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Ice Age Drabbles


An insight into the lives of our favourite Ice Age characters.

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Chapter Nine: True Identity

All her life she thought she was an opossum, one of those scrawny little dung loving creatures. She may not have looked like them at all, but she pretended to be like one. If she hoped and believed strong enough, perhaps others would see her as one too.

But that was not the case. She discovered she was in fact a mammoth. Her stubborn nature gave that one away. Despite discovering who she truly was now, she still had moments of an opossum such as sleeping upside down from a tree branch.

Because standing out of the crowd was important.


Glad to say FFN responded to my request to add Shira as a character : )

Also, if you're interested in more Dira, my good friend and myself have uploaded a collab fic called, 'Severed Ties and Forced Connections'.

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