A/N: I'm baacccckkkk! Alright, so, I'm an admin on a page on Facebook (Harry Potter should have married Luna Lovegood instead of Ginny Weasley.) and I do personalized Head Cannons. I've done two for one of my favorite fans, Lauren. Her pairing is herself and a teenaged Sirius Black. She is a Slytherin, and I found this pairing to be intriguing and very fun to write. I've decided to make a fic out of those two HCs I wrote for her. :) I hope you like it Lauren! ~DrarryDramioneGirl/Mione/Brittany

Chapter One: Confessions?

Sirius Black wasn't what you would call a "ladies man." He'd only been on one real date his entire school career. Of course he fancied girls, what bloke didn't? There was one girl in particular, a Slytherin named Lauren he especially fancied. The way she laughed intrigued him, the way her eyes sparkled captivated him. Her lips looked soft and full. Merlin, she was perfect. He was in over his head, and he didn't care who knew it.

"Oi!" James Potter yelled at this friend. "Padfoot! Snap out of it mate. You're staring at the Slytherin again."

"I can't help it, Prongs," Sirius replied. "She's perfect."

"Padfoot, she's a bloody Slytherin," Remus said.

"Moony, I really don't care what house she's in," Sirius said. "I'm going to ask her out."

Meanwhile, Lauren was having a similar conversation with her friends…

"Lauren! Wake up!" Jenna said, annoyed. "Why are you staring at the Gryffindor table?"

"Sirius is over there," Lauren said dreamily.

"Sirius? As in Sirius Black?" Alexis asked. "Regulus's brother?"

"The one and only," Lauren breathed.

"You really need to find a suitable Slytherin to attach yourself to," Jenna said.

"Yeah! Lucius Malfoy is single," Alexis added.

"Ugh," Lauren groaned. "Never would I date a Malfoy. And besides, he already has a marriage contract with Sirius' cousin, Narcissa."

"So? That's only if Lucius can't find a suitable wife of his own."

"I don't care," Lauren said. "I want Sirius."

A few days later, Sirius finally dug up the nerve to talk to Lauren.

"Erm, may I sit here?" he asked as she sat in the courtyard.

"Oh, Sirius, sure," she happily said. "What's on your mind?"

"Well, to be honest, you," he replied.

"Oh, well, what about me?"

"Look, I'm not so good at this, but do you wanna go to Hogsmeade with me?" Sirius asked suddenly.

"Sure, let's go now," Lauren said, thrilled.

Sirius and Lauren walked away from the courtyard, arm in arm, towards Hogsmeade.

"Well, I guess we're gonna have to get used to the Slytherin," James said.

"You've got that much right," Remus replied.

"Aww, Sirius has got a girlfriend," Lily cooed as she approached James and Remus. "Who is she?"

"Don't really know," James said, putting an arm around Lily. "All we know if that he name's Lauren, she's a Slytherin in our year, and Padfoot is head over heels in love with her."

"Well, I think it's sweet, so don't do messing it up for him," Lily said sternly.

"Yes, Lils," they both said.

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