wife's request.

"I know it's a foolish request to even be thinking of adopting someone we just met but I have a feeling that we can trust him."

"Trust is not the problem Kerri. I'm not bothered with your suggestion but we're not supposed to be taking in children lying on the highroad and adopting them. Remember to have an heir to become the next lord, that child must be blood related to the Lhant family. There are no exceptions in that rule."

"I know and you already picked Asbel to be the next heir but you heard what he said. He never knew his family, he's all alone and he has nowhere to go. I actually find him quite adorable with those whiskers on his cheeks, and besides I'm sure Asbel and Hubert won't mind having a third brother."

"Why does he have those whiskers?" Aston stood in thought.

"With your permission as lord of Lhant Aston if you want to adopt him or you can decline my request either way I won't complain of your decision."

"Another one in the Lhant family" the red head man stood in deep thought.

"Yes I won't pressure you dear."


Back in the second floor Asbel and Hubert stood wide eye shocked after hearing their mother's request. Naruto their guest was probably going to be adopted by their parents becoming part of the family, meaning that the whiskered blond will be their brother. Now some children thinking of the possibility will get jealous because their parents will give more attention to the newcomer and stop paying to them. Their reaction wasn't exactly as one would expect because both brothers we're smiling after getting along with the blond so quickly. The red head boy was so excited while his younger brother was happy but not to an extent like his older brother. Honestly for Asbel he needed wanted another boy in the family maybe he can help him find some crazy adventures, anything to neglect his father's wishes.

"Did you hear that Asbel?"

"Yeah mom and dad are going to adopt Naruto, another brother this is awesome!"

"They went inside" Hubert saw their parents entering the guest room again where the whiskered blond was staying.

"Come on let's find out their answer."


"Uh oh" gulped the blue haired boy.

They looked behind to see an older man with glasses, white hair and mustache wearing an elegant black and grey suit. They all knew him very well and he was mostly assigned to keep an eye on them just in case they get into trouble around the Manor. He didn't looked happy that he spotted them hearing over a private conversation.

"Frederic we-"

"Lord Asbel and Lord Hubert it is not polite to be eavesdropping when two people are having a private conversation. Especially if it's your parents."

"We weren't eavesdropping" retorted Asbel.

"Now come along you two, off to your room until suffer is ready."

"That's not fair!'

"Let's do as Frederic says I don't want dad to get angry with us" replied the blue haired boy.

"But I really want to know dad's decision!"

(Scene change)

"Hey welcome back!" Naruto smiled seeing the two he was still laid on the bed looking a bit cheery like he has chosen to enjoy his stay at the large house.

"Tell me Naruto how old are you?" asked Aston.


"Two years older than Asbel I see hmm….maybe this can work after all."

Kerri nodded with a smile already figuring out what was going to be his choice regarding her request.

"Naruto would you like to have your stay at the manor permanent?"

"Permanent, you told me I can stay as long as I like."

"Yes, only this time we would like for you if you could join us as part of this family?"

"What do you mean part of your family?" suddenly the Uzumaki felt his stomach turn and his heart beat faster.

"As he mentioned Naruto. We want you to join us in our family, if it's all right with Aston he would like to adopt you."

"You we're the one with the idea to adopt him Kerri" the lord of Lhant sweat dropped.

"Adopt me?" his lip trembled his heart was beating faster.

"What is your decision?" asked the middle aged man.

There were two things Naruto Uzumaki wanted the most in the world. One to be acknowledged by the villagers of Konoha and resected, and second to have a family this last one was always in his mind. He has wondered for so long what it would be to have a mother and a father, to have their love and warmth, to be scolded for doing something wrong. The emotions he was feeling was too much bear while the two adults we're waiting for his decision, soon tears started streaming from his face. They were falling like endless rivers as he tried to remove them but more we're pouring down. The sight was enough to touched Kerri's heart she was happy, his expression was a clear yes while Aston was touched too except he wasn't smiling. The chance of the life time has been given to him, one to be part of a real family.

