I usually don't do author's notes like this, but I'm doing one anyway. So many of my reviews asked for me to write another chapter (and those who saw the 2nd chapter the other day, I accidentally clicked R&C instead of Pandora Hearts) and wanted to see how Rin and Len's relationship grows, so I'm giving you just that! But, it'll be a new story. It's titled "The Love of Romeo and Cinderella" Right now, it's rated T, since R&C was rated T, but it might change to M. Depends if I wanna add in lemon or not. But I don't know, I never did it so I don't know how graphic I could be. XD but keep an eye our for that. I enjoy the RinxLen twincest pairing, even though they aren't twins in this fanfic. I might write one someday with twincest. Who knows? But, anyway, if you liked this one-shot, please read my sequel story (currently in progress) "The Love of Romeo and Cinderella."