"Well Naruto what do you say?" asked Aston.

"Yes of course!" he was still overjoyed that someone would take him in as their own child.

"Welcome to the family" smiled Kerri.

"That means you guys are my parents."

"And you're a son" replied the blue haired woman.

"Stand tall and proud, from today onward you're a Lhant" said Aston.

"Thanks both you it really means a lot to me more than you could ever know" he dried his tears giving a smile.

"Anyway is it okay can I take a bath, I feel dirty and smelly?" he gave a goofy grin.

"That would explain the smell from a while ago" they thought in unison with a sweat dropped.

(Time skip)

After taking a nice warm bath Naruto went back to his room to find new set of clothes. He was so happy with the bath he really needed one, especially after the fight with Sasuke he was so dirty. His orange jumpsuit was obviously put on the washer because it was dirty and it stank, so he will wait until they were done. The thought was still in his head if he will put them on again if he wasn't returning to Konoha again, he evaded making a decision. The whiskered blond took a long glance at the clothes that have been brought to him for suffer, which by now he was very hungry. Everything we're probably waiting for him so he needed to hurry, but clothes weren't doing much for him. It was a blue colored buttoned coat with short grey pants and black boots, the clothing was fancy something that he never thought to see himself wearing. For tonight it will have to do while his jumpsuit is in the laundry.

It was still hard for him that he wasn't dreaming, still thinking that it was impossible to die and appeared in some other world. The possibility of returning to his home was pretty much hopeless if he was killed by the Uchiha, he touched the location of the chidori on his heart. Erasing those thoughts he focused on getting dressed so he can join everyone else, or more precisely his new family. It didn't took him that long to put on his new clothing for the evening, still insisting that it didn't suited for his test. But he wasn't complaining because they were picked by Kerri another smile crossed his features thinking of his new adoptive mother. At least in this world he won't feel from loneliness and maybe he won't be rejected, feared or hated. Once he was done getting dressed he suddenly stopped thinking of being hated, he touched his stomach where the seal was located. He was too focused on his new family to realize something very important since he got awoke here.

"I can't feel the fox's chakra. I know when I died he die with me but now I'm here, so why can't I sense him at all…."

"If I can't sense him or see him in my mindscape, then he's probably gone. Somehow I'm alive but he's not sealed in me anymore."

"Mark my words Naruto Uzumaki you will pay for this."

"At least I won't have to worry about that or him for the matter."

The blond felt relief finding out that somehow the Kyuubi was no longer sealed inside of him. Not anymore he was going to be taken by the demon fox or his chakra coursing through his body. The painful burden that was put in him and the reason he was shunned by the villager of Konoha was finally gone, he was free. But on the back of his mind he felt some concern and pity for the demon fox if they were able to put aside their differences then maybe somehow they could have gone along. He had no idea what he was thinking him and the monster that killed many innocent villagers get along, that was pretty much impossible like his dream of becoming Hokage now. Looking into the mirror of the room he smile ready to eat some food, and of course meeting his family. When he left the room the first person he saw the older man Frederic as he was waiting for him.

"Are you ready to join everyone at the dinner table lord Naruto?"

"This is going to take some getting used to" he felt embarrassed being called lord.

"Hey gramps do you have some orange to go with this outfit?"

"I suppose we haven't been properly introduce I apologize for that. My name is Frederic Barnes I am the head butler of this manor, I've been serving the Lhant family for four generations. I would appreciate if you don't call me gramps."

"Yeah whatever do you have some orange, these clothes feel incomplete without it?"

"Orange isn't an appropriate color for this wardrobe lord Naruto."

"I like orange" mumble the unhappy Uzumaki.

"Follow me I shall escort you to the dinner table."

Still not happy that the older butler didn't agree in giving him a piece of clothing with his favorite color, he stood quiet and followed him through the halls of the manor. Good thing he did the house was big anyone could get lost namely him this will also take some getting used to. Since he will be staying with the Lhant family he will be able to memorize the manor. After a couple of minutes they arrived at the dinner table the whiskered blond was happy to see everyone seated waiting for him. Asbel was seated next to Kerri Aston was seated on the first chair of the table since he was the lord of the manor Hubert was seated on the opposite side of the table along with another person the Uzumaki didn't know. It was a girl looking the same age as Asbel with pink hair, chocolate eyes wearing a light blue and white dress. The color of her hair reminded him of Sakura, no need to be thinking about that now.

"Lord Aston here's lord Naruto."

"Thank you Frederic you're a little late. Try to be on time when we have our meals."

The whiskered blond turned pale at the serious expression he was giving him" I swear I don't want to make him angry, that stare of his can make anyone crap their pants."

"Now we can finally eat, take your seat Naruto" said Kerri.

"Is it true Naruto that you've been adopted by Asbel's family?" asked the pink haired girl.

"Yep they're my family now!" replied the happy Uzumaki.

"Lord Naruto let me introduce you to my granddaughter Cheria."

"It's nice to meet you" replied the pink haired girl.

"Glad to meet you too Cheria, Naruto Uzumaki hope we can become great friends!"

"I hope so too" she started coughing.

"Cheria!" said a worried Asbel.

"It's okay I'll be fine."

"You musn't over exhaust yourself" said Frederic.

"Let us eat" said Aston.

The maids arrived bringing quite the feast they brought many kinds of dishes to the table. Naruto looked like his eyes were ready to blow from their sockets at the sight, there was so much food and most importantly everything looked exquisite. As soon as his plate was brought he was a bit confused seeing a couple of things he had never seen before. Instead of seeing chopsticks he saw two metal pieces, one with a round edge and the other with pointy spikes. Guessing he needed to used them to eat which it was strange not to eat with chopsticks, and also there was no ramen but he let it slide with the large amount of food. He was about to take the first taste when he heard Frederic clearing his throat and everyone else was staring at him, namely Astone with his deadly serious gaze. It was enough to make the Uzumaki pale as a ghost and shrink himself to the size of an insects.

"Oh please don't crap in your pants don't crap in your pants!"

"Lord Naruto I must explain to you that when eating a meal with the Lhant family you're supposed to let the lord of the manor take the first bite."

"You could have told me sooner" he was giving the butler a sweaty face comical expression.

"I apologize."

"Dad stop it you're scaring him" said Asbel aware that his gazes were probably going to give the blond a heart attack.

"You can eat now Naruto" Kerri saw that her husband has taken the first bite.

"Thanks" feeling relief he took a bite and his mouth felt like it was having a party.

"Wow this taste delicious!"

"I really like the chicken too" said Hubert watching the blond showing the meat no mercy.

"We're glad you like it" said the blue haired woman.

"Did you make this Frederic?" said the happy Uzumaki.

"I'm afraid not our chefs are the best and exceptional in the village."

"But his cooking is very good too" added Cheria with a giggle.

"Thanks for telling me!" smiled the blond.

"Mom, dad can I take this time to say something to Naruto?" said Asbel.

"Go ahead" replied the lord.

"I'm glad that you're with us. I always wanted to have an older brother" smiled the young red head.

"Me too" said Hubert.

"Thanks you guys, I am glad to be part of this family."

"I have two brothers now, and this time I will make sure to protect them. I won't accept failure" his thoughts went back to Sasuke but his cerulean eyes were on the two Lhant siblings.

"You were right Kerri" said Aston.

"We will enjoy meals even more from now on" she smiled at her husband and her sons, her family.

As they resumed their eating Naruto was enjoying it more than the rest. He was beyond happy to have earned what he was looking for so long, mutual love and a family. He smiled at Cheria always happy to meet a friend especially if it was a girl but he suddenly worried at her coughing. He took another bite from the roasted chicken and potato salad he was still smiling glancing at these wonderful people he has met. He will missed Konoha and all of his friends but with people like these, maybe it won't be so hard to forget about your home and move on.

"You know what…I think I'm going to like living here."

To be continued

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